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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Laadah order 1 Chronicles 4:21
Laadan put into order 1 Chronicles 7:26
Laban white Genesis 24:29
Lachish hard to be captured Joshua 10:3
Lael (created) by God, belonging to God Numbers 3:24
Lahad oppression 1 Chronicles 4:2
Lahairoi (well of the one) who lives and sees me Genesis 24:62
Lahmam their bread, provisions Joshua 15:40
Lahmi my bread 1 Chronicles 20:5
Laish a lion Judges 18:7
Lakum stopping up the way, a fortified place Joshua 19:33
Lamech powerful Genesis 4:18
Laodicea justice of the people, names in honour of Laodice, the wife of Antiochus II Colossians 2:1
Laodiceans inhabitants of Laodicea Colossians 4:16
Lapidoth lamps, torches Judges 4:4
Lasea thick or shaggy Acts 27:8
Lasha crevice, opening, hot springs? Genesis 10:19
Lasharon plain, plain country, same as Sharon Joshua 12:18
Lazarus whom God helps Luke 16:20
Leah weary, tired Genesis 29:16
Lebana whiteness of the moon Nehemiah 7:48
Lebanah whiteness of the moon Ezra 2:45
Lebanon white Deuteronomy 1:7
Lebaoth to see, lions Joshua 15:32
Lebbaeus a man of heart Matthew 10:3
Lebonah frankincense Judges 21:19
Lecah progress, journey 1 Chronicles 4:21
Lehabim flames, a people of Egyptian origin Genesis 10:13
Lehi jawbone Judges 15:9
Lemuel belonging to God Proverbs 31:1
Leshem a precious stone Joshua 19:47
Letushim hammered, sharpened Genesis 25:3
Leummim a people, a nation Genesis 25:3
Levi joined to Genesis 29:34
Leviathan twisted in f Job 41:1
Levite descendant of Levi Exodus 4:14
Libertines those who had been freed from slavery Acts 6:9
Libnah white bark, the white poplar tree Numbers 33:20
Libni white Exodus 6:17
Libnites descendants of Libni Numbers 3:21
Libya a bow, same as Phut and Put Ezekiel 30:5
Libyans same word as Libya Jeremiah 46:9
Libyans same word as Lubim Daniel 11:43
Lightbringer In the OT the Hebrew word "Aaron" means "lightbringer". In the NT the Greek word "phosphoros" means "lightbringer". In the Latin Vulgate text "lucifer" means "lightbringer". In 2 Peter 1:19 "phosphoros" clearly refers to Jesus Christ, and it is mistranslated as "the day star". If we accept that the name "Lucifer" is an acceptable word in the English language, then the only possible correct translation in 2 Peter 1:19 is "Lucifer", in clear reference to Jesus Christ. See also the entries under "heylel", "Day Star' and "Lucifer". 2 Peter 1:19
Likhi imbued with learning 1 Chronicles 7:19
Linus net 2 Timothy 4:21
Loammi not my people Hosea 1:9
Lod contention, strife, travail 1 Chronicles 8:12
Lodebar without pasture 2 Samuel 9:4
Lois agreeable 2 Timothy 1:5
Loruhamah not having obtained mercy Hosea 1:6
Lot a covering Genesis 11:27
Lotan a covering Genesis 36:20
Lubim an inhabitant of an arid country 2 Chronicles 12:3
Lucas same name as Luke, light-giving, from the same root as the name Lucifer 2 Corinthians 13:14
Lucifer The Latin name "Lucifer" means "lightbringer". But the name "Lucifer" is a blatant mistranslation of the Hebrew word "heylel" in Isaiah 14:12. The word "heylel" really means "Mad Boaster" and not "lightbringer". It is the Hebrew name "Aaron" and the NT Greek word "phosphoros" that both mean "lightbringer" or "lucifer". See also the entries under "Heylel", "Day Star" and "Lightbringer". Isaiah 14:12
Lucius light, bright Acts 13:1
Lud strife Genesis 10:22
Ludim descendants of Lud Genesis 10:13
Luhith made of boards Isaiah 15:5
Luke same as Lucas, light-giving Colossians 4:14
Luz almond tree Genesis 28:19
Lycaonia land of wolves Acts 14:6
Lycaonian RSV, Darby, the speech of Lycaonia Acts 14:11
Lycia wolf-like Acts 27:5
Lydda strife Acts 9:32
Lydia strife, same as Lud Exekiel 30:5
Lydians same as Ludim Jeremiah 46:9
Lysanias that drives away sorrow Luke 3:1
Lysias dissolver, releaser Acts 23:26
Lystra ransoming Acts 14:6