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Suggestions for Future Articles

If you have any suggestions for subjects that might be helpful to have discussed in article form, please send those suggestions to:

Many of the over 350 articles I have written were the result of specific requests that had been forwarded to me by people who were looking for answers and for explanations. The subjects I address all fall under the general heading of principles of Christian living and Scripture explanations. I generally don't address subjects that fall outside of those parameters.

If you have any suggestions for articles that would fall within the above-stated parameters, please send those suggestions to the above email address.

For sending us article suggestions please use YOUR OWN EMAIL PROGRAM to send us the following information:
- your name
- your email address
- the subject you would like to see an article on
- an approximately 10 line discussion of what specific things you feel the article should address, and where specific things need to be discussed or expounded

Please note because of the problem with viruses that are rampant on the internet we will generally not open any attachments that accompany your email.