Frank W. Nelte

March 2004

Introduction - Mistranslations which create wrong understanding

NOTE: The articles in this section deal with Scriptures that are either incorrectly translated, or they are awkwardly translated, with the result that people can draw wrong conclusions as to the meaning of the Scripture in question. In a few cases the Scriptures are correctly translated, but people at times read a wrong meaning into this correct translation.

Most of the Scriptures in this section are also discussed fairly thoroughly in one or other of the articles in the main article directory. The purpose of this section here is to briefly expose all of these mistranslations and their ramifications, without making an exhaustive case for any one Scripture. Collectively all of these mistranslations have a considerable impact on our overall understanding of the Bible.

See also the Section entitled "Scriptures which contain words for which the Jews have changed the meaning".

All the articles in this section follow the same basic outline. That outline is as follows:

1) The Scripture concerned is quoted from the KJV.

2) The meaning people can draw from this translation is spelled out.

3) The mistranslation (or awkward translation) is explained.

4) The source of this wrong translation is exposed.

5) The correct translation of this Scripture is presented.

6) The meaning we should draw from this correct translation is spelled out.

7) The consequences of correcting this mistranslation are summarized.