Mission Statement

It is my intention to make plain the teachings of the Bible without regard for any human traditions or the beliefs of any church or organization. The perspective throughout my writings is that the Bible is the revealed Word of God, and as such embodies the highest authority available to mankind today. This perspective sees the Bible as God's instruction manual for us human beings, given by God to guide and to direct us as to how God desires us to live our lives, while at the same time giving us some glimpses into the future that God has mapped out.

Unless it is clearly indicated that certain biblical statements or passages are allegorical or analogous, it is assumed that in the Bible God has said what He means and that God means what He has said. In most cases we need to simply BELIEVE what the Scriptures actually say, rather than "interpret" what those passages supposedly mean. The Bible is in fact far less of a "coded" Book than people sometimes make it out to be.

My approach to the Scriptures is that all the things I learned from the teachings of Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong are correct, EXCEPT for those areas where I believe I can clearly prove that Mr. Armstrong's teachings were incomplete or in error. I do not approach the study of the Scriptures from the perspective of trying to find flaws in the things Mr. Armstrong taught, but neither am I willing to overlook any shortcomings or errors that become apparent to me in the things Mr. Armstrong believed. The Bible itself must always be the highest authority, not the ideas and interpretations or even reputations of men.

My motivation for all the articles I have written is to provide a service for those seeking to understand the Word of God more fully. The information is provided for you to evaluate for yourself. I also maintain an email mailing list for all those who would like to receive every new article automatically. Contact the webmaster for more information.

There is no request for money, neither directly nor indirectly. My time is free and I have never taken any money for any of the religious articles I have written; and the webmaster is also donating his time free of charge, likewise to provide a service for people seeking to understand the Bible more fully.

We are not "an organization" or "a church" that is hoping to grow and to expand. I seek no following. I do not believe that God has called me to start up some new church organization. Therefore we honestly do not need or desire any financial contributions from anyone. I do not mean to be offensive here, but because my expenses are only so minimal, I actually prefer it if people do not try to send me money. Since I am convinced that it would not be right before God for me to use such money for personal expenses, I wouldn't know what to do with it.

And I see no point in trying to build up "reserves" for future expenses for this project. The reverse side of this coin is that I am also not able to give any financial support to anyone else. So if you are looking for financial support, please don't contact us, as we are not able to help anyone financially.

You should give your tithes and offerings or contributions to the Church of God group that you are comfortable with. Establish your financial obligations before God, and then support the group or groups of your own choice. If for any reason you are not comfortable with giving your financial support to the group you have thus far been supporting, then find some other group you feel more comfortable in supporting, those you feel are in some way serving your spiritual needs and the spiritual needs of others. But please do NOT include me in such thinking, as I have already indicated that my expenses are on such a small scale that I don't need additional support.

I understand that almost nobody is going to agree with everything I say in the articles posted on this website. But I hope that the articles on this website will at least stimulate your own thinking, and in that way promote a growth in your understanding. And I hope that you will find at least some of the material of interest to you.

Frank W. Nelte