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Frank W. Nelte

January 2022


The following is a list of the number of times all the different articles have been viewed during the 5-year period from 2017-2021 inclusive. These Pageview numbers here do not include the number of times that visitors viewed non-article pages, including, but not limited to, pages with Reference materials and the Jewish Calendar Calculations. So the total number of Pageviews for the website was considerably higher than the total number of Pageviews listed here for the 396 articles. Total Pageviews for the whole website were 625,867 for the 5-year period.

Of the 396 different articles in this list, I wrote 310 before January 2017, and I have written 86 articles since the beginning of 2017. So some articles have only been on the website for a few months, while others have been posted for over 5 years.

The article viewed most often during this 5-year period was "80 MISTRANSLATIONS IN THE BIBLE AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE". That article was viewed 37,629 times. It is listed first. It is closely followed by the article "THE NAME LUCIFER HAS NEVER BELONGED TO SATAN", which was viewed 35,730 times. The top 30 articles together were viewed 298,110 times.

One thing I am quite happy to see is the much lower number of Pageviews for most of the "Calendar Articles". The calendar was a major point of contention from 25 years to 15 years ago. Over the past 15 years most people have made their own personal decisions regarding the Calendar Question, and so, generally speaking, they are no longer looking for information on this subject. That's good from my perspective, because I don't like arguing about the calendar, knowing that very few people, if any, will still change their minds on this question, irrespective of how many facts are presented to them. The Pageviews for those articles reflects the small number of people who at this time are still looking for information on the calendar.

I don't advertise and I don't use any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) gimmicks in an attempt to "drive" more visitors to my website. Over 95% of all visitors come either from searches they have made, or they type my website address directly into their browser. That's a pleasant statistic for me, because I don't really want to attract visitors who are not searching for some specific information. I don't like Facebook or Twitter, and I have never used them. So I am also not looking to social media websites to send visitors to my site.

Now since most people have to do specific searches in order to even find my website, these visitor numbers for each article show me what religious subjects people are searching for. And a big interest in certain subjects is a surprise for me. For example, I was surprised to see that almost ten times as many people were interested in "The Prophecy of Enoch" as were interested in "The Prophecies of Matthew 24", although the Matthew 24 articles are much more recent than the Enoch article.

I look at the Pageview numbers from the perspective of: let me see what subjects people are searching for.

Right, here is the whole list with the number of times each article was viewed.