Overview of Web Site

This website is easy to navigate. All you need to do is hover your mouse over any of the six main menus at the top of the opening screen, immediately under the Home Page Name. When your mouse hovers over each of these menu options, then the drop-down sub-menus appear. You simply select the sub-menu of your choice by left clicking your mouse on your selection. Then follow the instructions that appear on the next screen, which are typically found on the left side of the screen.

Each of the sub-menus gives you the option to return to the starting page, by selecting the button.

The WEEKLY FOCUS ARTICLE is a special feature. It will feature a different article on this site every week. It can be read online or downloaded to your own computer. This feature is for those people who are looking for some guidance through the vast amount of material on this site. In the course of one year about a sixth of the material available on this site will be covered by these WEEKLY FOCUS ARTICLES.

The layout of the six main menus and the sub-menus below them is straight forward enough to not require either a Site Map or a Site Tour for visitors to grasp the layout of this site. And anyone familiar with drop-down menus in word processors and spreadsheets should immediately be comfortable with the organization of material on this site.

The best way to get a quick grasp of what all is available on this site is to methodically look at each of the sub-menus, starting with the GENERAL INFORMATION directory's sub-menus, and then briefly looking at the sub-menus under the MAIN ARTICLE DIRECTORY, THE CALENDAR, RESEARCH CENTER, and REQUESTS & SUGGESTIONS.

It is my hope that at least some of the material I have posted on this website will prove to be of value to you.

Frank W. Nelte