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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Aaron lightbringer Exodus 4:14
Aaronites descendants of Aaron 1 Chronicles 12:27
Abaddon the one who will be driven away Revelation 9:11
Abagtha God-given Esther 1:10
Abana uncertain, perhaps "of stone" 2 Kings 5:12
Abarim regions beyond Numbers 27:12
Abba father Mark 14:36
Abda servant of God 1 Kings 4:6
Abdeel servant of God Jeremiah 36:26
Abdi servant of God 1 Chronicles 6:44
Abdiel servant of God 1 Chronicles 5:15
Abdon servant, servile Joshua 21:30
Abednego servant of Nebo Daniel 1:7
Abel breath Genesis 4:2
Abel a grassy plain, name of a city 1 Samuel 6:18
Abelbethmaachah meadow of the house of Maachah 1 Kings 15:20
Abelmaim meadow of waters 2 Chronicles 16:4
Abelmeholah meadow of dancing Judges 7:22
Abelmizraim meadow of Egypt Genesis 50:11
Abelshittim meadow of acacia trees Numbers 33:49
Abez I will make white or miry Joshua 19:20
Abi my father 2 Kings 18:2
Abia God is my father 1 Chronicles 3:10
Abiah God is my father 1 Samuel 8:2
Abialbon God is my father 2 Samuel 23:31
Abiasaph my father has gathered Exodus 6:24
Abiathar my father is great 1 Samuel 22:20
Abib ears of corn or barley Exodus 13:4
Abida (or Abidah) my father knows Genesis 25:4
Abidan my father is judge Numbers 1:11
Abiel God is my father 1 Samuel 9:1
Abiezer my father is help Joshua 17:2
Abiezrite my father is help Judges 6:11
Abigail my father is joy 1 Samuel 25:3
Abihail my father is strength Numbers 3:35
Abihu he is my father Exodus 6:23
Abihud my father is majesty 1 Chronicles 8:3
Abijah God is my father 1 Kings 14:1
Abijam my father is the sea, or Yah is my father 1 Kings 14:31
Abilene grassy meadow Luke 3:1
Abimael my father is God Genesis 10:28
Abimelech my father is king, or Melek is father Genesis 20:2
Abinadab my father is noble 1 Samuel 7:1
Abinoam my father is delight Judges 4:6
Abiram my father is exalted Numbers 16:1
Abishag my father is a wanderer 1 Kings 1:3
Abishai my father is a gift 1 Samuel 26:6
Abishalom father of peace 1 Kings 15:2
Abishua my father is safety 1 Chronicles 6:4
Abishur my father is a wall 1 Chronicles 2:28
Abital my father is the dew 2 Samuel 3:4
Abitub father of goodness 1 Chronicles 8:11
Abiud Greek for Abihud, my father is majesty Matthew 1:13
Abner my father is a light 1 Samuel 14:50
Abraham father of many nations Genesis 17:5
Abram high father Genesis 11:26
Abronah ASV, Ebronah in KJV, passage Numbers 33:34-35
Absalom my father is peace 2 Samuel 3:3
Accad subtle Genesis 10:10
Accho close, his straitness, restricted Judges 1:31
Aceldama field of blood Acts 1:19
Achab brother of the father, same as Ahab 1 Kings 16:28
Achaia grief; trouble Acts 18:12
Achaicus belonging to Achaia 1 Corinthians 16:17
Achan he that troubles Joshua 7:1
Achar he that troubles 1 Chronicles 2:7
Achaz Greek for Ahaz, possessor Matthew 1:9
Achbor mouse Genesis 36:38
Achim God will establish Matthew 1:14
Achish I will terrify, or only a man 1 Samuel 21:10
Achmetha Ecbatana in India, Persian summer capital Ezra 6:2
Achor trouble, disturbance Joshua 7:24
Achsah ankle chain Joshua 15:16
Achshaph I shall be bewitched Joshua 11:1
Achzib deceit Joshua 15:44
Adadah boundary, festival Joshua 15:22
Adah ornament Genesis 4:19
Adaiah God has adorned Himself 2 Kings 22:1
Adalia I shall be drawn up of God Esther 9:8
Adam earthy, red Genesis 2:19
Adamah red earth Joshua 19:36
Adami man of Adar Joshua 19:33
Adar exceeding glorious, same as Addar Joshua 15:3
Adbeel chastened of God Genesis 25:13
Addan strong, firm Ezra 2:59
Addar exceeding glorious, same as Adar 1 Chronicles 8:3
Addi ornament (Hebrew origin) Luke 3:28
Addin spelling of Adin in the English translation of the Greek LXX, dainty, delicate Ezra 2:15
Addon powerful Nehemiah 7:61
Adiel ornament of God 1 Chronicles 4:36
Adin dainty, delicate Ezra 2:15
Adithaim double ornament Joshua 15:36
Adlai justice of God 1 Chronicles 27:29
Admah red earth Genesis 10:19
Admatha a testimony to them Esther 1:14
Adna pleasure, delight Ezra 10:30
Adnah pleasure 1 Chronicles 12:20
Adonibezek my lord is Bezek Judges 1:5
Adonijah the Lord is my master 2 Samuel 3:4
Adonikam my Lord arose Ezra 2:13
Adoniram my Lord is exalted 1 Kings 4:6
Adonizedek my Lord is righteous Joshua 10:1
Adoraim double glory 2 Chronicles 11:9
Adoram my Lord is exalted 2 Samuel 20:24
Adrammelech honour of the king 2 Kings 17:31
Adramyttium I shall abide in death Acts 27:2
Adria without wood Acts 27:27
Adriel the flock of God 1 Samuel 18:19
Adullam justice of the people Joshua 12:15
Adummim ruddy one Joshua 15:7
Aeneas praiseworthy, laudable Acts 9:33
Aenon fountain, springs John 3:23
Agabus a locust Acts 11:28
Agag I will rise above the top, I will be superior Numbers 24:7
Agagite descendant of Agag Esther 3:1
Agar flight, same as Hagar in Old Testament Galatians 4:24
Agee I shall increase 2 Samuel 23:11
Agrippa hero like Acts 25:13
Agur gathered together Proverbs 30:1
Ahab fathers brother, uncle 1 Kings 16:28
Aharah a following brother 1 Chronicles 8:1
Aharhel a following host 1 Chronicles 4:8
Ahasai my holder, my protector Nehemiah 11:13
Ahasbai brother of those who surround me 2 Samuel 23:34
Ahasuerus I will be silent, a title Ezra 4:6
Ahava I shall support Ezra 8:15
Ahaz one that takes or possesses, he has grasped 2 Kings 15:38
Ahaziah God possesses 1 Kings 22:40
Ahban brother of an intelligent one 1 Chronicles 2:29
Aher following 1 Chronicles 7:12
Ahi my brother, my brethren 1 Chronicles 5:15
Ahiah brother of the Lord, same as Ahijah 1 Samuel 14:3
Ahiam mothers brother 2 Samuel 23:33
Ahian brotherly, fraternal 1 Chronicles 7:19
Ahiezer brother of assistance, my brother is help Numbers 1:12
Ahihud brother of majesty Numbers 34:27
Ahijah brother of the Lord, same as Ahiah 1 Kings 11:29
Ahikam my brother has risen 2 Kings 22:12
Ahilud childs brother 2 Samuel 8:16
Ahimaaz my brother is anger 1 Samuel 14:50
Ahiman my brother is a gift Numbers 13:22
Ahimelech my brother is a king 1 Samuel 21:1
Ahimoth brother of death 1 Chronicles 6:25
Ahinadab my brother is noble 1 Kings 4:14
Ahinoam my brother is delight 1 Samuel 14:50
Ahio brotherly 2 Samuel 6:3
Ahira my brother is evil Numbers 1:15
Ahiram my brother is exalted Numbers 26:38
Ahiramites one of the family of Ahiram Numbers 26:38
Ahisamach brother of strength, my brother is support Exodus 31:6
Ahishahar brother of the morning or dawn 1 Chronicles 7:10
Ahishar brother of a song, my brother sang 1 Kings 4:6
Ahithophel my brother is foolish 2 Samuel 15:12
Ahitub brother of goodness 1 Samuel 14:3
Ahlab fertile place Judges 1:31
Ahlai beseeching, expecting 1 Chronicles 2:31
Ahoah brother of rest 1 Chronicles 8:4
Ahohite brother of rest 2 Samuel 23:9
Aholah her own tent Ezekiel 23:4
Aholiab the tent of the father Exodus 31:6
Aholibah woman of the tent Ezekiel 23:4
Aholibamah my tent is exalted, tent of the high place Genesis 36:2
Ahumai a meadow of waters; a brother of waters 1 Chronicles 4:2
Ahuzam possessor 1 Chronicles 4:6
Ahuzzath possession Genesis 26:26
Ai mass, heap of ruins, same as Hai Joshua 7:2
Aiah falcon 2 Samuel 3:7
Aiath same as Ai, heap of ruins Isaiah 10:28
Aija same as Ai, heap of ruins Nehemiah 11:31
Aijalon field of deer, same as Ajalon Joshua 21:24
Aijeleth Shahar Aijeleth = doe, deer; Shahar = dawn, morning. Thus the phrase means "Hind of the Morning". This is either the name David gave to this psalm, or it is some kind of musical instruction for its performance Psalms 22:1
Ain spring, fountain Numbers 34:11
Ajalon field of deer, same as Aijalon Joshua 10:12
Akkub insidious, supplant 1 Chronicles 3:24
Akrabbim scorpions Numbers 34:4
Alameth covering, same as Alemeth 1 Chronicles 7:8
Alammelech oak of the king Joshua 19:26
Alemeth covering, same as Alameth 1 Chronicles 6:60
Alexander man defender, one who assists men Mark 15:21
Alexandria city names after Alexander Acts 27:6
Aliah evil, same as Alvah 1 Chronicles 1:51
Alian high, tall, same as Alvan 1 Chronicles 1:40
Alleluia praise the Lord Revelation 19:1
Allon great tree, an oak Joshua 19:33
Allonbachuth the oak of weeping Genesis 35:8
Almodad not measured Genesis 10:26
Almon hidden, concealed Joshua 21:18
Almondiblathaim hidden in a cluster of fig trees Numbers 33:46-47
Alphaeus changing Matthew 10:3
Alpheus Websters spelling of Alphaeus Matthew 10:3
Altaschith do not destroy Psalm 57:1
Alush I will knead (bread) Numbers 33:13-14
Alvah evil, same as Aliah Genesis 36:40
Alvan tall, high, same as Alian Genesis 36:23
Amad enduring Joshua 19:26
Amal labour 1 Chronicles 7:35
Amalek dweller in a valley Genesis 36:12
Amam their mother Joshua 15:26
Amana support Song 4:8
Amariah the Lord says, God has promised 1 Chronicles 6:7
Amasa burden 2 Samuel 17:25
Amasai burdensome 1 Chronicles 6:25
Amashai burdensome Nehemiah 11:13
Amasiah God is strength 2 Chronicles 17:16
Amaziah the strength of the Lord, God is mighty 2 Kings 12:21
Ami bond-servant Ezra 2:57
Aminadab same as Amminadab, my kinsman is noble Matthew 1:4
Amittai my truth 2 Kings 14:25
Ammah a cubit 2 Samuel 2:24
Ammi my people Hosea 2:1
Ammiel the people of God Numbers 13:12
Ammihud my kinsman is majesty Numbers 1:10
Amminadab my kinsman is noble Exodus 6:23
Ammishaddai the people of the Almighty Numbers 1:12
Ammizabad my people have bestowed 1 Chronicles 27:6
Ammon of a tribe Genesis 19:38
Amnon faithful 2 Samuel 3:2
Amok a depth, to be deep Nehemiah 12:7
Amon skilled workman 1 Kings 22:26
Amorite a sayer, speaker Genesis 10:16
Amos burden Amos 1:1
Amoz strong, robust 2 Kings 19:2
Amphipolis a city surrounded by the sea Acts 17:1
Amplias large Romans 16:8
Amram an exalted people, people of the Highest Exodus 6:18
Amraphel one that speaks of secrets Genesis 14:1
Amzi strong, my strength 1 Chronicles 6:46
Anab fruit Joshua 11:21
Anah answer, one who answers Genesis 36:2
Anaharath the groaning of fear Joshua 19:19
Anak neck, a collar Numbers 13:22
Anamim affliction of the waters Genesis 10:13
Anammelech image of the king 2 Kings 17:31
Anani my cloud 1 Chronicles 3:24
Ananiah the cloud of the Lord Nehemiah 3:23
Ananias God has favoured (Hebrew is Hananiah) Acts 5:1
Anath answer Judges 3:31
Anathema accursed 1 Corinthians 16:22
Anathoth answers to prayer Joshua 21:18
Andrew manly, a strong man Matthew 4:18
Andronicus man of victory Romans 16:7
Anem fountains 1 Chronicles 6:73
Aner boy Genesis 14:13
Aniam I am the people, or groaning of the people 1 Chronicles 7:19
Anim fountains Joshua 15:50
Anna gracious Luke 2:36
Annas humble Luke 3:2
Antichrist an adversary to Christ 1 John 2:18
Antioch speedy as a chariot, driven against Acts 6:5
Antipas AGAINST "the pater" and FOR "the Father" Revelation 2:13
Antipatris for the forefather Acts 23:31
Antothijah Gods answer 1 Chronicles 8:24
Anub confederate 1 Chronicles 4:8
Apelles called Romans 16:10
Apharsachites the causers of division Ezra 5:6
Apharsathchites I will divide the deceivers Ezra 4:9
Apharsites causers of division Ezra 4:9
Aphek enclosure Joshua 12:18
Aphekah enclosure Joshua 15:53
Aphiah I will make to breathe 1 Samuel 9:1
Aphik enclosure Judges 1:31
Aphses dispersion, same as Happizzez in ASV, RSV 1 Chronicles 24:15
Apocalypse from the Greek word for revelation Revelation 1:1
Apocrypha hidden, i.e. uninspired books first included in the Greek LXX and the Latin Vulgate versions not found in Scripture
Apollonia belonging to Apollo Acts 17:1
Apollonius variation of "Apollos" not found in Scripture
Apollos given by Apollo Acts 18:24
Apollyon the one who will be driven away Revelation 9:11
Appaim nostrils, face 1 Chronicles 2:30-31
Apphia productive, fruitful Philemon 1:2
Appii a town in Italy on the Appian Way Acts 28:15
Aquila an eagle Acts 18:2
Ar a city Numbers 21:15
Ara lion 1 Chronicles 7:38
Arab ambush Joshua 15:52
Arabia evening, night, sunset 1 Kings 10:15
Arabians inhabitants of Arabia Acts 2:11
Arad a wild ass Numbers 21:1
Arah traveler 1 Chronicles 7:39
Aram highness, exalted Genesis 10:22
Aramitess exalted, same as Syrian 1 Chronicles 7:14
Aramzobah exalted conflict Psalm 60:1
Aran joyous Genesis 36:28
Ararat the curse reversed, same as Armenia Genesis 8:4
Araunah I shall shout for joy 2 Samuel 24:16
Arba fourth Joshua 14:15
Arbite an ambush 2 Samuel 23:35
Archelaus the prince of the people Matthew 2:22
Archevites lengthy Ezra 4:9
Archi lengthy Joshua 16:2
Archippus a master of horses Colossians 4:17
Archite lengthy 2 Samuel 15:32
Arcturus gathering together, the Great Bear constellation Job 9:9
Ard one that commands, I shall subdue Genesis 46:21
Ardites I shall subdue Numbers 26:40
Ardon subduer 1 Chronicles 2:18
Areli lion of God Genesis 46:16
Arelites lion of God Numbers 26:17
Areopagite a member of the court on Mars Hill Acts 17:34
Areopagus martial peak, Mars Hill Acts 17:19
Aretas graver, engraver 2 Corinthians 11:32
Argob a turf, heap of clods Deuteronomy 3:4
Aridai the lion is enough Esther 9:9
Aridatha the lion of the decree Esther 9:8
Arieh lion 2 Kings 15:25
Ariel lion of God Ezra 8:16
Arimathaea heights Matthew 27:57
Arimathea RSV, Webster, etc. spelling for Arimathaea Matthew 27:57
Arioch lion-like Genesis 14:1
Arisai lion of my banners Esther 9:9
Aristarchus the best prince, the best ruler Acts 19:29
Aristobulus the best counselor Romans 16:10
Armageddon hill of Megiddo Revelation 16:16
Armenia the curse reversed, same as Ararat 2 Kings 19:37
Armoni one of the palace 2 Samuel 21:8
Arnan nimble 1 Chronicles 3:21
Arnon rushing stream Numbers 21:13
Arod I shall roam, I shall subdue Numbers 26:17
Arodi I shall roam, I shall subdue Genesis 46:16
Arodites I shall roam, I shall subdue Numbers 26:17
Aroer ruins Numbers 32:34
Arpad I shall be spread out 2 Kings 18:34
Arphad a prop, a support Isaiah 36:19
Arphaxad a releaser Genesis 10:22
Artaxerxes strong king, great warrior Ezra 4:7
Artemas gift of Artemis Titus 3:12
Aruboth windows 1 Kings 4:10
Arumah high, I shall be exalted Judges 9:41
Arvad I shall break loose Ezekiel 27:8
Arvadite I shall break loose Genesis 10:18
Arza earthy 1 Kings 16:9
Asa physician, healer 1 Kings 15:8
Asahel creature of God, God-made 2 Samuel 2:18
Asaiah the Lord hath wrought, made by God 1 Chronicles 4:36
Asaph who gathers together 2 Kings 18:18
Asareel God holds 1 Chronicles 4:16
Asarelah upright to God, God holds 1 Chronicles 25:2
Asenath belonging to the goddess Neith Genesis 41:45
Aser Greek form for Asher, blessed Luke 2:36
Ashan smoke Joshua 15:42
Ashbea I adjure, I make to swear 1 Chronicles 4:21
Ashbel a man of Baal, a man of the Lord Genesis 46:21
Ashbelites descendants of Ashbel Numbers 26:38
Ashchenaz a fire that is scattered 1 Chronicles 1:6
Ashdod powerful, a stronghold Joshua 11:22
Ashdothites inhabitant of Ashdod Joshua 13:3
Ashdothpisgah slopes of Pisgah Deuteronomy 3:17
Asher happiness Genesis 30:13
Asherites happy, people of the tribe of Asher Judges 1:32
Ashima crime, guiltiness 2 Kings 17:30
Ashkelon migration, or fire of infamy Judges 14:19
Ashkenaz a fire that is scattered Genesis 10:3
Ashnah I will cause change Joshua 15:33
Ashpenaz I will make prominent the sprinkled Daniel 1:3
Ashriel I shall be a prince of God, same as Asriel 1 Chronicles 7:14
Ashriel same as Asriel 1 Chronicles 7:14
Ashtaroth star Joshua 9:10
Ashterathite inhabitant of Ashtaroth 1 Chronicles 11:44
Ashterothkarnaim RSV, ASV, etc., Ashtoreth of the two horns Genesis 14:5
Ashtoreth star 1 Kings 11:5
Ashur black 1 Chronicles 2:24
Ashurites guided, blessed 2 Samuel 2:9
Asia orient, eastern Acts 2:9
Asiel the work of God, made by God 1 Chronicles 4:35
Askelon fire of infamy Judges 1:18
Asnah I shall be hated Ezra 2:50
Asnappar horned bull Ezra 4:10
Aspatha the enticed gathered Esher 9:7
Asriel I shall be a prince of God Numbers 26:31
Asrielites the clan descended from Asriel Numbers 26:31
Asshur guided, a step Genesis 10:11
Asshurim guided, blessed Genesis 25:3
Assir prisoner, fettered Exodus 6:24
Assos approaching; coming near Acts 20:13
Assur a step Ezra 4:2
Assyria a step, country of Assur Genesis 2:14
Assyrian of the country of Assyria Isaiah 10:5
Astaroth star Deuteronomy 1:4
Asuppim what is gathered, storehouse 1 Chronicles 26:15
Asyncritus incomparable Romans 16:14
Atad a thorn, bramble Genesis 50:10
Atarah a crown 1 Chronicles 2:26
Ataroth crowns Numbers 32:3
Atarothaddar crowns of glory Joshua 16:5
Ater binder Ezra 2:16
Athach lodging place 1 Samuel 30:30
Athaiah the Lord has helped Nehemiah 11:4
Athaliah afflicted of the Lord 2 Kings 8:26
Athens uncertainty Acts 17:15
Athlai whom God afflicts Ezra 10:28
Atrothshophan ASV, RSV, JPS, etc., crowns of Shophan, KJV reads "Shophan here; "Shophan" is formed from a word for "hidden treasure" Numbers 32:35
Attai opportune 1 Chronicles 2:35
Attalia Gods due season Acts 14:25
Attalus increased, nourished; was an ally of Antiochus Epiphanes, but not mentioned in the Bible not found in Scripture
Augustus venerable Luke 2:1
Ava ruin 2 Kings 17:24
Aven vanity Ezekiel 30:17
Avim ruins (same word = Avites in Joshua 13:3) Joshua 18:23
Avites perverters 2 Kings 17:31
Avith ruins Genesis 36:35
Azal (or Azel) he has reserved Zechariah 14:5
Azaliah God has set apart 2 Kings 22:3
Azaniah God hears Nehemiah 10:9
Azareel help of God, God has helped 1 Chronicles 12:6
Azariah God has helped 1 Kings 4:2
Azaz strong one, hardened one 1 Chronicles 5:8
Azazel mistranslated as "scape-goat" which implies innocence; azazel is formed from the two words "azaz" (a strong and impudent one) and "azal" (to go away). Thus Azazel, referring to Satan, means "the strong and impudent one who will be taken away", and that is exactly what happens to that goat. Leviticus 16:8, ASV
Azaziah strength of the Lord, the Lord is mighty 1 Chronicles 15:21
Azekah dug over Joshua 10:10
Azel (or Azal) he has reserved 1 Chronicles 8:37
Azem bone, same as Ezem Joshua 15:29
Azgad Gad is mighty Ezra 2:12
Azmaveth strong unto death 2 Samuel 23:31
Azmon our strength Numbers 34:4
Aznothtabor peaks of Tabor Joshua 19:34
Azor a helper Matthew 1:13-14
Azotus same as Ashdod, a stronghold Acts 8:40
Azriel my help is God 1 Chronicles 5:24
Azrikam help against the enemy 1 Chronicles 3:23
Azubah forsaken 1 Kings 22:42
Azur he that assists or is assisted Jeremiah 28:1
Azzan their strength, very strong Numbers 34:26
Azzur same as Azur, he that assists Nehemiah 10:17