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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Dabareh word Joshua 21:28
Dabbasheth a hill place Joshua 19:11
Daberath word, same as Dabareh Joshua 19:12
Dagon a fish, name of a pagan god Judges 16:23
Dalaiah God has drawn 1 Chronicles 3:24
Dalmanutha slow firebrand Mark 8:10
Dalmatia a priestly robe 2 Timothy 4:10
Dalphon dripping Esther 9:7
Damaris a little woman, perhaps a heifer? Acts 17:34
Damascenes people of Damascus 2 Corinthians 11:32
Damascus silk? Genesis 14:15
Dan a judge Genesis 14:14
Daniel God my judge 1 Chronicles 3:1
Danites descendants of Dan Judges 13:2
Danjaan purposeful judgment 2 Samuel 24:6
Dannah judgement, you have judged Joshua 15:49
Dara the arm 1 Chronicles 2:6
Darda home of knowledge, pearl of knowledge 1 Kings 4:31
Darius lord Ezra 4:5
Darkon to fly in a circle, to scatter Ezra 2:56
Dathan belonging to a fountain Numbers 16:1
David well-beloved Ruth 4:17
Day Star The Greek word "Phosphoros" is only used in 2 Peter 1:19 in the New Testament, and it is almost universally mistranslated as "Day Star" or as "Morning Star" or as "the day dawn". This word is here used to refer to Jesus Christ. If we accept that the English language had such a word as "Lucifer", then the only possible way to translate "Phosphoros" into English is as 'Lucifer", since the Greek "Phosphoros" is 100% identical to the Latin "Lucifer", and neither of these two words has anything to do with "stars" or "days" or "morning". In this verse Peter called Jesus Christ "Lucifer". See also the entries under "Heylel" and "Lucifer". 2 Peter 1:19
Debir sanctuary, perhaps to join together Joshua 10:3
Deborah a bee Genesis 35:8
Decapolis containing ten cities Matthew 4:25
Dedan low country Genesis 10:7
Dedanim the descendants of Dedan Isaiah 21:13
Dehavites perhaps the sickly? Ezra 4:9
Dekar son of stabbing, same as Bendekar 1 Kings 4:9
Delaiah God has drawn 1 Chronicles 24:18
Delilah pining with desire, feeble Judges 16:4
Demas popular, governor of the people Colossians 4:14
Demetrius belonging to corn, belonging to Ceres Acts 19:24
Derbe a tanner of skin Acts 14:6
Deuel the knowledge of God, they know God Numbers 1:14
Deuteronomy the Greek word means "second law", referring to the repetition of the law, the Jews at times call it "Mishnah Torah" referring to this repetition, and it has sometimes also been called "Elleh hadebarim" after the first two Hebrew words in this book Deuteronomy 1:1
Diana luminous, complete light Acts 19:24
Diblaim two cakes of figs Hosea 1:3
Diblath place of the fig cake Ezekiel 6:14
Dibon pining, wasting Numbers 21:30
Dibongad pining, wasting Numbers 33:45
Dibri eloquent, my word Leviticus 24:11
Didymus a twin, double, two fold John 11:16
Diklah palm grove Genesis 10:27
Dilean cucumber field, gourd Joshua 15:38
Dimnah dunghill Joshua 21:35
Dimon river bed Isaiah 15:9
Dimonah river bed Joshua 15:22
Dinah judgment Genesis 30:21
Dinaites judgment Ezra 4:9
Dinhabah he gives judgment Genesis 36:32
Dionysius devoted to Bacchus Acts 17:34
Dioscuri the twin pagan gods of sailors, Castor and Pollux Acts 28:11
Diotrephes nourished by Jupiter 3 John 1:9
Dishan a threshing, thresher Genesis 36:21
Dishon thresher Genesis 36:21
Dizahab where much gold is Deuteronomy 1:1
Dodai beloved, loving 1 Chronicles 27:4
Dodanim leaders Genesis 10:4
Dodavah love, beloved of God 2 Chronicles 20:37
Dodo his beloved Judges 10:1
Doeg fearful 1 Samuel 21:7
Dophkah a knocking Numbers 33:12-13
Dor generation Joshua 11:2
Dorcas a female roe-deer, gazelle Acts 9:36
Dothan two wells Genesis 37:17
Drusilla watered by the dew Acts 24:24
Dumah silence Genesis 25:14
Dura dwelling Daniel 3:1