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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Gaal contempt, loathing Judges 9:26
Gaash commotion, quaking Joshua 24:30
Gaba a hill, same as Geba Joshua 18:24
Gabbai my back Nehemiah 11:8
Gabbatha high, elevated John 19:13
Gabriel warrior of God Daniel 8:16
Gad a troop Genesis 30:11
Gad Darby translation, Young's translation and 21st Century KJV, this word refers to the Babylonian god of fortune. In the KJV this word is not translated. Most other versions (ASV, RSV, JPS, etc.) have translated it as "Fortune". This Hebrew word is used only in this verse. Isaiah 65:11
Gadarenes men of Gadara, reward at the end Mark 5:1
Gaddi fortunate Numbers 13:11
Gaddiel God is my fortune Numbers 13:10
Gadi my fortune 2 Kings 15:14
Gadite one of the tribe of Gad Deuteronomy 3:12
Gaham burning Genesis 22:24
Gahar hiding place Ezra 2:47
Gaius lord Acts 19:29
Galal weighty, worthy, influential 1 Chronicles 9:15
Galatia land of the Gauls Acts 16:6
Galatians citizens of Galatia Galatians 3:1
Galeed the heap of witness Genesis 31:47
Galilaean native of Galilee Mark 14:70
Galilee circuit, region Joshua 20:7
Gallim springs 1 Samuel 25:44
Gallio one who lives on milk Acts 18:12
Gamaliel recompense of God Numbers 1:10
Gammadims brave bold soldiers Ezekiel 27:11
Gamul weaned 1 Chronicles 24:17
Gareb a scab, scabby 2 Samuel 23:38
Garmites bony 1 Chronicles 4:19
Gashmu rain, same as Geshem Nehemiah 6:6
Gatam a burnt valley Genesis 36:11
Gath a winepress Joshua 11:22
Gathhepher winepress of the well, digging, same as Gittahhepher 2 Kings 14:25
Gathrimmon winepress of the pomegranate Joshua 19:45
Gaza strong Genesis 10:19
Gazabar Latin Vulgate word for "a treasurer" Ezra 1:8
Gazer precipice, or portion 2 Samuel 5:25
Gazez shearer 1 Chronicles 2:46
Gazzam devouring Ezra 2:48
Geba a hill, same as Gaba and Gibeah Joshua 21:17
Gebal a boundary, mountain Psalms 83:7
Geber mighty man, same as Bengeber in RSV, ASV, etc. 1 Kings 4:13
Gebim cisterns, perhaps locusts? Isaiah 10:31
Gedaliah God is great 2 Kings 25:22
Gedeon same as Gideon Hebrews 11:32
Geder a wall Joshua 12:13
Gederah a wall Joshua 15:36
Gederathite inhabitant of Gederah 1 Chronicles 12:4
Gederite inhabitant of Geder 1 Chronicles 27:28
Gederoth walls Joshua 15:41
Gederothaim two walls Joshua 15:36
Gedor wall Joshua 15:58
Geharashim RSV, ASV, etc. for "Charashim" in KJV, valley of craftsmen 1 Chronicles 4:14
Gehazi valley of vision 2 Kings 4:12
Geliloth circuits Joshua 18:17
Gemalli camel driver Numbers 13:12
Gemara 2nd part of the Talmud, a commentary on the 1st part
Gemariah God has accomplished Jeremiah 29:3
Genesis beginning, name of the first Book of the Bible, title taken from the first Hebrew word in this Book, "bereshith" which means "in beginning" Genesis 1:1
Gennesaret a harp, the Sea of Galilee Matthew 14:34
Genubath theft 1 Kings 11:20
Gera a grain Genesis 46:21
Gerah a weight, the 20th part of a shekel Exodus 30:13
Gerar a lodging place Genesis 10:19
Gergesenes perhaps means a stranger drawing near? Matthew 8:28
Gerizim cutters, cuttings off Deuteronomy 11:29
Gershom a stranger here, foreigner Exodus 2:22
Gershon exile Genesis 46:11
Gershonite descendant of Gershon Numbers 3:21
Geshan lump 1 Chronicles 2:47
Geshem rain, same as Gashmu Nehemiah 2:19
Geshur bridge, proud beholder 2 Samuel 3:3
Geshuri bridge, proud beholder Deuteronomy 3:14
Geshurites inhabitant of Geshur Joshua 12:5
Gether fear Genesis 10:23
Gethsemane an oil press Matthew 26:36
Geuel majesty of God Numbers 13:15
Gezer dividing, a portion Joshua 10:33
Gezrites inhabitants of Gezer 1 Samuel 27:8
Giah to break forth 2 Samuel 2:24
Gibbar strong, the valiant Ezra 2:20
Gibbethon mound Joshua 19:44
Gibea a hill 1 Chronicles 2:49
Gibeah a hill Joshua 15:57
Gibeath a hill Joshua 18:28
Gibeathite inhabitant of Gibeah 1 Chronicles 12:3
Gibeon hill city Joshua 9:3
Gibeonites inhabitants of Gibeon 2 Samuel 21:1
Giblites inhabitants of Gebal Joshua 13:5
Giddalti I make great 1 Chronicles 25:4
Giddel very great Ezra 2:47
Gideon he that bruises or cuts down, hewer Judges 6:11
Gideoni my hewer Numbers 1:11
Gidom a cutting down Judges 20:45
Gihon bursting forth Genesis 2:13
Gilalai weighty, perhaps relating to dung? Nehemiah 12:36
Gilboa bubbling fountain 1 Samuel 28:4
Gilead rocky region Genesis 31:21
Gileadites inhabitants of Gilead Numbers 26:29
Gilgal wheel, rolling Deuteronomy 11:30
Giloh exile Joshua 15:51
Gilonite inhabitant of Giloh 2 Samuel 15:12
Gimzo a place abounding with sycamore trees 2 Chronicles 28:18
Ginath protection 1 Kings 16:21
Ginnetho gardener Nehemiah 12:4
Ginnethon gardener Nehemiah 10:6
Girgashite dwelling on a soil of clay 1 Chronicles 1:14
Girgasite same as Girgashite Genesis 10:16
Gispa soothing Nehemiah 11:21
Gittahhepher wine-press of the well, digging, same as Gathhepher Joshua 19:13
Gittaim two winepresses 2 Samuel 4:3
Gittites men of Gath Joshua 13:3
Gittith a winepress, perhaps a musical instrument from Gath? Psalm 8:1
Gizonite inhabitant of Gizon, shearer 1 Chronicles 11:34
Goath lowing or bellowing of cattle Jeremiah 31:39
Gob cistern 2 Samuel 21:18
Gog mountain 1 Chronicles 5:4
Golan exile, their captivity Deuteronomy 4:43
Golgotha skull Matthew 27:33
Goliath splendour 1 Samuel 17:4
Gomer complete Genesis 10:2
Gomorrah habitation, depression, submersion Genesis 10:19
Gomorrha same as Gomorrah Matthew 10:15
Goshen approaching, drawing near Genesis 45:10
Gozan stone quarry, a cutting off 2 Kings 17:6
Gudgodah the slashing place, perhaps thunder? Deuteronomy 10:7
Guni painted with colours, perhaps my defender? Genesis 46:24
Gunites members of the family of Guni Numbers 26:48
Gur sojourning 2 Kings 9:27
Gurbaal the dwelling of Baal 2 Chronicles 26:7