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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Raamah trembling, poetically for a horse's mane Genesis 10:7
Raamiah thunder, trembling of God Nehemiah 7:7
Raamses child of the sun, same as Rameses Exodus 1:11
Rabbah great Joshua 13:25
Rabbath great, same as Rabbah Deuteronomy 3:11
Rabbi my master Matthew 23:7
Rabbith multitude Joshua 19:20
Rabboni master John 20:16
Rabmag foreign word for magician Jeremiah 39:3
Rabsaris foreign word for chief chamberlain 2 Kings 18:17
Rabshakeh chief cupbearer 2 Kings 18:17
Raca worthless, empty headed man Matthew 5:22
Rachab wide, same as Rahab Matthew 1:5
Rachal traffic, trade 1 Samuel 30:29
Rachel ewe , same as Rahel Genesis 29:6
Raddai subduing, trampling 1 Chronicles 2:14
Ragau friend (of God), same as Reu Luke 3:35
Raguel friend of God, same as Reuel Numbers 10:29
Rahab proud, insolence, different word from Joshua 2:1 Psalm 87:4
Rahab wide, same as Rachab Joshua 2:1
Raham belly 1 Chronicles 2:44
Rahel ewe, same as Rachel Jeremiah 31:15
Rakem flower garden, variegated, same as Rekem 1 Chronicles 7:16
Rakkath shore Joshua 19:35
Rakkon thinness Joshua 19:46
Ram elevated, high Ruth 4:19
Rama a hill, same as Ramah Matthew 2:18
Ramah hill Joshua 18:25
Ramath hill, same as Ramah Joshua 19:8
Ramathaimzophim double height of the watchers 1 Samuel 1:1
Ramathite inhabitant of Ramah 1 Chronicles 27:27
Ramathlehi elevation of a jawbone Judges 15:17
Ramathmizpeh height of the watch tower Joshua 13:26
Rameses child of the sun, same as Raamses Genesis 47:11
Ramiah whom God sets free Ezra 10:25
Ramoth high places Deuteronomy 4:43
Ramothgilead rocky region, same as Gilead 1 Kings 4:13
Rapha tall 1 Chronicles 8:2
Raphu healed Numbers 13:9
Reaia whom God cares for, God has seen 1 Chronicles 5:5
Reaiah same as Reaia 1 Chronicles 4:2
Reba four Numbers 31:8
Rebecca same as Rebekah Romans 9:10
Rebekah a rope with a noose, ensnarer Genesis 22:23
Rechab horseman, rider 2 Samuel 4:2
Rechabites same as Rechah Jeremiah 35:2
Rechah softness, delicate 1 Chronicles 4:12
Reelaiah whom God makes to tremble Ezra 2:2
Regem friend 1 Chronicles 2:47
Regemmelech friend of the king Zechariah 7:2
Rehabiah for whom God makes ample space 1 Chronicles 23:17
Rehob open place Numbers 13:21
Rehoboam who enlarges the people 1 Kings 11:43
Rehoboth wide spaces, streets Genesis 10:11
Rehum merciful, beloved Ezra 2:2
Rei friendly 1 Kings 1:8
Rekem flower garden, variegated, same as Rakem Numbers 31:8
Remaliah whom God adorned, whom God protects 2 Kings 15:25
Remeth a high place Joshua 19:21
Remmon pomegranate, same as Rimmon Joshua 19:7
Remmonmethoar same as Remmon Joshua 19:13
Remphan incorrect transliteration of a Hebrew word which means an image, a pillar Acts 7:43
Rephael whom God healed 1 Chronicles 26:7
Rephah riches, to support 1 Chronicles 7:25
Rephaiah whom God healed 1 Chronicles 3:21
Rephaims giants Genesis 14:5
Rephidim supports, places of rest Exodus 17:1
Resen a bridle Genesis 10:12
Resheph a flame 1 Chronicles 7:25
Reu friend (of God), same as Ragau Genesis 11:18
Reuben behold a son Genesis 29:32
Reubenite descendant of Reuben Numbers 26:7
Reuel friend of God, same as Raguel Genesis 36:4
Reumah exalted, elevated Genesis 22:24
Rezeph a hot stone 2 Kings 19:12
Rezia delight 1 Chronicles 7:39
Rezin stable, firm 2 Kings 15:37
Rezon prince 1 Kings 11:23
Rhegium rupture, breach Acts 28:13
Rhesa head Luke 3:27
Rhoda a rose Acts 12:13
Rhodes rosy Acts 21:1
Ribai whose cause God pleads 2 Samuel 23:29
Riblah fertility Numbers 34:11
Rimmon pomegranate, same as Remmon Joshua 15:32
Rimmonparez pomegranate of the breach Numbers 33:19
Rinnah shouting for joy 1 Chronicles 4:20
Riphath spoken Genesis 10:3
Rissah watering, fall of dew Numbers 33:21-22
Rithmah heath, perhaps juniper or genista (broom plant)? Numbers 33:18-19
Rizpah a baking stone, pavement 2 Samuel 3:7
Roboam same as Rehoboam Matthew 1:7
Rodanim RSV, ASV, JPS for KJV "Dodanim", leaders 1 Chronicles 1:7
Rogelim place of fullers 2 Samuel 17:27
Rohgah outcry 1 Chronicles 7:34
Romamtiezer whose help I have exalted 1 Chronicles 25:4
Roman strong John 11:48
Rome strength, power, named after Romulus Acts 2:10
Rosh the head Genesis 46:21
Rufus red Mark 15:21
Ruhamah having obtained mercy Hosea 2:1
Rumah exalted, high 2 Kings 23:36
Ruth friend Ruth 1:4