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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Obadiah servant of God 1 Kings 18:3
Obal stripped, bare of leaves Genesis 10:28
Obed a servant Ruth 4:17
Obededom servant of Edom 2 Samuel 6:10
Obil one who is set over camels 1 Chronicles 27:30
Oboth water skins Numbers 21:10
Ocran a disturber, troubled Numbers 1:13
Oded restorer 2 Chronicles 15:1
Og in stature, gigantic, long-necked Numbers 21:33
Ohad united Genesis 46:10
Ohel tent 1 Chronicles 3:20
Olympas heavenly Romans 16:15
Omar he that speaks, eloquent Genesis 36:11
Omega the last letter of the Greek alphabet, the last Revelation 1:8
Omri servant of God or pupil of God 1 Kings 16:16
On strength, vigour Genesis 41:45
Onam vigorous Genesis 36:23
Onan strong Genesis 38:4
Onesimus profitable, useful Colossians 4:9
Onesiphorus who brings profit 2 Timothy 1:16
Ono vigorous 1 Chronicles 8:12
Ophel hill 2 Chronicles 27:3
Ophir fruitful region, precise location unknown, perhaps India? Genesis 10:29
Ophni mouldy? Joshua 18:24
Ophrah a fawn Joshua 18:23
Oreb a raven Judges 7:25
Oren cedar 1 Chronicles 2:25
Ornan pine trees 1 Chronicles 21:15
Orpah gazelle Ruth 1:4
Osee salvation, same as Hosea Romans 9:25
Osh Youngs, Young's transliteration of the Hebrew word that is translated "Arcturus" in the KJV Job 9:9
Oshea salvation, same as Hosea Numbers 13:8
Othni lion of God 1 Chronicles 26:7
Othniel lion of God Joshua 15:17
Ozem I shall hasten them 1 Chronicles 2:15
Ozias strength of God, same as Uzziah Matthew 1:8
Ozni an ear, hearing Numbers 26:16
Oznites descendants of Ozni Numbers 26:16