Frank W. Nelte

April 2015


About 50 or so years ago Mr. Armstrong wrote a booklet entitled "The Wonderful World Tomorrow ... What It Will Be Like". In that booklet he painted a speculative picture regarding what life will be like during Jesus Christ’s coming millennial rule over this planet Earth. The original booklet even included a mock-up of a hypothetical newspaper supposedly from a time several years after Jesus Christ’s return. The idea was to offer a utopian glimpse into different aspects of life under the rule of Jesus Christ, all totally speculative of course.

That booklet made a profound impression on many of us in God’s Church during the 60's, 70's and 80's. It became the foundation for numerous sermons at the feast sites for the Feast of Tabernacles, as well as at other times of the year.

I don’t want to repeat the things Mr. Armstrong discussed in that booklet. Rather, in this article I want to expand somewhat on the picture Mr. Armstrong presented so many years ago. I believe that today we can come to a clearer understanding regarding certain aspects of physical life during the millennium under the direct rule of Jesus Christ.



When the millennium starts, then a major part of God’s overall plan will have been achieved. There will then be 144,000 new God beings who, unlike God the Father and Jesus Christ, will not have had a past eternal existence. God will actually have succeeded in creating new Gods. However many more individuals will later also make the transition from human life to God life, those 144,000 new Gods will be a monumental, profound and staggering achievement for God. God will have succeeded in creating 144,000 beings like Himself.

God the Father and Jesus Christ long ago decided to create beings who would have an immortal existence on Their level, i.e. on God the Father’s and Jesus Christ’s level. God the Father and Jesus Christ planned to share Their Own existence with others, making those others like Themselves, a process that is mirrored by the way a human family develops.

Most of the time most of us don’t grasp what a staggering achievement for God the first resurrection will represent. The first resurrection will be a living demonstration that God’s profoundly ambitious plan is indeed achievable. It hadn’t really looked all that achievable during the first 1,500 years after Adam’s creation, when it even repented God that He had created human beings (see Genesis 6:6). But now, at the time of the first resurrection, that’s all different. Now the final goal is in sight.

And so God the Father and Jesus Christ will in fact celebrate that first resurrection with the Marriage Supper. It will be a time of enormous joy for God, because His plan will be starting to bear tangible fruit, in the form of 144,000 individuals. The Marriage Supper will be God’s celebration of an extremely significant milestone in His great overall plan. And all those in the first resurrection will be privileged to share in God’s celebration of that achievement.

From God’s perspective from then onwards it is going to be easier to deal with mankind, even when they do rebel.

God’s most difficult period of dealing with human beings was before the flood, because of man’s utter perversity and depravity, something God had not fully anticipated. That was when "it repented the Eternal that He had made man on the earth" (Genesis 6:6). Understand this: whenever something "repents" God, it means that God had not fully anticipated the consequences of whatever it is that God "repents" of. (Comment: When God "repents" this simply means that God changes His mind about something because of the unforeseen consequences of that "something".)

For God the period before the flood had been a period of intense striving and pleading with man (see Genesis 6:3), and God deliberately chose to reveal only very, very few of the details pertaining to that particular period of man’s existence. Mostly God does not want us to know very much about that period of human history. But it had been stressful for God to deal with such perverse human beings.

There is a certain amount of stress in dealing with rebellious conduct and then having to impose penalties for all rebellion and disobedience. That is true for parents of rebellious children, and that is also true for God. It is stressful to implement punishments, and God does not like to have to impose punishments on rebellious individuals. That is why God sends repeated warnings before God eventually imposes the penalties for rebellion, with the hope that those warnings will lead to less penalties having to be imposed on fewer people, though it seldom seems to work out that way.

The modifications in God’s plan of salvation for mankind after the flood meant that after the flood only a small number of selected individuals would have their eyes opened for an opportunity to be in the first resurrection, while the rest of humanity would be blinded until they would come up in the second resurrection.

So the period of time since the flood has been characterized by the vast majority of people being blinded to God’s truth, unlike what things had been like before the flood. And as a result that period of time since the end of the flood till now has been only slightly less stressful for God, because our animosity against God (see Romans 8:7) is today at virtually the same level as it was before the flood.

Jesus Christ’s last 24 hours as a human being were extremely stressful for Jesus Christ, and, I am convinced, also for God the Father. We human beings today are just as rebellious as were the people before the flood. And so Jesus Christ compared the coming end of our age to that stressful time before the flood (see Matthew 24:37-38).

It has been stressful for God to follow a largely hands-off policy in His dealings with humanity. That is something you may not have considered before? Throughout the first approximately 6,000 years of man’s existence, beginning with Abel, vast numbers of people have suffered because of the sins of other people. That is to teach us human beings that all of our actions always also affect some other people. No one lives in a vacuum. So God had to allow the sins of people to adversely affect other people who had nothing to do with those sins.

Now that is something that God dislikes intensely, to see some people suffer for the sins of other people. It is stressful for God to not intervene in such situations, because it is never fair for innocent people to have to suffer.

Every sin always without fail affects more people than just the sinner. Sins always have bad consequences for some other people, and in some cases even for very many other people, as well as for the sinners. That is one way to describe sins: sins are actions that always have bad, undesirable consequences for other individuals, in addition to bad consequences for the people who commit the sins.

And God does not really like to allow some people to end up being adversely affected by the sins of other people. But that is precisely the course of action humanity chose when Adam and Eve rejected God’s rule over their lives.

When God rules then nobody is adversely affected by the sins of other people, because God will intervene to prevent innocent people from being adversely affected by the sinful conduct of other people. But that option of God ruling was rejected by Adam and Eve.

And so at the start of the millennium, when Jesus Christ begins to rule over this planet Earth, that type of situation will be stopped absolutely and completely (with one brief exception). Never again will anyone suffer in the slightest way because of what somebody else is doing or has done. Never again, with that one brief exception. That is the reason underlying Isaiah 30:21.

And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left. (Isaiah 30:21)

We need to understand why during the millennium God will intervene before people turn sinful thoughts into sinful actions.

God will intervene so that one person’s potential wrong actions will not adversely affect anyone else. Nobody during the millennium will be exposed to bad examples, except for one particular rebellion that God will allow to develop (see Ezekiel 38 - 39). And that one rebellion will be allowed to develop so that Jesus Christ can make a profound and extremely powerful example for everyone else regarding what will happen to rebels, an example that will vividly live on in the memories of people for the remainder of the millennium.

Vast numbers of people will be personally involved in "cleansing the land" after that one rebellion, burying every single bone of the rebels that were destroyed (see Ezekiel 39:12-16). Being involved in burying those bones will make very deep and profound impressions on all human beings in the millennium.

As an analogy, for the first approximately 6,000 years God has allowed man to be largely in the driver’s seat of events here on earth, only intervening selectively to ensure that things stayed on the right track. We are to pray that God’s will be done here on Earth as it is already being done in heaven (see Matthew 6:10), precisely because for most human beings today that is not really the case; in their lives God’s will is not being done because they have not submitted their lives to God. And so at this present time around the world most of the things that take place most of the time are in opposition to God’s will, as was also the case to an even greater degree before the flood.

During the millennium Jesus Christ will be totally in the driver’s seat, with man having no say whatsoever in the way society will be structured and how things will function, and with man being stopped from putting any wrong thoughts into action. So during the millennium nobody will ever be affected by another person’s sins.

That will make it much easier for God to deal with mankind, never allowing any situation that could have catastrophic consequences to even develop. Apart from cleaning up after that one rebellion, described in Ezekiel 38-39, throughout the entire millennium there will never be a time when there would be a need to remove the bad consequences (e.g. pollution, destruction, physical pain and sicknesses, etc.) of some people’s sinful or foolish actions, that ended up negatively affecting some other people.

Jesus Christ will not allow such situations to even arise. Yes, people will hear a spirit being telling them: "don’t do that, here is the way to conduct yourself" (Isaiah 30:21, paraphrased), when they are tempted to do something wrong or foolish. In a sense this will be a curtailment of people’s freedom, because during the millennium nobody will be "free to sin", at least not until the thousand years are expired (see Revelation 20:7-8).

That is a general overall picture for the millennium. Now let’s examine some of the things that will apply to the time when Jesus Christ will be ruling.



One major assumption many of us have is that during the millennium the Bible is going to be textbook number one for all people. But that is simply not going to happen.

During the millennium there will not be any books printed anywhere by anyone.

There will be no newspapers and no magazines and no advertizing. There will not be any printing industry. And people will not be expected to do any Bible study, because there will not be any Bibles.

God saw to it that the Bible would be available for this present age, while God Himself is not present in person. While Jesus Christ was on Earth before the flood, there was no Bible, and when Jesus Christ returns for His millennial rule there will once again be no Bible.

The Bible is for this present age, and for this present age only.

Books are an inferior way of communicating. The best form of communication is personal face-to-face communication. It is when that is not possible that then communicating via written messages is the next best choice. But that is nevertheless an inferior way of communicating. During the millennium God’s Word will be spoken and not written.

Those who are going to be in the first resurrection will be God beings, sons of God. And those who will still be mortal will be mere human beings, on a vastly lower level than God beings. But those human beings in the millennium will have the opportunity to see God beings like Abraham and David and the Apostle Paul in person on a regular basis. They will always see their teachers with their own eyes (see Isaiah 30:20), which means that their teachers will not be communicating with them via written messages.

Of the 144,000 God beings during the millennium the past lives of over 143,000 of them will always have been hidden, totally anonymous to everyone else. Assuming that you and I are a part of that group of 144,000 God beings, nobody during the millennium will ever know about when we (i.e. you and I) lied or cheated or stole or committed fornication or adultery. Nobody will ever know when you and I lost our tempers or broke the Sabbath or coveted other people’s possessions. Nobody will ever know when we spread gossip or hurt other people. Nobody during the millennium will ever know about when we got drunk or whatever other ungodly conduct we may have been involved with before, or even after, initially coming to repentance. We will then be God beings and our past lives will not be mentioned in any way to anyone.

Yes, nobody during the millennium, when we will be God beings, will ever know about all the bad things we had done during our human lifetime. That’s because you and I never featured in the Bible. For us our sins will indeed "not be mentioned", like Ezekiel 18:22 says. For us our transgressions will then indeed be removed "as far as the east is from the west" (see Psalm 103:12). During the millennium no mortal human being will ever know what you and I were like during our physical lives. Our past will be totally hidden, and none of it will ever be divulged to anyone.

This approach, of the past being buried and blotted out, will also apply to all those people about whose lives we today can read in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. But in the millennium their past sins or foolish actions will not be written up in some book for mortal human beings to read about. Whatever questionable things anyone in the first resurrection may have done during his or her physical lifetime will be totally erased from memory.

Thus, the past lives of people like Noah (who got drunk after the flood and was then perversely abused by his grandson Canaan), and Abraham (who was scared for his life and then claimed that Sarah was only his sister), and David (who had Uriah murdered after committing adultery with Uriah’s wife), and Elijah (who had been intimidated by Jezebel and then fled for his life), and the Apostle Peter (who had denied Jesus Christ), and the Apostle Paul (who had persecuted God’s Church), etc. will also be hidden in total obscurity from the mortal human beings during the millennium, just as surely as our own past actions will be hidden from them.

Nothing that happened before the start of the millennium is of any concern to the physical people who will live during the millennium. It is simply not their business, and there is nothing whatsoever about the past lives of any member of the God Family that they need to know about.

Once individuals have become a part of the born Family of God, then nothing from their past lives will ever again be mentioned, neither in word nor in print! During the millennium Uriah will never ask David about why David committed adultery with his wife, or why David then had him murdered. Nobody will ever ask Elijah why he was scared of Jezebel, or ask Peter why he denied Jesus Christ. People during the millennium will simply not know about those things. And whatever any God being may have done during his or her physical lifetime is simply not of any concern for any mortal human beings.

As David said: "against You, You only, have I sinned and done this evil in Your sight" (Psalm 51:4). Our sins are between us and God. And because David repented, therefore God has removed David’s transgressions "as far as the east is from the west" (Psalm 103:12). At the time of the first resurrection all of the sins of everyone in that resurrection will have been permanently blotted out, never to be recalled by anyone.

So the sins of people we can today read about in the Bible will not be mentioned once the millennium starts. And there will certainly not be any Bibles for human beings to read about some of the weaknesses and shortcomings of those individuals who will then be Gods.

The Bible is not for people during the millennium! The Bible is exclusively for those who have been called to be in the first resurrection!

For the rest of humanity the Bible is a sealed book. It wasn’t written for them, and therefore God "sealed it" so that they would not understand it, even if they do translate it and wax eloquent about it in scholarly treatises. That is explained in Isaiah 29:10-12. In the New Testament Jesus Christ explained that understanding "is not given" to those who are not called by God, meaning that the Bible isn’t really there for people in the world. The Bible is only there for those in this age to whom "it is given to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 13:11).

In the millennium God will write His law "in their hearts", rather than on the pages of some book.

But this shall be the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel; After those days, saith the LORD, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people. (Jeremiah 31:33)

People will not be reading God’s laws in the Bible or in any other books. People will hear God’s laws in person from Jesus Christ and from the 144,000 individuals in the first resurrection. It will be a direct one-on-one personal relationship that people will develop with Jesus Christ and with those in the first resurrection. And no physical books will be involved in that relationship.

The "writing in their hearts" will replace the "writing in a book".

When God says "I will remember their sin no more" (Jeremiah 31:34), then that assuredly also applies to all those who will be in the first resurrection, including all those people whose lives were chronicled in the Bible. It follows that any text (i.e. the Bible) that would recall the sins and the shortcomings of some of those who will be in the first resurrection cannot possibly exist at that point in time.

During the millennium human beings will live in the presence of God; i.e. in the presence of Jesus Christ and the 144,000. And reading books has no place in the presence of God. When Jesus Christ is teaching human beings God’s way of life, then nobody will be taking notes to review later.

Jesus Christ told His apostles that God the Father would send them the Holy Spirit, and that, amongst other things, the Holy Spirit would have a very specific effect in their lives. Notice:

But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, which the Father will send in my name, it shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. (John 14:26)

That is exactly how things will work for physical human beings during the millennium. Those who really repent will receive the Holy Spirit, and then the Holy Spirit will enable them to correctly understand every teaching they have received from Jesus Christ and from the 144,000 in the first resurrection, and it will also enable them to correctly recall every teaching they will receive.

There will never be a need for taking any notes, so that those notes could then theoretically be reviewed later. That will simply not happen during the millennium.

So the start of Jesus Christ’s millennial rule will also signal the end of the Bible. It will signal the end of all books in the human sphere. Let’s consider the last things that take place before Jesus Christ begins to rule.



The seven last plagues, which will be poured out upon humanity in the presence of Jesus Christ and of the 144,000 in the first resurrection, will represent "the wrath of God" (Revelation 16:1). Those plagues represent God’s punishments for rebellious human beings. But in addition to punishing mankind, those plagues also work towards preparing this planet Earth for the coming rule of Jesus Christ.

We human beings have made a mess of this planet. We’ve destroyed the soil and the water, and we have polluted the air. We’ve made everything toxic. And so "God’s wrath", the seven last plagues, will destroy what is left before starting the healing process, healing the water, the land and the air. That healing process is described in Ezekiel 47, in the form of "healing water" that will go out in all directions from Jesus Christ in Jerusalem. See specifically Ezekiel 47:8-9 regarding all the consequences of these last plagues being removed.

But let’s look at the exact things that will happen when the seventh and final plague is poured out. Notice:

And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great. (Revelation 16:18)

The thunder and the lightning tell us that there will be phenomenal storms that will usher in that seventh plague. Then comes the greatest earthquake that has ever occurred on this planet. What will that earthquake achieve?

And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. (Revelation 16:19)

The first thing we see is that this earthquake is an extremely controlled event. Apart from Jerusalem, all of the cities, towns and villages around the entire earth will be flattened and utterly demolished. Not a single building, cabin or hut will survive that earthquake. Not a single manmade building or structure or statue or vault or dam or bridge or underground installations or mining shaft anywhere on earth will remain intact after that earthquake. Everything will be smashed and shattered by that mind-blowing earthquake. Nothing outside of Jerusalem will escape that destruction.

Everything in Jerusalem should have been demolished to the exact same degree. However, that’s not what will happen. That is why I say that this earthquake will be "an extremely controlled event". Jerusalem, instead of being demolished in the identical way, will instead be divided into three parts. That division into three parts is likely to in some way be involved in Jesus Christ setting up His presence in Jerusalem, and starting His rule from there.

But let’s continue with the effects of that earthquake.

And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. (Revelation 16:20)

What do you mean: islands flee away? It means that there will be no islands of any significant size during the millennium. And if you can’t find mountains anywhere, it means that the Himalayas and the Andes and the Rockies and all the other mountain chains around the earth will have to drop to the level of low hills. These two things, no islands and no mountains, mean that God is going to very drastically change the topography of this planet before Jesus Christ will even begin His rule.

It will be that unprecedented earthquake that will achieve this change in topography. In addition to all of man’s endeavors having been smashed, even the landscape will look different. After that earthquake nobody will even recognize where they are. There will be nothing in the environment that anyone will be able to identify ... no islands, no mountains, no buildings, no national forests, nothing they recognize.

The only bearings that will still exist on this planet will be that great city that was divided into three parts. That is where Jerusalem will be established for the entire millennium. But apart from that, it will be extremely difficult for anyone to say: this is where our country used to be, and the borders were over here by this mountain range, or over there by that river, or by that seashore. The mountain ranges will not be there, and the rivers and the seashores will not look the same as they do today. There will not be any Australia or New Zealand or Greenland or Madagascar or British Isles or Japan or East Indies or West Indies, etc.

Oh yes, people will still know which directions are north, south, east and west. But there will be absolutely nothing they will recognize when they look north or south or east or west. They will not recognize any landmarks anywhere. God will use that earthquake to change the appearance of this entire planet. And then Jesus Christ will instruct people as to where they are to live. Christ will rule as king over the whole earth.

God will then deal with all mankind in the same way that God dealt with Abraham. Even as God told Abraham "get you out of your country ... unto a land that I will show you" (Genesis 12:1), even so Jesus Christ will tell people at the start of the millennium "get you unto the land that I will show you", and then Christ will designate the areas where they are to live.

Let’s continue with the next effect of that earthquake.

And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great. (Revelation 16:21)

Without arguing about the exact weight of each hailstone, the point is that these hailstones are going to be huge, also without precedent in human history. And the question is: why are these hailstones so huge? What purpose do they serve?

Now the typical medium to large hailstones of today can smash crops and even kill people caught in such hailstorms. But the hailstones in Revelation 16:21 are like huge cannonballs. And the damage they will cause is inestimably greater than the damage any previous hailstorm has ever caused.

Here is what the situation will be: the earthquake will have destroyed everything that mankind has ever produced. Everything will be lying smashed on the ground. Then these huge hailstones follow. Their main purpose is to smash to smithereens all the broken objects that are littering the ground everywhere. There will be billions of these cannonball-sized hailstones, and every single one of them will hit a very specific target. Think of those hailstones as God’s guided missiles.

It is not enough for God to destroy all of man’s structures and works. God sees to it that everything will be very methodically smashed into tiny pieces. Nothing of man’s varied numerous cultures will survive this onslaught of the seventh plague, no machine, no building, no book, no piece of paper, no jewelry, no electric gadgets, no phone and no TV, no guitar and no piano, no pen or pencil, no means of transport, no matches and no batteries, no religious writings or symbols, no knives and no forks, no weapons, nothing will survive the onslaught of God’s guided missiles.

At the end of that seventh plague the mortal human beings who will live into the millennium will have nothing more than Adam and Eve had after God had made clothing for them.

Humanity will be back at the point where Adam and Eve were when God first created them, except that there will be multiple millions of mortal human beings instead of just two. But those millions will be expected to make a totally new start for mankind. And to further facilitate that new start God will at that point give all human beings a new language.

Humanity at the start of the millennium will be in a position in many ways similar to the way things were when God had first created Adam and Eve, except that there will not be any perfect garden for people to pick all their food needs without any significant effort. But people will not have any more physical things at their disposal than Adam and Eve had available to them when they were first created.


For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent. (Zephaniah 3:9)

We have frequently quoted this verse when we speak about the millennium. But we have seldom discussed why God will give all human beings a totally new language. What’s wrong with retaining the English language?

All of the thoughts we think are controlled by the language we speak. We must have words to express concepts. For you to think any thought you are absolutely dependent on the words at your disposal. It is extremely difficult to think a thought for which you have no words in your language available to express that thought.

So whenever you want to express something for which there is currently no word in the English language, then you are forced to either create a word (e.g. words like: computer, software, hardware, telephone, television, google, etc.) that had not existed before, or else you are forced to assign a new or an additional meaning (e.g. cool, gay, etc.) to a word already in the language. But that is a laborious process, creating one new word at a time, to meet newly established needs.

One of the reasons why God will blot out all present languages ever spoken by any group of people anywhere and at any time is to erase most memories of the past.

The new pure language that God will give to humanity at the start of the millennium will not have words to express a host of things that our present languages can express. There will simply not be any words to express vulgarities, swear words, profanity, perversions, satanic feelings and emotions, pagan religious practices, criminal activities, etc.

The language will be "pure", meaning that all meanings and concepts that are undesirable in the eyes of God will have been utterly purged from being capable of being expressed. It was God who at the tower of Babel divided humanity into different language groups. But it has been Satan who has since then molded and shaped the development of those original 70 languages in Genesis 10:32 into thousands of other languages and dialects. You may not have considered Satan’s part in this process before?

The languages we speak anywhere on Earth today, without exception, represent perversions of what God had given mankind at the tower of Babel. Satan has influenced the minds of all people, and Satan has also presided over the degeneration of all the original languages, seeing to it that all languages provide effective ways of expressing Satan’s ways of thinking.

You might think that different languages are nothing more than using a different set of words to express the same things. But that is the smallest and least significant part of languages. The most significant part of every language is that every language represents a different way of thinking, a different way of using the mind.

It is not just what we think in different languages; it is really a case of how we think in different languages.

Let’s say that English is your native language. You then decide to learn German or Spanish or Greek. As you learn new words in those languages, you will at first try to use them with your English language mentality, your English language way of thinking. So you start to use German or Spanish or Greek words, but you retain your English language way of thinking. And you feel that it is a struggle to learn that new language.

It is only if you are immersed in an environment where everyone only speaks German or Spanish or Greek that at some point your mind unconsciously picks up that different way of thinking, and then suddenly the new language becomes a whole lot easier for you to use, irrespective of whether or not you speak the new language with an accent. Your mind has identified and accepted a different way of thinking when you speak that newly acquired language (i.e. for people who really become completely fluent in the new language).

People who are totally fluent in two or more languages have different personalities when they speak their second language. We can translate anything from one language into another language, but it is difficult to think the identical thoughts in two different languages. That’s because the other language is based on a different way of using our minds.

Satan has molded that worldwide linguistic development by inspiring ways to express evil concepts and emotions and feelings and perverse pagan customs and rituals, etc. And Satan has seen to it that his way of thinking lies at the core of every language spoken today.

Consider a basic point:

In order to express a perverse thought you need to have specific words at your disposal. If you don’t have specific words available to you to express that perverse thought, then at the very least you have to misuse and misapply some words already at your disposal in your language.

The words in our language achieve two things. They enable us to express and clarify our own thoughts. This enables us to reach understanding, decisions and conclusions. But, in addition, words also enable us to present our thoughts to other people, so that those other people end up thinking some of our thoughts.

Simply put, words enable us to put our thoughts into other people’s minds. That is where "the prince of the power of the air" (Ephesians 2:2) comes into it. Satan has manipulated linguistic developments worldwide to facilitate the process of Satan putting his thoughts into human minds.

This may all sound somewhat philosophical, but here is the point:

Consider the words of different songs that you know. When every single word in your present language has been totally erased from memory, never to be recalled, and replaced by a totally different language (e.g. Chinese, for the purpose of this illustration), the only language in which you will be able to frame your thoughts, then you will be absolutely incapable of recalling the lyrics of even one single song that you know so well today in the English language. Those English words will have been removed from your brain.


To make this clear:

The greatest consequence of God giving all human beings a new pure language at the start of the millennium will be that all past undesirable memories will have been blotted out, because in the new language it will be difficult if not impossible to think the same thoughts we were able to express in the previous language.

So God giving all of humanity a new pure language at the start of the millennium is a part of God giving mankind a totally new start, removing the means for all the wrong ways of thinking that Satan has promoted since God created man.

If people then choose to again set their minds contrary to God, then that will not be due to being predisposed to such wrong ways of thinking by a language that readily enables such wrong thoughts. No, then it will be due to people themselves actively degenerating their ways of thinking away from the pure ways of thinking promoted by the new pure language. And it will also be without any input from Satan, who will be bound for that entire 1,000-year period.

Are you beginning to understand the real purpose for the new pure language that God will give to all human beings at the start of the millennium? It will be very much like God installing in Adam’s and in Eve’s brains a complete language at the time when God created them.

The way of thinking underlying that new pure language, coupled with the vocabulary that God will provide to every person’s brain, will prevent the recall of most of the things people had in their minds before Jesus Christ returned. The new pure language will to a large degree cleanse the minds of people who live into the millennium. The new language will be a major tool for erasing undesirable memories of the past.


When God had created Adam and Eve it had been God’s intention to work with them and to teach them, lead them and guide them throughout their lives. God had intended to guide the development of human society, so that at the end of the program the human beings could be changed into spirit beings and become a part of the Family that God intends to establish.

Those intentions were to a large degree dropped when Adam and Eve chose to reject God’s leadership over their lives. Oh yes, God retained the ultimate goal of building a Family, but God dropped His intention to at that time work with all human beings on a daily basis and to lead them throughout their lives. Instead God decided to only work with specifically called out and selected individuals until Christ’s second coming.

With Adam and Eve God had given Satan access to their minds at the start of their lives (i.e. within days of having created them), before God could work with them for years and for decades.

When the millennium starts then God will once again go back to His original intentions. And the physical human beings will be in very similar circumstances to those that had existed for Adam and Eve.

However, one very significant difference will be the following:

With Adam and Eve God had given Satan access to their minds before God really worked with them to any extent, intending to always work with Adam and Eve after they had correctly dealt with a brief exposure to Satan’s way of thinking. That didn’t work out. So with the new start in the millennium God will first work with human beings for a full 1,000 years, and then God will briefly expose them to Satan’s way of thinking. This time human beings will experience the full benefits of God’s way of life for 1,000 years before being presented with the option to accept Satan’s way of thinking and reasoning. All people will fully understand what God is offering to all those who willingly accept God’s way of life. And those who then still choose Satan’s way will have no excuse.

So where for Adam and Eve Satan came in the beginning, for people in the millennium Satan will come at the end.

Apart from that distinction God will in the millennium work with mankind pretty much the way God had intended to work with mankind after God had created Adam and Eve.

God had not given Adam and Eve any physical goods or items when God created them. And at the beginning of the millennium that will again be the case ... people will not have anything apart from the clothes on their backs. Society in the millennium will really start from scratch. And without any input from Satan everything will develop on a godly foundation, with Jesus Christ ruling and guiding mankind.

God had given Adam and Eve a pure language, providing the framework within which they could develop their minds. And at the start of the millennium God will once again give all of humanity a pure language. That will give people the opportunity to have the past erased from their minds, because that new language will establish a different way of thinking, a different way of using their minds. And without their old languages they can’t think the same thoughts they used to think. It will be an opportunity for making a totally new start, a new way of thinking.

With those two things as a foundation, every last vestige of any past human activities totally erased and a completely new way of using their minds because of the new language that God installed in their brains, Jesus Christ will then proceed to teach and lead and guide humanity exactly as He had intended to teach and lead and guide them back in the days of Adam.

And then progress can be achieved in a godly way. And a godly culture can grow and develop. And mankind can then experience the results of living by the laws of God. And people will be able to grasp what future God is offering them if they willingly and joyfully accept God’s way of life. And people will experience what it is like to interact with God on a daily basis. And they will always see their teachers (Isaiah 30:20), who will be spirit beings.

That’s what it will be like when the world tomorrow starts.

Frank W Nelte