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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Paarai opening, gaping; it is more likely that this name should be rendered "Naarai", as it is in 1 Chronicles 11:37, which means handmaid 2 Samuel 23:35
Pacatiana in the subscription after this verse, dry, barren 1 Timothy 6:21
Padan field Genesis 48:7
Padanaram field, same as Padan Genesis 25:20
Padon ransom Ezra 2:44
Pagiel fortune of God Numbers 1:13
Pahathmoab ruler of Moab, perhaps pit of Moab? Ezra 2:6
Pai howling, bleating, same as Pau 1 Chronicles 1:50
Palal judge Nehemiah 3:25
Palestina land of wanderers Exodus 15:14
Palestine same as Palestina and as Philistia Joel 3:4
Pallu distinguished, same as Phallu Exodus 6:14
Palluites descendants of Pallu Numbers 26:5
Palti deliverance, same as Phalti Numbers 13:9
Paltiel deliverance of God, same as Phaltiel Numbers 34:26
Paltite descendant of Palti 2 Samuel 23:26
Pamphylia made up of every tribe Acts 2:10
Pannag a sweet pastry or cake Ezekiel 27:17
Paphos which boils or is very hot Acts 13:6
Paradise Persian word meaning a well-watered enclosed garden for hunting and pleasure Luke 23:43
Parah village of heifers Joshua 18:23
Paran abounding in foliage, or abounding in caves Genesis 21:21
Parbar a suburb 1 Chronicles 26:18
Parmashta strong-fisted Esther 9:9
Parmenas steadfast Acts 6:5
Parnach delicate Numbers 34:25
Parosh a flea, same as Pharosh Ezra 2:3
Parshandatha given by prayer Esther 9:7
Parthian inhabitant of Parthia, a pledge Acts 2:9
Paruah flourishing 1 Kings 4:17
Parvaim oriental regions 2 Chronicles 3:6
Pasach cut off 1 Chronicles 7:33
Pasdammim portion or boundary of blood 1 Chronicles 11:13
Paseah lame, limping, same as Phaseah 1 Chronicles 4:12
Pashur freedom 1 Chronicles 9:12
Passover sparing, immunity from penalty Exodus 12:11
Patara scattering, place of an oracle of Apollo Acts 21:1
Pathros region of the south, i.e. upper Egypt Isaiah 11:11
Pathrusim inhabitants of Pathros Genesis 10:14
Patmos mortal, killing Revelation 1:9
Patrobas paternal Romans 16:14
Pau howling, bleating, same as Pai Genesis 36:39
Paul small, little Acts 13:9
Paulus same as Paul Acts 13:7
Pedahel ransomed by God Numbers 34:28
Pedahzur whom the rock preserved or redeemed Numbers 1:10
Pedaiah God has ransomed 2 Kings 23:36
Pekah he that opens the eyes 2 Kings 15:25
Pekahiah God sees or opens the eyes 2 Kings 15:22
Pekod visitation Jeremiah 50:21
Pelaiah whom God made distinguished 1 Chronicles 3:24
Pelaliah God has judged Nehemiah 11:12
Pelatiah whom God delivers 1 Chronicles 3:21
Pele-joez-el-gibbor-Abi-ad-sar-shalom JPS for "Wonderful in counsel is God the Mighty, the everlasting Father, the Ruler of peace" Isaiah 9:6 (9:5)
Peleg division Genesis 10:25
Pelet liberation 1 Chronicles 2:47
Peleth swiftness Numbers 16:1
Pelethites couriers, name for David's guards 2 Samuel 8:18
Pelonite a certain one 1 Chronicles 11:27
Peniel face of God Genesis 32:30
Peninnah precious stone, jewel 1 Samuel 1:2
Pentateuch Greek name for the five books of Moses not used in the Bible
Pentecost fiftieth day Acts 2:1
Penuel face of God, same as Peniel Genesis 32:31
Peor hiatus, opening, cleft Numbers 23:28
Perazim rupture, breach Isaiah 28:21
Peres to divide in two Daniel 5:28
Peresh horseman, or dung? 1 Chronicles 7:16
Perez breach, same as Pharez 1 Chronicles 27:3
Perezuzza division or breach of Uzza 1 Chronicles 13:11
Perezuzzah same as Perezuzza 2 Samuel 6:8
Perga earthy Acts 13:13
Pergamos height, elevation Revelation 1:11
Perida grain, kernel, same as Peruda Nehemiah 7:57
Perizzite belonging to a village Genesis 13:7
Persia pure, splendid 2 Chronicles 36:20
Persian inhabitant of the Persian empire Nehemiah 12:22
Persis means a Persian woman, a Christian in Rome Romans 16:12
Peruda grain, kernel, same as Perida Ezra 2:55
Peter a small rock Matthew 4:18
Pethahiah freed by God 1 Chronicles 24:16
Pethor interpretation of dreams Numbers 22:5
Pethuel mouth of God, vision of God Joel 1:1
Petra Douay translation, a huge rock, rendered in the KJV as "Sela", the Hebrew for "rock" Isaiah 16:1
Peullethai ASV, RSV, JPS, etc. for Peulthai 1 Chronicles 26:5
Peulthai the wages of God, work 1 Chronicles 26:5
Phalec division, same as Peleg Luke 3:35
Phallu distinguished, same as Pallu Genesis 46:9
Phalti deliverance, same as Palti 1 Samuel 25:44
Phaltiel deliverance of God, same as Paltiel 2 Samuel 3:15
Phanuel face of God Luke 2:36
Pharaoh great house Genesis 12:15
Pharaohhophra the great house - covering evil Jeremiah 44:30
Pharaohnecho the great house - he is smitten Jeremiah 46:2
Pharaohnechoh same as Pharaohnecho 2 Kings 23:29
Pharez breach, same as Perez Genesis 38:29
Pharisees separatists, those who set themselves apart Matthew 3:7
Pharosh a flea, same as Parosh Ezra 8:3
Pharpar rapid, swift 2 Kings 5:12
Pharzites descendants of Pharez Numbers 26:20
Phaseah lame, limping, same as Paseah Nehemiah 7:51
Phebe shining, radiant Romans 16:1
Phenice land of palm trees Acts 11:19
Phenicia same as Phenice Acts 21:2
Phichol the mouth of all, i.e. ruling all Genesis 21:22
Philadelphia love of a brother Revelation 1:11
Philemon one who kisses Philemon 1:1
Philetus beloved 2 Timothy 2:17
Philip a lover of horses Matthew 10:3
Philippi lover of horses, same as Philip Matthew 16:13
Philistia land of sojourners, same as Palestine Psalm 60:8
Philistim same as Philistines Genesis 10:14
Philistines immigrants Genesis 21:32
Philologus a lover of the word Romans 16:15
Phinehas mouth of brass Exodus 6:25
Phlegon zealous, burning Romans 16:14
Phoebe ASV, RSV, etc. for Phebe, shining, radiant Romans 16:1
Phoenicia ASV, RSV, etc. for Phenicia Acts 11:19
Phoenix ASV, RSV, palm tree Acts 27:12
Phrygia dry, barren Acts 2:10
Phurah that bears fruit, or grows Judges 7:10
Phut a bow, same as Put Genesis 10:6
Phuvah mouth, same as Puah Genesis 46:13
Phygellus fugitive 2 Timothy 1:15
Phylacteries a guard-case for wearing slips of Scripture texts Matthew 23:5
Pibeseth mouth of loathing Ezekiel 30:17
Pihahiroth Egyptian word, a place adorned with green grass Exodus 14:2
Pilate armed with a spear Matthew 27:2
Pildash flame of fire Genesis 22:22
Pileha a slice Nehemiah 10:24
Piltai deliverance Nehemiah 12:17
Pinon darkness, obscurity Genesis 36:41
Piram like a wild ass Joshua 10:3
Pirathon prince, princely Judges 12:15
Pirathonite inhabitant of Pirathon Judges 12:13
Pisgah a part, a fragment Numbers 21:20
Pisidia pitch, pitchy Acts 13:14
Pison water poured forth, overflowing Genesis 2:11
Pispah disappearance 1 Chronicles 7:38
Pithom city of justice Exodus 1:11
Pithon harmless 1 Chronicles 8:35
Pochereth of Zebaim snaring gazelles in a net Ezra 2:57
Pocherethhazzebaim RSV, ASV, etc. for Pochereth of Zebaim Ezra 2:57
Pontius of the sea Matthew 27:2
Pontus the sea Acts 2:9
Poratha fruitfulness Esther 9:8
Porcius (Festus) (festival) of pigs Acts 24:27
Potiphar belonging to the sun Genesis 37:36
Potipherah who belongs to the sun Genesis 41:45
Prisca ancient, short form of Priscilla 2 Timothy 4:19
Priscilla ancient Acts 18:2
Prochorus he that presides over the chorus Acts 6:5
Ptolemais warlike Acts 21:7
Pua mouth Numbers 26:23
Puah mouth, same as Pua Exodus 1:15
Publius popular, common Acts 28:7-8
Pudens modest 2 Timothy 4:21
Puhites openness 1 Chronicles 2:53
Pul distinguished 2 Kings 15:19
Punites descendants of Puah Numbers 26:23
Punon darkness, obscurity Numbers 33:42
Pur casting a lot Esther 3:7
Purim plural of Pur, casting lots Esther 9:26
Put a bow, same as Phut 1 Chronicles 1:8
Puteoli sulphurous wells Acts 28:13
Putiel afflicted by God Exodus 6:25