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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Cabbon bond, builder Joshua 15:40
Cabul binding Joshua 19:27
Caesar severed Matthew 22:17
Caesarea town named after Caesar Matthew 16:13
Caiaphas a stone, a depression, as comely Matthew 26:3
Cain possession Genesis 4:1
Cainan possessor Genesis 5:9
Calah vigour Genesis 10:11
Calcol nourishing, sustaining 1 Chronicles 2:6
Caleb perhaps a dog Numbers 13:6
Calebephratah Ephrath was Caleb's wife (1 Chronicles 2:19), so this town was named after both of them 1 Chronicles 2:24
Calebite RSV, Darby and Young's, of the house of Caleb 1 Samuel 25:3
Calneh fortress of Anu, a pagan deity Genesis 10:10
Calno same as Calneh Isaiah 10:9
Calvary the place of a skull Luke 23:33
Camon resurrection, raised Judges 10:5
Cana place of reeds John 2:1
Canaan lowland, merchant, trader Genesis 9:18
Canaanite (NT) zealous, thus also known as "Simon Zelotes" Matthew 10:4
Canaanite (OT) descendant of Canaan Genesis 12:6
Canaanitess descendant of Canaan 1 Chronicles 2:3
Canaanitish descendant of Canaan Genesis 46:10
Candace prince of servants Acts 8:27
Canneh to give a flattering title Ezekiel 27:23
Capernaum city of comfort Matthew 4:13
Caphtor a crown, original home of the Philistines Deuteronomy 2:23
Caphtorim the people of Caphtor Genesis 10:14
Cappadocia province of good horses Acts 2:9
Carcas severe, perhaps from the Persian word for "eagle"? Esther 1:10
Carchemish fortress of Chemosh 2 Chronicles 35:20
Carchemish fortress of Chemosh 2 Chronicles 35:20
Careah bald 2 Kings 25:23
Carmel garden-land Joshua 12:22
Carmelite inhabitant of Carmel 1 Samuel 30:5
Carmelitess female inhabitant of Carmel 1 Samuel 27:3
Carmi my vineyard Genesis 46:9
Carmites descendants of Carmi Numbers 26:6
Carpus fruit, fruitful 2 Timothy 4:13
Carshena illustrious Esther 1:14
Casiphia silvery, money Ezra 8:17
Casluhim fortified Genesis 10:14
Castor Castor and Pollux were the Greek gods of sailors Acts 28:11
Cedron turbid John 18:1
Cenchrea millet Acts 18:18
Cephas a rock or stone John 1:42
Chalcol who nourishes and sustains the whole 1 Kings 4:31
Chaldea clod-breakers Jeremiah 50:10
Chaldeans same as Chaldea Job 1:17
Chaldees same as Chaldea Genesis 11:28
Charashim valley of craftsmen, see entry "Harashim" 1 Chronicles 4:14
Charran from Greek for "Haran", a mountaineer Acts 7:2
Chebar far off, long ago Ezekiel 1:1
Chedorlaomer a handful of sheaves Genesis 14:1
Chelal completion Ezra 10:30
Chelluh my accomplishment Ezra 10:35
Chelub caged 1 Chronicles 4:11
Chelubai my caged one 1 Chronicles 2:9
Chemarims black robed pagan priests Zephaniah 1:4
Chemosh subduer, conqueror Numbers 21:29
Chenaanah trader 1 Kings 22:11
Chenani my pillar, protector Nehemiah 9:4
Chenaniah God defends, God establishes 1 Chronicles 15:22
Chepharhaammonai village of the Ammonites Joshua 18:24
Chephirah lioness Joshua 9:17
Cheran a harp, a lyre Genesis 36:26
Cherethims executioners Ezekiel 25:16
Cherethites executioners 1 Samuel 30:14
Cherith cutting, separation 1 Kings 17:3
Cherub blessing, category of spirit beings, also called "living creatures" Exodus 25:19
Cherubims plural of "cherub" Genesis 3:24
Chesalon hopes Joshua 15:10
Chesed increase Genesis 22:22
Chesil foolishness Joshua 15:30
Chesulloth confidences, flanks Joshua 19:18
Chezib false Genesis 38:5
Chidon a dart, a javalin 1 Chronicles 13:9
Chileab whom the father has perfected, like his father 2 Samuel 3:3
Chilion wasting away Ruth 1:2
Chilmad enclosure Ezekiel 27:23
Chimham longing, languishing 2 Samuel 19:37
Chinnereth harps Numbers 34:11
Chinneroth harps Joshua 11:2
Chios snowy Acts 20:15
Chisleu confidence, name of the 9th month Nehemiah 1:1
Chislon hope, trust, confidence Numbers 34:21
Chislothtabor flanks of Tabor, confidence of Tabor Joshua 19:12
Chittim those that bruise, same as Kittim Numbers 24:24
Chiun an image, probably of the planet Saturn Amos 5:26
Chloe green herb, tender herb 1 Corinthians 1:11
Chorashan furnace of smoke 1 Samuel 30:30
Chorazin furnace of smoke Matthew 11:21
Chozeba lying, falsehood 1 Chronicles 4:22
Christ anointed Matthew 1:1
Chub a horde Ezekiel 30:5
Chun established 1 Chronicles 18:8
Chushanrishathaim most malicious, twice-wicked Cushan, Cushan means blackness Judges 3:8
Chuza the seer or prophet Luke 8:3
Cilicia the land of Celix Acts 6:9
Cinneroth harps 1 Kings 15:20
Cis same as Kish, a snare, bent Acts 13:21
Clauda lame Acts 27:16
Claudia lame 2 Timothy 4:21
Claudius lame Acts 11:28
Clement mild, merciful Philippians 4:3
Cleopas of a renowned father Luke 24:18
Cleophas my exchanges John 19:25
Cnidus stinging nettle Acts 27:7
Colhozeh all-seeing Nehemiah 3:15
Colosse very large, monstrosities Colossians 1:2
Conaniah God has established 2 Chronicles 35:9
Coniah God will establish, another name for Jehoiachin Jeremiah 22:24
Cononiah God has established 2 Chronicles 31:12
Coos top, summit Acts 21:1
Core baldness, same as "Korah" Jude 1:11
Corinth which is satisfied, satiated Acts 18:1
Corinthian inhabitant of Corinth Acts 18:8
Cornelius of a horn Acts 10:1
Cosam divining Luke 3:28
Coz a thorn 1 Chronicles 4:8
Cozbi a liar, my lie Numbers 25:15
Crescens growing; increasing 2 Timothy 4:10
Crete fleshly, fleshy Acts 27:7
Cretes inhabitants of Crete Acts 2:11
Cretians inhabitants of Crete Titus 1:12
Crispus curled Acts 18:8
Cush blackness, same as Ethiopians Genesis 10:6
Cushan their blackness Habakkuk 3:7
Cushan-rishathaim same as Chushanrishathaim Judges 3:8
Cushi their blackness 2 Samuel 18:21
Cuth crushing, ,same as Cuthah 2 Kings 17:30
Cuthah crushing, same as Cuth 2 Kings 17:24
Cyprus fairness, a blossom Acts 4:36
Cyrene a wall, perhaps supremacy of the bridle? Matthew 27:32
Cyrenian native of Cyrene Mark 15:21
Cyrenius warrior Luke 2:2
Cyrus furnace, Persians used this name to refer to the sun 2 Chronicles 36:22