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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Maacah oppression, same as Maachah 2 Samuel 3:3
Maachah oppression Genesis 22:24
Maachathi she has pressed, pressure, same as Maachathites Deuteronomy 3:14
Maachathites descendants of Maachah Joshua 12:5
Maadai ornament of God Ezra 10:34
Maadiah adorned of God Nehemiah 12:5
Maai sympathetic, compassionate Nehemiah 12:36
Maalehacrabbim ascent of scorpions Joshua 15:3
Maarath a place naked of trees, bareness Joshua 15:59
Maaseiah work of God 1 Chronicles 15:18
Maasiai work of God 1 Chronicles 9:12
Maath to be small Luke 3:26
Maaz wrath 1 Chronicles 2:27
Maaziah consolation of God 1 Chronicles 24:18
Macedonia extended land Acts 16:9
Macedonian inhabitant of Macedonia Acts 27:2
Machbanai bond of God 1 Chronicles 12:13
Machbenah bond 1 Chronicles 2:49
Machi poor, decrease Numbers 13:15
Machil poem with a moral message Psalm 32:1
Machir selling Genesis 50:23
Machirites salesmen, descendants of Machir Numbers 26:29
Machnadebai who is like a liberal person Ezra 10:40
Machpelah double, portion Genesis 23:9
Madai middle land, same as Media Genesis 10:2
Madian strife, contention, same as Midian Acts 7:29
Madmannah dunghill Joshua 15:31
Madmen dunghill, a place in Moab Jeremiah 48:2
Madmenah dunghill Isaiah 10:31
Madon a chiding, strife Joshua 11:1
Magbish congregating Ezra 2:30
Magdala tower Matthew 15:39
Magdalene a person from Magdala Matthew 27:56
Magdiel prince of God Genesis 36:43
Magog land of Gog, land of mountains Genesis 10:2
Magormissabib fear on every side Jeremiah 20:3
Magpiash killer of moths Nehemiah 10:20
Mahalah sickness, same as Mahlah 1 Chronicles 7:18
Mahalaleel praising God Genesis 5:12
Mahalath a harp or stringed instrument Genesis 28:9
Mahali infirmity, sick, same as Mahli Exodus 6:19
Mahanaim two camps Genesis 32:2
Mahanehdan tents of Dan Judges 18:12
Maharai impetuous 2 Samuel 23:28
Mahath taking hold, seizing 1 Chronicles 6:35
Mahavite propagator 1 Chronicles 11:46
Mahazioth visions 1 Chronicles 25:4
Mahershalalhashbaz making speed to the prey Isaiah 8:1
Mahlah sickness, same as Mahalah Numbers 26:33
Mahli sick, same as Mahali Numbers 3:20
Mahlites descendants of Mahli Numbers 3:33
Mahlon sick Ruth 1:2
Mahol dancing 1 Kings 4:31
Makaz end 1 Kings 4:9
Makheloth place of assembly Numbers 33:25-26
Makkedah place of shepherds Joshua 10:10
Maktesh a mortar or deep hollow Zephaniah 1:11
Malachi my messenger Malachi 1:1
Malcham great king, same as Milcom and Moloch 1 Chronicles 8:9
Malchiah my king is God, same as Malchijah and Melchiah 1 Chronicles 6:40
Malchiel God is my king Genesis 46:17
Malchielites descendants of Malchiel Numbers 26:45
Malchijah my king is God, same as Malchiah 1 Chronicles 9:12
Malchiram my king is high 1 Chronicles 3:18
Malchishua my king is wealth, same as Melchishua 1 Samuel 31:2
Malchus kingdom, king John 18:10
Maleleel praise of God, same as Mahaleleel Luke 3:37
Mallothi my fullness 1 Chronicles 25:4
Malluch counselor, same as Melicu 1 Chronicles 6:44
Mammon treasure, what is trusted in Matthew 6:24
Mamre fatness, strength Genesis 13:18
Manaen a comforter Acts 13:1
Manahath rest Genesis 36:23
Manahethites resting place, same as Menuhoth 1 Chronicles 2:52
Manasseh causing to forget Genesis 41:51
Manassites descendants of Manasseh Deuteronomy 4:43
Manoah rest Judges 13:2
Maoch oppression 1 Samuel 27:2
Maon habitation Joshua 15:55
Maonites inhabitants of Maon Judges 10:12
Mara bitterness Ruth 1:20
Marah bitter Exodus 15:23
Maralah trembling, perhaps earthquake Joshua 19:11
Maranatha the Lord will come 1 Corinthians 16:22
Marcus a defense Colossians 4:10
Mareshah that which is at the head, crest of a hill Joshua 15:44
Mark a defense, same as Marcus Acts 12:12
Maroth bitterness Micah 1:12
Marsena worthy Esther 1:14
Martha from the Aramaic for the mistress of the house Luke 10:38
Mary rebellion, same as Miriam Matthew 1:16
Mash drawn out Genesis 10:23
Mashal prayer, entreaty 1 Chronicles 6:74
Masrekah vineyard of noble wines Genesis 36:36
Massa a burden Genesis 25:14
Massah temptation Exodus 17:7
Mathusala same as Methuselah, man of a dart Luke 3:37
Matred pushing forward Genesis 36:39
Matri rain of God 1 Samuel 10:21
Mattan a gift 2 Kings 11:18
Mattanah gift of God Numbers 21:18
Mattaniah gift of God, original name of Zedekiah 2 Kings 24:17
Mattatha gift of God, shortened form of Mattathias Luke 3:31
Mattathah gift of God Ezra 10:33
Mattathias the gift of the Lord Luke 3:25
Mattenai gift of God Ezra 10:33
Matthan same as Mattan, a gift Matthew 1:15
Matthew gift of God Matthew 9:9
Matthias shortened form of Mattathias, gift of God Acts 1:23
Mattithiah gift of God 1 Chronicles 9:31
Mazzaroth a reference to certain stars or constellations Job 38:32
Meah a hundred Nehemiah 3:1
Mearah den, cave Joshua 13:4
Mebunnai building of God 2 Samuel 23:27
Mecherathite he of the digging tool, inhabitant of Mekera 1 Chronicles 11:36
Medad love Numbers 11:26
Medan contention Genesis 25:2
Mede inhabitant of Media Daniel 11:1
Medeba waters of rest Numbers 21:30
Media middle land, same as Madai Esther 1:3
Megiddo place of crowds Joshua 12:21
Megiddon same as Megiddo Zechariah 12:11
Mehetabeel whom God benefits, same as Mehetabel Nehemiah 6:10
Mehetabel whom God benefits Genesis 36:39
Mehida a joining together, famous Ezra 2:52
Mehir a reward, price 1 Chronicles 4:11
Mehola of dancing, see next entry not in the Bible
Meholathite inhabitant of Mehola 1 Samuel 18:19
Mehujael struck by God Genesis 4:18
Mehuman faithful Esther 1:10
Mehunim habitations, same as Meunim 2 Chronicles 26:7
Mejarkon water of yellowness Joshua 19:46
Mekonah foundation Nehemiah 11:28
Melatiah deliverance from God Nehemiah 3:7
Melchi my king, my counsel Luke 3:24
Melchiah God is my king, same as Malchiah Jeremiah 21:1
Melchishua my king is wealth, same as Malchishua 1 Samuel 14:49
Melchizedek king of righteousness Genesis 14:18
Melea my dear friend Luke 3:31
Melech king 1 Chronicles 8:35
Melicu counselor, same as Malluch Nehemiah 12:14
Melita honey Acts 28:1
Melzar of uncertain Persian derivation Daniel 1:11
Memphis abode or haven of the good, same as Moph Hosea 9:6
Memucan dignified Esther 1:14
Menahem comforter 2 Kings 15:14
Menan numbered, perhaps enchanted? Luke 3:31
Mene God has numbered Daniel 5:25-26
Meni Young's, god of fate in Babylon, translated in the KJV as "unto that number" Isaiah 65:11
Menuhoth ASV, RSV, etc., same as Manahethites 1 Chronicles 2:52
Menuhothite Young's, same as Menuhoth in RSV 1 Chronicles 2:52
Meonenim (plain of) soothsayers Judges 9:37
Meonothai my habitations 1 Chronicles 4:14
Mephaath beauty, splendour Joshua 13:18
Mephibosheth exterminating the idol 2 Samuel 4:4
Merab increase 1 Samuel 14:49
Meraiah rebellion Nehemiah 12:12
Meraioth rebellious, disobedient 1 Chronicles 6:6
Merari bitter, unhappy Genesis 46:11
Merarite descendant of Merari Numbers 26:57
Merathaim repeated rebellion, another name for Babylon Jeremiah 50:21
Mercurius pagan deity, herald of the gods Acts 14:12
Mered rebellion 1 Chronicles 4:17
Meremoth elevations Ezra 8:33
Meres lofty Esther 1:14
Meribah strife, contention Exodus 17:7
Meribah-Kadesh Darby, NKJV, Rotherham, etc., holy strife Deuteronomy 32:51
Meribathkadesh RSV, JPS, same as Meribah-Kadesh Deuteronomy 32:51
Meribbaal contender against Baal 1 Chronicles 8:34
Merodach Babylonian idol Jeremiah 50:2
Merodachbaladan Marduk has given a son Isaiah 39:1
Merom a high place Joshua 11:5
Meronothite my rejoicing, joyful shouter 1 Chronicles 27:30
Meroz refuge Judges 5:23
Mesech drawing out, same as Meshech Psalm 120:5
Mesha freedom Genesis 10:30
Mesha deliverance, a different word from Genesis 10:30 2 Kings 3:4
Meshach guest of a king Daniel 1:7
Meshech drawing out, same as Mesech Genesis 10:2
Meshelemiah whom God repays 1 Chronicles 9:21
Meshezabeel the salvation of God, God delivers Nehemiah 3:4
Meshillemith recompense 1 Chronicles 9:12
Meshillemoth recompense 2 Chronicles 28:12
Meshobab restored 1 Chronicles 4:34
Meshullam friend (i.e. of God) 2 Kings 22:3
Meshullemeth friend 2 Kings 21:19
Mesobaite set up by God 1 Chronicles 11:47
Mesopotamia Aram of the two rivers Genesis 24:10
Messiah anointed one Daniel 9:25-26
Methegammah bridle of the mother city, scornful term for Gath 2 Samuel 8:1
Methusael man of God Genesis 4:18
Methuselah man of a dart Genesis 5:21
Meunim habitations, same as Mehunim Nehemiah 7:52
Mezahab splendour of gold Genesis 36:39
Mezobaite ASV, RSV for Mesobaite, set up by God 1 Chronicles 11:47
Miamin from the right hand, same as Mijamin Ezra 10:25
Mibhar chosen, choice 1 Chronicles 11:38
Mibsam smelling sweet Genesis 25:13
Mibzar fortress Genesis 36:42
Micah who is like God? Judges 17:1
Micaiah who is like God? 1 Kings 22:8
Micha who is like God? 2 Samuel 9:12
Michael who is like God? Numbers 13:13
Michah who is like God? 1 Chronicles 23:20
Michaiah who is like God? 2 Kings 22:12
Michal who is like God? 1 Samuel 14:49
Michmas laid up, hidden Ezra 2:27
Michmash laid up, hidden, same as Michmas 1 Samuel 13:2
Michmethah hiding place Joshua 16:6
Michri worthy of price, bought 1 Chronicles 9:8
Michtam musical term is psalm titles, meaning uncertain Psalms 16:1
Middin measures Joshua 15:61
Midian strife Genesis 25:2
Midianite inhabitant of Midian Genesis 37:28
Migdal-eder JPS for "tower of Edar" in KJV, tower of the flock Genesis 35:21
Migdalel tower of God Joshua 19:38
Migdalgad tower of Gad Joshua 15:37
Migdol a tower Exodus 14:2
Migron a precipitous place 1 Samuel 14:2
Mijamin from the right hand, same as Miamin 1 Chronicles 24:9
Mikloth staves, lots 1 Chronicles 8:32
Mikneiah possession of God 1 Chronicles 15:18
Milalai eloquent Nehemiah 12:36
Milcah queen Genesis 11:29
Milcom great king, same as Malcham 1 Kings 11:5
Miletum pure white wool 2 Timothy 4:20
Miletus pure white wool Acts 20:15
Millo a rampart, mound Judges 9:6
Miniamin from the right hand 2 Chronicles 31:15
Minni division Jeremiah 51:27
Minnith distribution Judges 11:33
Miphkad an appointed place Nehemiah 3:31
Miriam rebellion, same as Mary Exodus 15:20
Mirma deception, fraud 1 Chronicles 8:10
Mishael who is that which God is Exodus 6:22
Mishal prayer, same as Misheal Joshua 21:30
Misham their cleansing 1 Chronicles 8:12
Misheal prayer, same as Mishal Joshua 19:26
Mishma hearing Genesis 25:14
Mishmannah fatness of flesh, dainties 1 Chronicles 12:10
Mishraites touching evil, a slippery place 1 Chronicles 2:53
Mispar numbering Ezra 2:2
Mispereth number Nehemiah 7:7
Misrephothmaim the flow of waters, burnings of water Joshua 11:8
Mithcah sweetness Numbers 33:28
Mithnite slenderness, inhabitant of Methen 1 Chronicles 11:43
Mithras Persian god of light and truth, see next entry not used in Bible
Mithredath given by Mithras Ezra 1:8
Mitylene purity, chief town of the island of Lesbos Acts 20:14
Mizar little, small Psalms 42:6
Mizpah a watch-tower Genesis 31:49
Mizpeh a watchtower, same as Mizpah Joshua 11:3
Mizraim father of the Copts, the original Egyptians Genesis 10:6
Mizzah trepidation, fear Genesis 36:13
Mnason remembering Acts 21:16
Moab of his father Genesis 19:37
Moabites descendant of Moab Genesis 19:37
Moadiah assembly of God Nehemiah 12:17
Moladah birth, race Joshua 15:26
Molech king, name of a pagan deity Leviticus 18:21
Molid begetter 1 Chronicles 2:29
Moloch king, same as Malcham Amos 5:26
Moph Young's for Memphis, haven of the good Hosea 9:6
Morasthite inhabitant of Moresheth Jeremiah 26:18
Mordecai little man Ezra 2:2
Moreh teacher Genesis 12:6
Moreshethgath possession of Gath Micah 1:14
Moriah chosen by God Genesis 22:2
Mosera bonds Deuteronomy 10:6
Moseroth bonds, same as Mosera Numbers 33:30
Moses drawn forth Exodus 2:10
Moza fountain 1 Chronicles 2:46
Mozah fountain Joshua 18:26
Muppim derived from waving up and down Genesis 46:21
Mushi yielding Exodus 6:19
Mushites descendants of Mushi Numbers 3:33
Muthlabben to die for a son , perhaps title of the psalm? Psalm 9:1
Myra myrrh, myrtle juice Acts 27:5
Mysia land of beach trees Acts 16:7-8