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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Baal master, lord Judges 2:13
Baalah her idol, mistress Joshua 15:9
Baalath mistress Joshua 19:44
Baalathbeer mistress of the well Joshua 19:8
Baalberith lord (or idol) of the covenant Judges 8:33
Baale of Judah KJV the lords of Judah 2 Samuel 6:2
Baalejudah RSV, ASV etc., the lords of Judah
Baalgad lord of fortune Joshua 11:17
Baalhamon lord of abundance Song 8:11
Baalhanan baal is gracious Genesis 36:38
Baalhazor lord of the village 2 Samuel 13:23
Baalhermon lord of destruction Judges 3:3
Baali my lord Hosea 2:16
Baalim lords, masters, false gods Judges 2:11
Baalis a rejoicing, lord of the banner Jeremiah 40:14
Baalmeon lord of the habitation Numbers 32:38
Baalpeor lord of divisions, lord of the gap Numbers 25:3
Baalperazim lord of the breaks, place of breaches 2 Samuel 5:20
Baalshalisha the lord that presides over three, thrice-great lord 2 Kings 4:42
Baaltamar lord of the palm-trees Judges 20:33
Baalzebub lord of the fly 2 Kings 1:2
Baalzephon lord of the north Exodus 14:2
Baana in affliction 1 Kings 4:12
Baanah in affliction 2 Samuel 4:2
Baara brutish, foolish 1 Chronicles 8:8
Baaseiah in the service of God 1 Chronicles 6:40
Baasha wicked 1 Kings 15:16
Babel confusion Genesis 10:10
Babylon confusion 2 Kings 17:24
Babylonians inhabitants of Babylon Ezra 4:9
Baca valley of weeping Psalms 84:6
Bachrites of the family of Becher Numbers 26:35
Baharumite inhabitant of Bahurim 1 Chronicles 11:33
Bahurim village of young men 2 Samuel 3:16
Bajith a house Isaiah 15:2
Bakbakkar searcher, perhaps wasting of a mountain 1 Chronicles 9:15
Bakbuk bottle Ezra 2:51
Bakbukiah emptying or wasting of God Nehemiah 11:17
Balaam not of the people, same as Bileam Numbers 22:5
Balac from the Greek for "Balak" Revelation 2:14
Baladan whose lord is Bel 2 Kings 20:12
Balah waxed old Joshua 19:3
Balak who lays waste or destroys, devastator Numbers 22:2
Bamah an eminence or high place Ezekiel 20:29
Bamoth high places [in Numbers 22:41 this word is incorrectly translated as Baal] Numbers 21:19
Bamothbaal high places, same word as Bamoth Joshua 13:17
Bani built 2 Samuel 23:36
Barabbas son of a father Matthew 27:16
Barachel God blesses Job 32:2
Barachias God blesses Matthew 23:35
Barak thunderbolt, lightning flash Judges 4:6
Barhumite son of the blackened 2 Samuel 23:31
Bariah fleeing 1 Chronicles 3:22
Barjesus son of Jesus or Joshua Acts 13:6
Barjona son of a Jonah Matthew 16:17
Barkos painter, perhaps "the son cut off"? Ezra 2:53
Barnabas son of consolation, or son of prophecy Acts 4:36
Barsabas son of Sabas Acts 1:23
Bartholomew son of Tolmai Matthew 10:3
Bartimaeus son of Timaeus Mark 10:46
Baruch who is blessed Nehemiah 3:20
Barzillai son of iron, my iron 2 Samuel 17:27
Bashan fruitful Numbers 21:33
Bashanhavothjair the fruitful villages of Jair Deuteronomy 3:14
Bashemath perfume, spice Genesis 26:34
Basmath perfume, spice 1 Kings 4:15
Bathrabbim daughter of multitudes Song 7:4
Bathsheba, daughter of an oath 2 Samuel 11:3
Bathshua daughter of wealth 1 Chronicles 3:5
Bavai my goings Nehemiah 3:18
Bazlith asking, a making naked Nehemiah 7:54
Bazluth asking, a making naked Ezra 2:52
Bealiah God is master 1 Chronicles 12:5
Bealoth mistresses, same as Aloth Joshua 15:24
Bebai void, empty, my cavities Ezra 2:11
Becher young camel Genesis 46:21
Bechorath first fruits, first-born 1 Samuel 9:1
Bedad alone, solitary Genesis 36:35
Bedan according to judgment 1 Samuel 12:11
Bedeiah servant of God Ezra 10:35
Beeliada the lord knows 1 Chronicles 14:7
Beelzebub Greek version of Baalzebub, lord of the fly Matthew 10:25
Beer a well Numbers 21:16
Beera a well 1 Chronicles 7:37
Beerah a well 1 Chronicles 5:6
Beerelim the well of Elim, or the well of God Isaiah 15:8
Beeri my well Genesis 26:34
Beerlahairoi the well of the Living One seeing me Genesis 16:14
Beeroth Benejaakan RSV, wells of the sons of Jaakan Deuteronomy 10:6
Beeroth wells Joshua 9:17
Beerothite wells, inhabitant of Beeroth 2 Samuel 4:2
Beersheba the well of the sevenfold oath Genesis 21:14
Beeshterah with increase Joshua 21:27
Behemah cattle Genesis 1:24
Behemoth plural form of Behemah though used as a singular, beast, exact intended meaning unknown Job 40:15
Bekah half a shekel Exodus 38:26
Bel lord, name of a pagan god Isaiah 46:1
Bela destruction Genesis 14:2
Belah destruction Genesis 46:21
Belaites swallowing, descendants of Bela Numbers 26:38
Belial wicked, worthless Deuteronomy 13:13
Belshazzar Bel protect the king Daniel 5:1
Belteshazzar the prince whom Bel favours Daniel 1:7
Ben son, that which has been built 1 Chronicles 15:18
Benabinadab RSV and ASV, son of Abinadab 1 Kings 4:11
Benaiah son of the Lord, the Lord has built 2 Samuel 8:18
Benammi son of my people Genesis 19:38
Bendecar Douay Version spelling of Bendeker 1 Kings 4:9
Bendeker RSV, ASV, Young's, Darby, son of stabbing 1 Kings 4:9
Beneberak sons of lightning Joshua 19:45
Benejaakan sons of Jaakan, sons of twisting Numbers 33:31-32
Bengaber Douay Version spelling of Bengeber 1 Kings 4:13
Bengeber RSV and ASV, son of Geber, son of a mighty man 1 Kings 4:13
Benhadad son of the pagan god Hadad 1 Kings 15:18
Benhail son of strength, son of might 2 Chronicles 17:7
Benhanan son of grace, son of favour 1 Chronicles 4:20
Benhesed RSV and ASV, son of mercy 1 Kings 4:10
Benhur RSV and ASV, son of whiteness 1 Kings 4:8
Beninu our son Nehemiah 10:13
Beninu our son Nehemiah 10:13
Benjamin son of the right hand Genesis 35:18
Benjamite descendant of Benjamin Judges 3:15
Beno his son 1 Chronicles 24:26
Benoni son of my sorrow, or pain Genesis 35:18
Benzoheth son of Zoheth, son of releasing 1 Chronicles 4:20
Beon in the dwelling Numbers 32:3
Beor burning Genesis 36:32
Bera son of evil Genesis 14:2
Berachah blessing 1 Chronicles 12:3
Berachiah speaking well of the Lord, God blesses 1 Chronicles 6:39
Beraiah God has created 1 Chronicles 8:21
Berea well watered Acts 17:10
Berechiah speaking well of the Lord, God blesses 1 Chronicles 3:20
Bered hail Genesis 16:14
Beri a well 1 Chronicles 7:36
Beriah in fellowship, with a friend Genesis 46:17
Beriites in evil Numbers 26:44
Berites my well 2 Samuel 20:14
Berith covenant Judges 9:46
Bernice one that brings victory Acts 25:13
Berodachbaladan worshipper of Baal 2 Kings 20:12
Berothah a cypress grove Ezekiel 47:16
Berothai a cypress grove 2 Samuel 8:8
Berothite my wells 1 Chronicles 11:39
Besai my treading Ezra 2:49
Besodeiah counsel of the Lord Nehemiah 3:6
Besor glad news, cheerful 1 Samuel 30:9
Betah confidence, security 2 Samuel 8:8
Beten belly, womb Joshua 19:25
Beth Ham-merchaq house of remoteness, translated as "Beth-merhak"in the ASV and JPS, and as "that was far off" in KJV 2 Samuel 15:17
Beth-eden JPS, house of delight, house of Eden KJV Amos 1:5
Beth-le-aphrah ASV and JPS, house of dust, house of Aphrah KJV Micah 1:10
Beth-millo JPS, house of the rampart, house of Millo KJV Judges 9:6
Bethabara house of the ford John 1:28
Bethanath house of affliction, or house of response Joshua 19:38
Bethanoth house of response Joshua 15:59
Bethany the house of affliction Matthew 21:17
Betharabah house of the desert valley Joshua 15:6
Betharam house of height Joshua 13:27
Betharbel house of the ambush of God Hosea 10:14
Bethaven the house of vanity Joshua 7:2
Bethazmaveth house of the strength of death Nehemiah 7:28
Bethbaalmeon house where Baal dwells Joshua 13:17
Bethbarah house of the ford Judges 7:24
Bethbirei the house of my Creator, house of a creative one 1 Chronicles 4:31
Bethcar house of the ram 1 Samuel 7:11
Bethdagon house of Dagon Joshua 15:41
Bethdiblathaim house of the two fig-cakes Jeremiah 48:22
Betheked RSV, the shearing house KJV 2 Kings 10:12
Bethel house of God Genesis 12:8
Bethelite inhabitant of Bethel 1 Kings 16:34
Bethemek house of the valley Joshua 19:27
Bether a dividing in the country, a mountain cleft Song 2:17
Bethesda house of pity or mercy John 5:2
Bethezel house of firm root Micah 1:11
Bethgader house of the wall 1 Chronicles 2:51
Bethgamul house of recompense, house of the weaned Jeremiah 48:23
Bethhaccerem house of the vineyard Nehemiah 3:14
Bethharan house of their mount Numbers 32:36
Bethhogla house of the partridge Joshua 15:6
Bethhoglah house of the partridge Joshua 18:19
Bethhoron house of the hollow Joshua 10:10
Bethjeshimoth house of the deserts Joshua 12:3
Bethjesimoth house of the deserts Numbers 33:49
Bethlebaoth house of lionesses Joshua 19:6
Bethlehem house of bread, house of food Genesis 35:19
Bethlehemite inhabitant of Bethlehem 1 Samuel 16:1
Bethlehemjudah Bethlehem in Judah Judges 17:7
Bethmaachah house of Maachah, house of pressure 2 Samuel 20:14
Bethmarcaboth house of chariots Joshua 19:5
Bethmeon house where Baal dwells Jeremiah 48:23
Bethnimrah house of clear and good water Numbers 32:36
Bethpalet house of escape Joshua 15:27
Bethpazzez house of dispersion Joshua 19:21
Bethpeor house of Peor (i.e. Baal) Deuteronomy 3:29
Bethphage house of early figs Matthew 21:1
Bethphelet house of escape, same as Bethpalet Nehemiah 11:26
Bethrapha house of health 1 Chronicles 4:12
Bethrehob house of breadth, house of the street Judges 18:28
Bethsaida house of fishing or hunting Matthew 11:21
Bethshan house of rest, house of ease 1 Samuel 31:10
Bethshean house of rest, house of ease Joshua 17:11
Bethshemesh house of the sun Joshua 15:10
Bethshemite inhabitant of Bethshemesh 1 Samuel 6:14
Bethshittah house of the acacia Judges 7:22
Bethtappuah house of apples Joshua 15:53
Bethuel man of God Genesis 22:22
Bethul tarrying of God Joshua 19:4
Bethzur house of a rock Joshua 15:58
Betonim pistachio nuts Joshua 13:26
Beulah married, to have dominion over Isaiah 62:4
Bezai conqueror Ezra 2:17
Bezaleel in the shadow or protection of God Exodus 31:2
Bezek lightning Judges 1:4
Bezer remote fortress Deuteronomy 4:43
Bichri juvenile, youthful 2 Samuel 20:1
Bidkar son of piercing through 2 Kings 9:25
Bigtha in the wine-press Esther 1:10
Bigthan in their wine-press Esther 2:21
Bigthana in the wine-press Esther 6:2
Bigvai in my body Ezra 2:2
Bikath-Aven JPS, plain of vanity, plain of Aven KJV Amos 1:5
Bildad son of contention Job 2:11
Bileam not of the people, same as Balaam 1 Chronicles 6:70
Bilgah cheerfulness 1 Chronicles 24:14
Bilgai cheerfulness Nehemiah 10:8
Bilhah troubled, perhaps modesty? Genesis 29:29
Bilhan decrepitude, perhaps modest? Genesis 36:27
Bilshan in the tongue, eloquent, perhaps slander? Ezra 2:2
Bimhal son of circumcision 1 Chronicles 7:33
Binea a gushing forth, fountain 1 Chronicles 8:37
Binnui building Ezra 8:33
Birsha son of wickedness, with iniquity Genesis 14:2
Birzavith apertures, wounds, in leanness 1 Chronicles 7:31
Bishlam son of peace Ezra 4:7
Bithiah daughter of the Lord 1 Chronicles 4:18
Bithron divisions, mountain ravine 2 Samuel 2:29
Bithynia violent precipitation, violent rushing Acts 16:7
Bizjothjah contempt of God Joshua 15:28
Biztha booty Esther 1:10
Blastus that buds or brings forth, sprout Acts 12:20
Boanerges sons of thunder Mark 3:17
Boaz fleetness Ruth 2:1
Bocheru the first born 1 Chronicles 8:38
Bochim the place of weeping Judges 2:1
Bohan thumb Joshua 15:6
Booz from the Greek for "Boaz", fleetness Matthew 1:5
Boscath elevated ground, rocky height 2 Kings 22:1
Bosor father of Balaam, a torch 2 Peter 2:15
Bozez shining 1 Samuel 14:4
Bozkath elevated ground, rocky height Joshua 15:39
Bozrah a fortified place Genesis 36:33
Bukki wasting Numbers 34:22
Bukkiah the dissipation of the Lord, God has emptied 1 Chronicles 25:4
Bul rain, showers, increase, name of the 8th month 1 Kings 6:38
Bunah prudence, intelligence 1 Chronicles 2:25
Bunni built Nehemiah 9:4
Buz despised, contempt Genesis 22:21
Buzi sprung from Buz, contempt Ezekiel 1:3
Buzite sprung from Buz, contempt Job 32:2