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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Jaakan same as Beeroth Benejaakan, the wells of the sons of Jaakan Deuteronomy 10:6
Jaakobah towards Jacob 1 Chronicles 4:36
Jaala ascending Nehemiah 7:58
Jaalah ascending, same as Jaala Ezra 2:56
Jaalam hidden Genesis 36:5
Jaanai whom God answers 1 Chronicles 5:12
Jaareoregim forests of weaver 2 Samuel 21:19
Jaasau doing, they will do Ezra 10:37
Jaasiel God's work, same as Jasiel 1 Chronicles 27:21
Jaazaniah God hears 2 Kings 25:23
Jaazer helper, helped, same as Jazer Numbers 21:32
Jaaziah made bold by God 1 Chronicles 24:26
Jaaziel made bold by God 1 Chronicles 15:18
Jabal stream of water Genesis 4:20
Jabbok pouring out Genesis 32:22
Jabesh dryness 1 Samuel 11:1
Jabeshgilead dryness, a town in Gilead Judges 21:8
Jabez sorrow 1 Chronicles 2:55
Jabin whom God observes Joshua 11:1
Jabneel God causes to build Joshua 15:11
Jabneh building of God 2 Chronicles 26:6
Jachan troublesome 1 Chronicles 5:13
Jachin he will establish Genesis 46:10
Jachinites descendants of Jachin Numbers 26:12
Jacob supplanter Genesis 25:26
Jada knowing 1 Chronicles 2:28
Jadau loving Ezra 10:43
Jaddua knowing Nehemiah 10:21
Jadon thankful Nehemiah 3:7
Jael a kid, mountain goat Judges 4:17
Jagur stranger, he sojourns Joshua 15:21
JAH the Everlasting, the Eternal Psalms 68:4
Jahath he will snatch up 1 Chronicles 4:2
Jahaz trodden down Numbers 21:23
Jahazah trodden down, same as Jahaz Joshua 13:18
Jahaziah the vision of God, God views Ezra 10:15
Jahaziel seen of God 1 Chronicles 12:4
Jahdai whom God directs 1 Chronicles 2:47
Jahdiel my unity is God 1 Chronicles 5:24
Jahdo his unity 1 Chronicles 5:14
Jahleel God waits Genesis 46:14
Jahleelites the hope of God, descendants of Jahleel Numbers 26:26
Jahmai whom God guards 1 Chronicles 7:2
Jahzah trodden down, same as Jahaz 1 Chronicles 6:78
Jahzeel God divides Genesis 46:24
Jahzeelites descendants of Jahzeel Numbers 26:48
Jahzerah whom God leads back 1 Chronicles 9:12
Jahziel God divides 1 Chronicles 7:13
Jair forested Numbers 32:41
Jairite descendant of Jair 2 Samuel 20:26
Jairus whom he enlightens, same as Jair Mark 5:22
Jakan let him oppress them 1 Chronicles 1:42
Jakeh pious, blameless Proverbs 30:1
Jakim rising, he will raise 1 Chronicles 8:19
Jalon passing the night, God lodges 1 Chronicles 4:17
Jambres sorcerer, foaming healer 2 Timothy 3:8
James supplanter, same as Jacob Matthew 4:21
Jamin right hand Genesis 46:10
Jaminites descendants of Jamin Numbers 26:12
Jamlech reigning, he will reign 1 Chronicles 4:34
Janna flourishing Luke 3:24
Jannes he vexed 2 Timothy 3:8
Janoah resting 2 Kings 15:29
Janohah resting, same as Janoah Joshua 16:6
Janum sleeping Joshua 15:53
Japheth enlarged, widely-extending, opened Genesis 5:32
Japhia shining Joshua 10:3
Japhlet he will deliver 1 Chronicles 7:32
Japhleti let him escape Joshua 16:3
Japho fairness, beautiful, same as Joppa Joshua 19:46
Jarah a wood, forested 1 Chronicles 9:42
Jareb contender, JPS reads for this verse "King Contentious" Hosea 5:13
Jared descent, same as Jered Genesis 5:15
Jaresiah whom God nourishes 1 Chronicles 8:27
Jarha the month of sweeping away 1 Chronicles 2:34
Jarib fighting, he contends 1 Chronicles 4:24
Jarmuth heights Joshua 10:3
Jaroah moon, new moon 1 Chronicles 5:14
Jashen sleeping 2 Samuel 23:32
Jasher righteous, upright Joshua 10:13
Jashobeam the people will return 1 Chronicles 11:11
Jashub a returning, he will return Numbers 26:24
Jashubilehem returner of bread 1 Chronicles 4:22
Jashubites descendants of Jashub Numbers 26:24
Jasiel God's work, same as Jaasiel 1 Chronicles 11:47
Jason he that cures Acts 17:5
Jathniel whom God gives, God hires me 1 Chronicles 26:2
Jattir height Joshua 15:48
Javan Ionia or Greece, perhaps from the word for "wine"? Genesis 10:2
Jazer helper, helped, same as Jaazer Numbers 32:1
Jaziz he makes prominent 1 Chronicles 27:31
Jearim woods, forests Joshua 15:10
Jeaterai whom God leads 1 Chronicles 6:21
Jeberechiah God speaks well, God blesses Isaiah 8:2
Jebus threshing place Judges 19:10
Jebusi descendants of Jebus Joshua 18:16
Jebusite descendants of Jebus, same as Jebusi Genesis 10:16
Jecamiah resurrection, God raises, same as Jekamiah 1 Chronicles 3:18
Jecholiah God is able 2 Kings 15:2
Jecoliah God is able, same as Jecholiah 2 Chronicles 26:3
Jeconiah God will establish, also known as Jehoiachin 1 Chronicles 3:16
Jedaiah praised of God 1 Chronicles 4:37
Jediael knowledge of God, God makes known 1 Chronicles 7:6
Jedidah well beloved 2 Kings 22:1
Jedidiah beloved of God 2 Samuel 12:25
Jeduthun giving praise, celebrating 1 Chronicles 9:16
Jeezer no help Numbers 26:30
Jegarsahadutha heap of witness Genesis 31:47
Jehaleleel praising God 1 Chronicles 4:16
Jehalelel praising God, same as Jehaleleel 2 Chronicles 29:12
Jehdeiah God is unity 1 Chronicles 24:20
Jehezekel God strengthens, same as Ezekiel 1 Chronicles 24:16
Jehiah God lives 1 Chronicles 15:24
Jehiel God sweeps away, same as Jeiel 1 Chronicles 9:35
Jehieli God shall save alive 1 Chronicles 26:21
Jehizkiah God has made strong, same as Hezekiah 2 Chronicles 28:12
Jehoadah God has adorned 1 Chronicles 8:36
Jehoaddan God delights, pleasure 2 Kings 14:2
Jehoahaz possession of God, God has seized, same as Joahaz 2 Kings 10:35
Jehoash given by God 2 Kings 11:21
Jehohanan whom God gave, same as Johanan 1 Chronicles 26:3
Jehoiachin God establishes, also known as Jeconiah 2 Kings 24:6
Jehoiada knowledge of God, God knows, same as Joiada 2 Samuel 8:18
Jehoiakim God raises up, same as Joiakim 2 Kings 23:34
Jehoiarib fighting of God, God contends 1 Chronicles 9:10
Jehonadab free giver, God is willing, same as Jonadab 2 Kings 10:15
Jehonathan God has given, same as Jonathan 1 Chronicles 27:25
Jehoram exaltation of God, same as Joram 1 Kings 22:50
Jehoshabeath God is an oath 2 Chronicles 22:11
Jehoshaphat God is judge, same as Joshaphat 2 Samuel 8:16
Jehosheba oath of God 2 Kings 11:2
Jehoshua God is salvation, same as Joshua Numbers 13:16
Jehovah an incorrect transliteration of the Hebrew name "YHVH", which Hebrew name means "the Eternal". Exodus 6:3
Jehovah rophekah This name means "the Healer God", and it is usually translated into English as "the LORD your healer", or words to this effect. This Hebrew name is not found in any English translation I have examined. Exodus 15:26
Jehovah shammah This name is used only in the concluding verse of the Book of Ezekiel. The name means "God is there", and most translations have translated it into English as "the LORD is there", rather than retaining the transliterated name. Ezekiel 48:35
Jehovah tsidkenu the Lord our righteousness, another Hebrew name which has not been retained in our English translations Jeremiah 23:6
Jehovahjireh God sees Genesis 22:14
Jehovahnissi God is my banner Exodus 17:15
Jehovahshalom God is peace Judges 6:24
Jehozabad God's dowry, whom God gave 2 Kings 12:21
Jehozadak God is righteous, same as Josedech 1 Chronicles 6:14
Jehu God is he 1 Kings 16:1
Jehubbah hiding, hidden 1 Chronicles 7:34
Jehucal God is able Jeremiah 37:3
Jehud beauty Joshua 19:45
Jehudi Jew Jeremiah 36:14
Jehudijah Jewess 1 Chronicles 4:18
Jehush he hurries to aid, same as Jeush 1 Chronicles 8:39
Jeiel God sweeps away, same as Jehiel 1 Chronicles 5:7
Jekabzeel God gathers Nehemiah 11:25
Jekameam the people shall arise 1 Chronicles 23:19
Jekamiah resurrection, God raises, same as Jecamiah 1 Chronicles 2:41
Jekuthiel the fear of God 1 Chronicles 4:18
Jemima day by day Job 42:14
Jemuel God's day Genesis 46:10
Jephthah whom God sets free, he opens, same as Jiphtah Judges 11:1
Jephunneh for whom a way is prepared Numbers 13:6
Jerah new moon Genesis 10:26
Jerahmeel the mercy of God 1 Chronicles 2:9
Jerahmeelite descendant of Jerahmeel 1 Samuel 27:10
Jered descent, same as Jared 1 Chronicles 1:2
Jeremai my height, my exaltations Ezra 10:33
Jeremiah whom God has appointed 2 Kings 23:31
Jeremoth He is Most High, same as Jerimoth 1 Chronicles 8:14
Jeriah taught by God 1 Chronicles 23:19
Jeribai fighting, my contentions 1 Chronicles 11:46
Jericho his moon Numbers 22:1
Jeriel taught by God 1 Chronicles 7:2
Jerijah taught by God, same as Jeriah 1 Chronicles 26:31
Jerimoth He is Most High, same as Jeremoth 1 Chronicles 7:7
Jerioth curtains 1 Chronicles 2:18
Jeroboam whose people are many 1 Kings 11:26
Jeroham merciful, showing pity 1 Samuel 1:1
Jerubbaal let Baal defend his cause Judges 6:32
Jerubbesheth with whom the idol contends 2 Samuel 11:21
Jeruel taught by God 2 Chronicles 20:16
Jerusalem teaching of peace Joshua 10:1
Jerusha possessed, as by a husband 2 Kings 15:33
Jerushah possessed, as by a husband, same as Jerusha 2 Chronicles 27:1
Jesaiah God has saved, same as Isaiah 1 Chronicles 3:21
Jeshaiah God has saved, same as Isaiah 1 Chronicles 25:3
Jeshanah old, storage 2 Chronicles 13:19
Jesharelah right before God, these are upright 1 Chronicles 25:14
Jeshebeab dwelling of the father 1 Chronicles 24:13
Jesher upright 1 Chronicles 2:18
Jeshimon desolation, a waste, a desert Numbers 21:20
Jeshishai descended from an old man 1 Chronicles 5:14
Jeshohaiah whom God casts down, God humbles 1 Chronicles 4:36
Jeshua he is saved 1 Chronicles 24:11
Jeshurun rectitude, uprightness, same as Jesurun Deuteronomy 32:15
Jesiah whom God lends 1 Chronicles 12:6
Jesimiel whom God creates 1 Chronicles 4:36
Jesse I possess Ruth 4:17
Jesui he resembles me Numbers 26:44
Jesuites he will justify me, descendants of Jesui Numbers 26:44
Jesurun rectitude, uprightness, same as Jeshurun Isaiah 44:2
Jesus God is salvation, same as Joshua Matthew 1:1
Jether abundance, same as Jethro Judges 8:20
Jetheth a nail Genesis 36:40
Jethlah hanging up, height, lofty place Joshua 19:42
Jethro abundance, same as Jether Exodus 3:1
Jetur an enclosure, an encampment Genesis 25:15
Jeuel God hath taken away, perhaps treasure of God? 1 Chronicles 9:6
Jeush he hurries to aid, same as Jehush Genesis 36:18
Jeush assembler Genesis 36:5
Jeuz counsellor 1 Chronicles 8:10
Jew descendant of Judah Esther 2:5
Jewry same word as Judah Daniel 5:13
Jezaniah God has listened Jeremiah 40:8
Jezebel without cohabitation, i.e. chaste and modest. Jezebel, the wife of Ahab, obviously didn't live up to this meaning, and so subsequently the meaning of "UNCHASTE" was attached to this name. 1 Kings 16:31
Jezer formed, framed Genesis 46:24
Jezerites descendants of Jezer Numbers 26:49
Jeziah whom God sprinkles, whom God atones Ezra 10:25
Jeziel the assembly of God 1 Chronicles 12:3
Jezliah whom God will preserve 1 Chronicles 8:18
Jezoar whiteness, same as Zohar 1 Chronicles 4:7
Jezrahiah God will shine, the brightness of God Nehemiah 12:42
Jezreel God will sow, God will scatter Joshua 15:56
Jezreelite inhabitant of Jezreel 1 Kings 21:1
Jezreelitess female inhabitant of Jezreel 1 Samuel 27:3
Jibsam pleasant 1 Chronicles 7:2
Jidlaph weeping Genesis 22:22
Jimnah right hand, prosperity Genesis 46:17
Jimnites descendants of Imnah Numbers 26:44
Jiphtah whom God sets free, he opens, same as Jephthah Joshua 15:43
Jiphthahel God opens Joshua 19:14
Joab God is father 1 Samuel 26:6
Joah brother of God 2 Kings 18:18
Joahaz apprehending, God has grasped, same as Jehoahaz 2 Chronicles 34:8
Joanna gift of God Luke 3:27
Joash given by God Judges 6:11
Joatham God is upright, same as Jotham Matthew 1:9
Job persecuted Genesis 46:13
Jobab a desert Genesis 10:29
Jochebed God is glory Exodus 6:20
Joed God is witness Nehemiah 11:7
Joel the Eternal is God 1 Samuel 8:2
Joelah God aids him, he helps 1 Chronicles 12:7
Joezer whose help is God 1 Chronicles 12:6
Jogbehah high, lofty Numbers 32:35
Jogli led into exile Numbers 34:22
Joha God gives life 1 Chronicles 8:16
Johanan God has graced 2 Kings 25:23
John God has graced, from the Hebrew Johanan Matthew 3:1
Joiada God knows, same as Jehoiada Nehemiah 12:10
Joiakim God raises up, same as Jehoiakim Nehemiah 12:10
Joiakim God raises up Nehemiah 12:10
Joiarib God contends Ezra 8:16
Jokdeam burning of the people Joshua 15:56
Jokim God raises up 1 Chronicles 4:22
Jokmeam gathered by the people 1 Chronicles 6:68
Jokneam gathered by the people, same as Jokmeam 1 Kings 4:12
Jokneam possessed by the people, the people lament Joshua 12:22
Jokshan fowler, snarer Genesis 25:2
Joktan smallness Genesis 10:25
Joktheel subdued by God Joshua 15:38
Jonadab God is willing, same as Jehonadab 2 Samuel 13:3
Jonah a dove 2 Kings 14:25
Jonan God is a gracious giver Luke 3:30
Jonas dove, same as Jonah Matthew 12:39
Jonathan God has given, same as Jehonathan Judges 18:30
Jonathelemrechokim dove of silence, perhaps a reference to the name of a melody? Psalm 56:1
Joppa fairness, beautiful, same as Japho 2 Chronicles 2:16
Jorah he instructs Ezra 2:18
Jorai whom God teaches 1 Chronicles 5:13
Joram God is exalted, same as Jehoram 2 Samuel 8:10
Jordan to descend Genesis 13:10
Jorim whom God has exalted Luke 3:29
Jorkoam paleness of the people 1 Chronicles 2:44
Josabad God has endowed, same as Jozabad 1 Chronicles 12:4
Josaphat whom God judges, same as Jehoshaphat Matthew 1:8
Jose he will be sustained by God Luke 3:29
Josedech God is righteous, same as Jehozadak Haggai 1:1
Joseph God has added, increase Genesis 30:24
Joses exalted Matthew 13:55
Joshah God makes equal, a form of Joshaviah 1 Chronicles 4:34
Joshaphat God judges, same as Jehoshaphat 1 Chronicles 11:43
Joshaviah God makes equal 1 Chronicles 11:46
Joshbekashah a seat in a hard place 1 Chronicles 25:4
Joshebbasshebeth RSV, ASV, etc., dwelling in rest or tranquility, in the KJV this is translated as "sat in the seat" 2 Samuel 23:8
Joshua God is salvation, same as Jesus Exodus 17:9
Josiah whom God heals 1 Kings 13:2
Josibiah God causes to dwell 1 Chronicles 4:35
Josiphiah increase of God, God adds Ezra 8:10
Jotbah pleasing 2 Kings 21:19
Jotbath pleasantness Deuteronomy 10:7
Jotbathah pleasantness, same as Jotbath Numbers 33:33
Jotham God is upright, God is perfect Judges 9:5
Jozabad God has endowed, same as Josabad 1 Chronicles 12:20
Jozachar whom God has remembered 2 Kings 12:21
Jozadak God is righteous Ezra 3:2
Jubal stream Genesis 4:21
Jucal God is able Jeremiah 38:1
Judaea territory of the tribe of Judah Matthew 2:1
Judah the praise of God Genesis 29:35
Judas he shall be praised, same as Judah Matthew 1:2
Jude he shall be praised, same as Judah Jude 1:1
Judea territory of the tribe of Judah Ezra 5:8
Judith praised, later it came to mean Jewess Genesis 26:34
Julia soft and tender hair Romans 16:15
Julius soft-haired Acts 27:1
Junia youthful Romans 16:7
Jupiter the father that helps, Jupiter is the Roman name and Zeus is the Greek name for the same pagan god Acts 14:12
Jushabhesed whose love is returned 1 Chronicles 3:20
Justus just or upright Acts 1:23
Juttah stretched out Joshua 15:55