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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Ebal void of leaves, bare mountain Genesis 36:23
Ebed a servant Judges 9:26
Ebedmelech the king's servant Jeremiah 38:7
Ebenezer the stone of help 1 Samuel 4:1
Eber the region beyond Genesis 10:21
Ebiasaph a father that gathers 1 Chronicles 6:23
Ebronah passage over Numbers 33:34-35
Ecclesiastes Title adopted from the opening words of this book in the Latin Vulgate version, which is the Latin rendition of the Greek word "Ekklesiastou" in the LXX, meaning "a preacher". The Hebrew word "Koheleth" in this verse means "Speaker" rather than "Preacher". Ecclesiastes 1:1
Ed witness Joshua 22:34
Edar tower of the flock, same as Migdal-eder in JPS Genesis 35:21
Eden pleasure Genesis 2:8
Eder a flock Joshua 15:21
Edom red Genesis 25:30
Edrei strong, goodly pasture Numbers 21:33
Eglah heifer 2 Samuel 3:5
Eglaim two pools, double reservoir Isaiah 15:8
Eglon heifer, same as Eglah Joshua 10:3
Egypt land of Mizraim, a son of Ham Genesis 12:10
Ehud joining together, or I will give thanks Judges 3:15
Eker offspring 1 Chronicles 2:27
Ekron eradication, torn away Joshua 13:3
Eladah whom God puts on, God has adorned 1 Chronicles 7:20
Elah an oak Genesis 36:41
Elam eternity Genesis 10:22
Elasah the doings of God, God has made Ezra 10:22
Elath a grove of trees Deuteronomy 2:8
Elbethel the God of Bethel, the God of the house of God Genesis 35:7
Eldaah knowledge of God Genesis 25:4
Eldad love of God Numbers 11:26
Elead witness of God, God has testified 1 Chronicles 7:21
Elealeh where God ascends Numbers 32:3
Eleasah the doings of God, God has made 1 Chronicles 2:39
Eleazar God has helped Exodus 6:23
Elelohe-Israel the mighty God of Israel Genesis 33:20
Eleph a thousand Joshua 18:28
Elhanan God has been gracious 2 Samuel 21:19
Eli ascension 1 Samuel 1:3
Eli, Eli my God, my God Matthew 27:46
Eliab God is the father Numbers 1:9
Eliada knowledge of God, God knows 2 Samuel 5:16
Eliah God is the Eternal 1 Chronicles 8:27
Eliahba whom God hides 2 Samuel 23:32
Eliakim whom God has set, God raises 2 Kings 18:18
Eliam God of the people 2 Samuel 11:3
Elias God is the Eternal, same as Elijah Matthew 11:14
Eliasaph God increases, God has added Numbers 1:14
Eliashib God restores 1 Chronicles 3:24
Eliathah God has come 1 Chronicles 25:4
Elidad God has loved Numbers 34:21
Eliel my God is God 1 Chronicles 5:24
Elienai the God of my eyes 1 Chronicles 8:20
Eliezer God is help Genesis 15:2
Elihoreph God of winter 1 Kings 4:3
Elihu he is my God 1 Samuel 1:1
Elijah God is the Eternal, same as Eliah 1 Kings 17:1
Elika my God rejects 2 Samuel 23:25
Elim palms Exodus 15:27
Elimelech my God is king Ruth 1:2
Elioenai toward God are my eyes 1 Chronicles 3:23
Eliphal whom God judges 1 Chronicles 11:35
Eliphalet the God of deliverance 2 Samuel 5:16
Eliphaz to whom God is strength Genesis 36:4
Elipheleh God sets him apart 1 Chronicles 15:18
Eliphelet God is deliverance, same as Eliphalet 2 Samuel 23:34
Elisabeth the oath, or fullness, of God Luke 1:5
Eliseus same as Elisha, God his salvation Luke 4:27
Elisha God is salvation 1 Kings 19:16
Elishah God of the coming one Genesis 10:4
Elishama God has heard Numbers 1:10
Elishaphat my God judges 2 Chronicles 23:1
Elisheba God has sworn Exodus 6:23
Elishua God is my salvation 2 Samuel 5:15
Eliud God is my praise, God of glory Matthew 1:14
Elizaphan my God has protected Numbers 3:30
Elizur my God is a rock Numbers 1:5
Elkanah whom God possessed Exodus 6:24
Elkoshite a man of Elkosh, God the ensnarer Nahum 1:1
Ellasar God is chastener Genesis 14:1
Elmodam the God of measure Luke 3:28
Elnaam God is delight 1 Chronicles 11:46
Elnathan God has given 2 Kings 24:8
Elohim Darby translation, the word usually translated "God" Genesis 2:4
Eloi Aramaic for "my God" Mark 15:34
Elon oak Genesis 26:34
Elonbethhanan oak of the house of grace 1 Kings 4:9
Elonites one of the clan of Elon Numbers 26:26
Elpaal God is makes 1 Chronicles 8:11
Elpalet God is deliverance, same as Eliphalet 1 Chronicles 14:5
Elparan palm of Paran Genesis 14:6
Eltekeh to which God is fear Joshua 19:44
Eltekon God is straight Joshua 15:59
Eltolad whose posterity is from God, God's generations Joshua 15:30
Elul nothingness, name of the 6th month Nehemiah 6:15
Eluzai God is my strength 1 Chronicles 12:5
Elymas a magician, a wise man Acts 13:8
Elzabad the dowry of God, God has given 1 Chronicles 12:12
Elzaphan my God has protected Exodus 6:22
Emath Douay translation of "Hamath", fortress Numbers 13:21
Ematrabba LXX English translation for "Hamath the great" in KJV Amos 6:2
Emims fears, terrors Genesis 14:5
Emmanuel God with us Matthew 1:23
Emmaus warm baths, a village 4 miles from Jerusalem Luke 24:13
Emmor an ass Acts 7:16
En-Harod JPS, in the KJV = "well of Harod" Judges 7:1
Enam two fountains Joshua 15:34
Enan having eyes Numbers 1:15
Endor fountain of Dor Joshua 17:11
Eneglaim fountain of the two calves Ezekiel 47:10
Engannim eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens Joshua 15:34
Engedi fountain of the kid Joshua 15:62
Enhaddah swift fountain Joshua 19:21
Enhakkore fountain of him that called Judges 15:19
Enhazor fount of Hazor, fount of the castle Joshua 19:37
Enmishpat fountain of judgment Genesis 14:7
Enoch dedicated Genesis 4:17
Enos man Genesis 4:26
Enrimmon fountain of the pomegranate Nehemiah 11:29
Enrogel the fuller's fountain Joshua 15:7
Enshemesh fountain of the sun Joshua 15:7
Entappuah fountain of the apple tree Joshua 17:7
Epaenetus laudable; worthy of praise Romans 16:5
Epaphras lovely Colossians 1:7
Epaphroditus lovely Philippians 2:25
Ephah weary, gloomy Genesis 25:4
Epher calf, young animal Genesis 25:4
Ephesdammim edge of blood 1 Samuel 17:1
Ephesus desirable, permitted Acts 18:19
Ephlal intercessor 1 Chronicles 2:37
Ephod garment of the high priest Exodus 25:7
Ephphatha Aramaic for "be opened" Mark 7:34
Ephraim double land, double fruit Genesis 41:52
Ephraimite of the tribe of Ephraim Judges 12:5
Ephratah abundance, place of fruitfulness Ruth 4:11
Ephrath abundance, place of fruitfulness Genesis 35:16
Ephrathites same as Ephraimites Ruth 1:2
Ephron belonging to a calf Genesis 23:8
Epicurean follower of Epicurus, helper, defender Acts 17:18
Er awake Genesis 38:3
Eran watcher Numbers 26:36
Erastus lovely, beloved Acts 19:22
Erech length Genesis 10:10
Eri watchful Genesis 46:16
Esaias same as Isaiah, God's help Matthew 3:3
Esarhaddon Ashur has given a brother 2 Kings 19:37
Esau hairy Genesis 25:25
Esdraelon Greek name for the plain of Jezreel
Esek contention Genesis 26:20
Eshbaal a man of Baal 1 Chronicles 8:33
Eshban fire of discernment Genesis 36:26
Eshcol bunch of grapes, cluster Genesis 14:13
Eshean held up, support Joshua 15:52
Eshek oppressor 1 Chronicles 8:39
Eshkalonites inhabitant of Ashkelon, fire of infamy Joshua 13:3
Eshtaol petition, request Joshua 15:33
Eshtaulites inhabitants of Eshtaol 1 Chronicles 2:53
Eshtemoa I will make myself heard Joshua 21:14
Eshtemoh I will make myself heard Joshua 15:50
Eshton uxorious, womanly 1 Chronicles 4:11
Esli reserved for God Luke 3:25
Esrom enclosed, same as Hezron Matthew 1:3
Essenes Jewish mystical and ascetic sect, not mentioned in the Bible but discussed at length by Josephus
Esther star Esther 2:7
Etam lair of wild beasts Judges 15:8
Etham ploughshare Exodus 13:20
Ethan enduring 1 Kings 4:31
Ethanim enduring, name of the 7th month now called "Tishri" 1 Kings 8:2
Ethbaal towards or with Baal 1 Kings 16:31
Ether abundant Joshua 15:42
Ethiopia black Genesis 2:13
Ethiopians people of Ethiopia 2 Chronicles 12:3
Ethkazin RSV for Ittahkazin, time of the judge Joshua 19:13
Ethnan the hire of unchastity 1 Chronicles 4:7
Ethni my hire 1 Chronicles 6:41
Eubulus prudent 2 Timothy 4:21
Eunice good victory 2 Timothy 1:5
Euodias sweet scent, fragrant Philippians 4:2
Euphrates fruitfulness Genesis 2:14
Euroclydon a violent north-east wind, called "euroaquilo" in the Latin Vulgate version, literally "raging east wind" Acts 27:14
Eutychus fortunate Acts 20:9
Eve living Genesis 3:20
Evi my desire Numbers 31:8
Evilmerodach man of Merodach 2 Kings 25:27
Exodus going out, departure, name of 2nd Book of the Old Testament, used in the text of the RSV Hebrews 11:22
Ezbai my humblings 1 Chronicles 11:37
Ezbon hastening to understand Genesis 46:16
Ezekias same as Hezekiah, the might of God Matthew 1:9-10
Ezekiel God strengthens Ezekiel 1:3
Ezel departure 1 Samuel 20:19
Ezem a bone, same as Azem 1 Chronicles 4:29
Ezer treasure Genesis 36:21
Eziongaber backbone of a man Numbers 33:35
Eziongeber backbone of a man 1 Kings 9:26
Eznite a sharp spear 2 Samuel 23:8
Ezra help 1 Chronicles 4:17
Ezri the help of God 1 Chronicles 27:26