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Requests for Scripture Explanations

If you would like an explanation for any specific Scripture, please feel free to send your request to the following email address:

In all of my articles I have already explained many different Scriptures. Possibly the Scripture you have in mind is amongst them. If that is the case, we will direct you to the article in question. If your Scripture has not been covered already in my articles, I will try to address your question personally. However, when I travel I do at times not see my emails for several weeks at a time. I mention this up front so you understand why at times there will be a delay in receiving a reply.

Please use YOUR OWN EMAIL PROGRAM to send us the following information:
- your name
- your email address
- the Scripture you want an explanation for
- an approximately 5 line description of your question regarding this Scripture

Please note because of the problem with viruses that are rampant on the internet we will generally not open any attachments that accompany your email.