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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Sabaoth the God of armies Romans 9:29
Sabeans an oath, same as Sheba Job 1:15
Sabeans drunkards, people of Seba, different Hebrew word from Job 1:15 Isaiah 45:14
Sabta striking, same as Sabtah 1 Chronicles 1:9
Sabtah striking Genesis 10:7
Sabtecha striking Genesis 10:7
Sacar wages 1 Chronicles 11:35
Sadducees the righteous, followers of Sadoc or Zadok Matthew 3:7
Sadoc just, righteous, same as Zadok Matthew 1:14
Sakkuth RSV for tabernacle Amos 5:26
Sala weapon, missile, same as Salah Luke 3:35
Salah a weapon or missile, same as Shelah Genesis 10:24
Salamis tossing of the sea Acts 13:5
Salathiel asked of God, same as Shealtiel 1 Chronicles 3:17
Salcah migration Joshua 12:5
Salchah migration, same as Salcah Deuteronomy 3:10
Salem peace, same as Shalem Genesis 14:18
Salim peace John 3:23
Sallai elevation, same as Sallu and Salu Nehemiah 11:8
Sallu elevation 1 Chronicles 9:7
Salma garment 1 Chronicles 2:11
Salmai JPS rendering of "Shalmai" in KJV, and which means "my garments"; see Shalmai below Ezra 2:46
Salmon garment Ruth 4:20
Salmon shady, same as Zalmon, different from Ruth 4:20 Psalm 68:14
Salmone clothed Acts 27:7
Salome peaceful Mark 15:40
Salu elevation, same as Sallu Numbers 25:14
Samaria watch mountain 1 Kings 13:32
Samaritans inhabitants of Samaria 2 Kings 17:29
Samgarnebo sword of Nebo Jeremiah 39:3
Samlah garment Genesis 36:36
Samos a sandy bluff Acts 20:15
Samothracia a sandy bluff belonging to Thrace Acts 16:11
Samson like the sun Judges 13:24
Samuel heard of God or name of God, same as Shemuel 1 Samuel 1:20
Sanballat strength Nehemiah 2:10
Sanhedrim Darby, Young's, etc., for "council" in KJV; means sitting together Matthew 5:22
Sanhedrin Weymouth NT, Philips NT, same as Sanhedrim, for "council" in KJV Acts 4:15
Sansannah palm branch Joshua 15:31
Saph tall 2 Samuel 21:18
Saphir beautiful Micah 1:11
Sapphira a sapphire, a precious stone Acts 5:1
Sarah princess of many nations Genesis 17:15
Sarai my princess Genesis 11:29
Sardis red ones Revelation 1:11
Sardites descendants of Sered Numbers 26:26
Sarepta smelting Luke 4:26
Sargon prince of the sun Isaiah 20:1
Sarid survivor Joshua 19:10
Saron plain or level, same as Sharon Acts 9:35
Sarsechim prince of Scythians, a Babylonian general Jeremiah 39:3
Saruch intertwined, same as Seruch Luke 3:35
Satan adversary 1 Chronicles 21:1
Saul asked for, desired, same as Shaul Genesis 36:37
Saviour deliverer, preserver Luke 1:47
Sceva mind reader? Acts 19:14
Scythian inhabitant of Scythia Colossians 3:11
Seba drink Genesis 10:7
Sebat a rod, name of the 11th month Zechariah 1:7
Secacah enclosure Joshua 15:61
Sechu hill, watchtower 1 Samuel 19:22
Secundus second , fortunate Acts 20:4
Segub elevated 1 Kings 16:34
Seir hairy, rough Genesis 14:6
Seirath hairy, shaggy Judges 3:26
Sela a rock Isaiah 16:1
Selah a rock, same as Sela 2 Kings 14:7
Selah the end, a pause, different from 2 Kings 14:7 Psalms 3:2
Selahammahlekoth cliff of divisions 1 Samuel 23:28
Seled exultation or burning 1 Chronicles 2:30
Seleucia white light Acts 13:4
Sem renown, same as Shem Luke 3:36
Semachiah whom God sustains 1 Chronicles 26:7
Semei hearing, my report Luke 3:26
Senaah bramble, thorny, same as Hassenaah Ezra 2:35
Seneh thorny 1 Samuel 14:4
Senir mountain peak, same as Shenir 1 Chronicles 5:23
Sennacherib the moon (named Sin) multiplied brothers 2 Kings 18:13
Senuah thorny, bristling, same as Hasenuah Nehemiah 11:9
Seorim barley 1 Chronicles 24:8
Sephar numbering Genesis 10:30
Sepharad separated Obadiah 1:20
Sepharvaim the two Sipparas, enumeration 2 Kings 17:24
Sepharvites inhabitants of Sepharvaim 2 Kings 17:31
Serah abundance Genesis 46:17
Seraiah soldier of God 2 Samuel 8:17
Seraphim burning, fiery Isaiah 6:2
Sered fear Genesis 46:14
Sergius earth-born Acts 13:7
Serug intertwined, branch, same as Saruch Genesis 11:20
Seth replacement, same as Sheth Genesis 4:25
Sethur hidden Numbers 13:13
Shaalabbin place of a foxes, same as Shaalbim Joshua 19:42
Shaalbim place of foxes Judges 1:35
Shaalbonite inhabitant of Shaalbim 2 Samuel 23:32
Shaaph division 1 Chronicles 2:47
Shaaraim two gates, same as Sharaim 1 Samuel 17:52
Shaashgaz servant of the beautiful Esther 2:14
Shabbethai born on the Sabbath Ezra 10:15
Shachia wandering 1 Chronicles 8:10
Shaddai translated as the Almighty God, El Shaddai Genesis 17:1
Shadrach great scribe, perhaps rejoicing in the way Daniel 1:7
Shage wandering 1 Chronicles 11:34
Shaharaim two dawns 1 Chronicles 8:8
Shahazimah lofty places Joshua 19:22
Shalem peace, same as Salem Genesis 33:18
Shalim region of foxes 1 Samuel 9:4
Shalisha three parts 1 Samuel 9:4
Shalishah ASV, RSV, JPS, etc. for Shalisha 1 Samuel 9:4
Shallecheth cutting down, casting down 1 Chronicles 26:16
Shallum retribution 2 Kings 15:10
Shallun retribution, probably a corruption of "Shallum" Nehemiah 3:15
Shalmai Ezra 2 and Nehemiah 7 list the same people who returned with Zerubbabel. The name for the same person "Shalmai" is in the Hebrew spelled correctly in Nehemiah 7:48, and it is spelled incorrectly (with 2 letters transposed) in Ezra 2:46. While the KJV simply ignored this mistake and translated both as "Shalmai", some versions (ASV, RSV, Rotherham, etc.) faithfully transliterated the mistake as "Shamlai". The JPS transliterated both places as "Salmai". The meaning in both places should be "my garments". Ezra 2:46 Nehemiah 7:48
Shalman fire worshipper, short form for Shalmaneser Hosea 10:14
Shalmaneser fire worshipper 2 Kings 17:3
Shama obedient 1 Chronicles 11:44
Shamariah guarded by God, same as Shemariah 2 Chronicles 11:19
Shamed dregs, which preserve wine kept on the lees, same as Shamer and Shemer 1 Chronicles 8:12
Shamer dregs 1 Chronicles 6:46
Shamgar perhaps sword? Judges 3:31
Shamhuth desolation 1 Chronicles 27:8
Shamir thorn Joshua 15:48
Shamir guardian, different word from Joshua 15:48 1 Chronicles 24:24
Shamlai ASV, RSV, Rotherham, etc., this is a faithful transliteration for the Hebrew word in Ezra 2:46, the meaning is "my garments"; see "Shalmai" Ezra 2:46
Shamma desert 1 Chronicles 7:37
Shammah desolation, astonishment Genesis 36:13
Shammai laid waste, desolations 1 Chronicles 2:28
Shammoth ruins, desolations 1 Chronicles 11:27
Shammua renowned Numbers 13:4
Shamsherai sunlike 1 Chronicles 8:26
Shapham shaven, bald 1 Chronicles 5:12
Shaphan coney or hyrax 2 Kings 22:3
Shaphat judged Numbers 13:5
Shapher elegance, beauty Numbers 33:23
Sharai beginning Ezra 10:40
Sharaim two gates, same as Shaaraim Joshua 15:36
Sharar to be firm, hard, hostile 2 Samuel 23:33
Sharezer prince of fire, same as Sherezer 2 Kings 19:37
Sharon a plain, same as Lasharon 1 Chronicles 5:16
Sharonite inhabitant of the area of Sharon 1 Chronicles 27:29
Sharuhen pleasant lodging place Joshua 19:6
Shashai whitish Ezra 10:40
Shashak desire 1 Chronicles 8:14
Shaul asked for, desired, same as Saul Genesis 46:10
Shaulites descendants of Saul Numbers 26:13
Shaveh plain of two cities Genesis 14:5
Shavehkiriathaim RSV, etc ., the plain of two cities Genesis 14:5
Shavsha rejoice 1 Chronicles 18:16
Sheal prayer Ezra 10:29
Shealtiel asked of God, same as Salathiel Ezra 3:2
Sheariah whom God values 1 Chronicles 8:38
Shearjashub a remnant shall return Isaiah 7:3
Sheba an oath, same as Sabeans Genesis 10:7
Shebah an oath Genesis 26:33
Shebam spice, fragrance, same as Shibmah and Sibmah Numbers 32:3
Shebaniah whom God caused to grow up or prosper 1 Chronicles 15:24
Shebarim breaches, ruins Joshua 7:5
Sheber breaking; hope 1 Chronicles 2:48
Shebna tender youth, to grow 2 Kings 18:18
Shebuel captive of God, same as Shubael 1 Chronicles 23:16
Shecaniah dwelling with God 1 Chronicles 24:11
Shechaniah dwelling with God, same as Shecaniah 1 Chronicles 3:21
Shechem the upper part of the back, same as Sichem Genesis 33:18
Shechemites descendants of Shechem Numbers 26:31
Shedeur casting forth of fire Numbers 1:5
Shedeur casting forth of fire Numbers 1:5
Shehariah whom God seeks for 1 Chronicles 8:26
Shelah a weapon or missile, same as Salah 1 Chronicles 1:18
Shelah prayer, petition, different word from 1 Chronicles 1:18 Genesis 38:5
Shelanites descendant of Shelah Numbers 26:20
Shelemiah renumeration, repaid by God 1 Chronicles 26:14
Sheleph to draw out Genesis 10:26
Shelesh triad 1 Chronicles 7:35
Shelomi my peace, peaceful Numbers 34:27
Shelomith peaceful Leviticus 24:11
Shelomoth peaceful, same as Shelomith 1 Chronicles 24:22
Shelumiel friend of God Numbers 1:6
Shem name, renown Genesis 5:32
Shema hear Joshua 15:26
Shemaah fame, rumour 1 Chronicles 12:3
Shemaiah whom God has heard 1 Kings 12:22
Shemariah guarded by God, same as Shamariah 1 Chronicles 12:5
Shemeber soaring on high Genesis 14:2
Shemer dregs, same as Shamed and Shamer 1 Kings 16:24
Shemida fame of wisdom Numbers 26:32
Shemidaites descendants of Shemida Numbers 26:32
Sheminith eighth (an eight-stringed instrument) 1 Chronicles 15:21
Shemiramoth most high name 1 Chronicles 15:18
Shemuel heard of God or name of God , same as Samuel Numbers 34:20
Shen crag, rock 1 Samuel 7:12
Shenazar splendid leader 1 Chronicles 3:18
Shenazzar ASV, RSV, JPS, etc. for Shenazar 1 Chronicles 3:18
Shenir mountain peak, same as Senir Deuteronomy 3:9
Shepham bald Numbers 34;10
Shephathiah whom God defends 1 Chronicles 9:8
Shephatiah whom God defends, same as Shephathiah 2 Samuel 3:4
Shephi baldness, nakedness 1 Chronicles 1:40
Shepho baldness, nakedness, same as Shephi Genesis 36:23
Shephuphan serpent-like 1 Chronicles 8:5
Sherah kinswoman 1 Chronicles 7:24
Sherebiah the heat of God Ezra 8:18
Sheresh root 1 Chronicles 7:16
Sherezer prince of fire, same as Sharezer Zechariah 7:2
Sheshach fine linen, symbolical name for Babylon Jeremiah 25:26
Sheshai whitish, perhaps noble? Numbers 13:22
Sheshan lily 1 Chronicles 2:31
Sheshbazzar worshipper of fire Ezra 1:8
Sheth replacement, same as Seth Numbers 24:17
Shethar a star Esther 1:14
Shetharboznai bright star Ezra 5:3
Sheva God contends 2 Samuel 20:25
Shibboleth ear of grain, by analogy a branch Judges 12:6
Shibmah spice, fragrance, same as Shebam and Sibmah Numbers 32:38
Shicron drunkenness Joshua 15:11
Shiggaion a song of trouble or comfort, rambling poem Psalms 7, the title
Shigionoth rambling poem, same as Shiggaion Habakkuk 3:1
Shihon Young's, Webster, ruin, same as Sihon Joshua 19:19
Shihor black, turbid (the Nile), same as Sihor 1 Chronicles 13:5
Shihorlibnath blackness of whiteness, darkish whiteness Joshua 19:26
Shilhi armed 1 Kings 22:42
Shilhim armed men Joshua 15:32
Shillem retribution, ,recompense Genesis 46:24
Shillemites descendants of Shillem Numbers 26:49
Shiloah sent, same as Siloah Isaiah 8:6
Shiloh tranquility, rest; this Hebrew word is only used here, and it refers prophetically to Jesus Christ Genesis 49:10
Shiloh a place of rest, a slightly different Hebrew word Joshua 18:1
Shiloni inhabitant of Shiloh Nehemiah 11:5
Shilonite inhabitant of Shiloh 1 Kings 11:29
Shilshah triad, strong 1 Chronicles 7:37
Shimea rumour, fame 2 Samuel 21:21
Shimeah fame, report 2 Samuel 13:3
Shimeam fame 1 Chronicles 9:38
Shimeath fame, report 2 Kings 12:21
Shimeathites a family of scribes 1 Chronicles 2:55
Shimei renowned, same as Shimi and Shimhi Numbers 3:18
Shimeon hearing with acceptance, same as Simeon Ezra 10:31
Shimhi renowned, same as Shimei 1 Chronicles 8:21
Shimi renowned, same as Shimei Exodus 6:17
Shimites descendants of Shimei Numbers 3:21
Shimma rumour, fame, same as Shimea 1 Chronicles 2:13
Shimon desert 1 Chronicles 4:20
Shimrath watch, guard 1 Chronicles 8:21
Shimri watchful, same as Simri 1 Chronicles 4:37
Shimrith vigilant 2 Chronicles 24:26
Shimron watch, guardianship Genesis 46:13
Shimronites descendants of Shimron Numbers 26:24
Shimronmeron guard of Meron Joshua 12:20
Shimshai sunny Ezra 4:8
Shinab splendour of the father, perhaps father's tooth? Genesis 14:2
Shinar country of two rivers Genesis 10:10
Shion ruin, overturning Joshua 19:19
Shiphi abundant 1 Chronicles 4:37
Shiphmite inhabitant of Siphmoth 1 Chronicles 27:27
Shiphrah beauty, fair Exodus 1:15
Shiphtan judicial Numbers 34:24
Shisha whiteness (of marble) 1 Kings 4:3
Shishak desirous of fine linen 1 Kings 11:40
Shitrai an officer, a magistrate 1 Chronicles 27:29
Shittah the acacia tree, thorny Isaiah 41:19
Shittim the acacias Numbers 25:1
Shiza splendour 1 Chronicles 11:42
Shoa rich Ezekiel 23:23
Shobab falling away, rebellious 2 Samuel 5:14
Shobach entangled branches, expansion 2 Samuel 10:16
Shobai turning captivity, captor Ezra 2:42
Shobal flowing Genesis 36:20
Shobek forsaking Nehemiah 10:24
Shobi captor 2 Samuel 17:27
Shocho a hedge 2 Chronicles 28:18
Shochoh a hedge, same as Shocho 1 Samuel 17:1
Shoco a hedge, same as Shocho 2 Chronicles 11:7
Shofar Jubilee Bible, ram's horn used as a trumpet Exodus 19:16
Shoham onyx, gemstone 1 Chronicles 24:27
Shomer keeper 2 Kings 12:21
Shophach pouring out, expansion 1 Chronicles 19:16
Shophan crowns of Shophan; in ASV, RSV, JPS this name is "Atrothshophan"; the word "Shophan" refers to "hidden treasure" Numbers 32:35
Shoshannim lily Psalm 45, title
Shoshannimeduth lilies, same as Shushaneduth Psalm 80, title
Shua a pit 1 Chronicles 2:3
Shuah a pit, wooded hollow 1 Chronicles 4:11
Shuah a different word, perhaps wealth? Genesis 25:2
Shual fox, jackal 1 Samuel 13:17
Shubael captive of God, same as Shebuel 1 Chronicles 24:20
Shuham pit-digger Numbers 26:42
Shuhamites descendants of Shuham Numbers 26:42
Shuhite descendant of Shuah Job 2:11
Shulamite peaceful, perfect Song 6:13
Shumathites garlic 1 Chronicles 2:53
Shunammite two resting places 1 Kings 1:3
Shunem two resting places Joshua 19:18
Shuni quiet Genesis 46:16
Shunites descendants of Shuni Numbers 26:15
Shupham serpent-like, same as Shephuphan Numbers 26:39
Shuphamites descendants of Shupham Numbers 26:39
Shuppim serpents 1 Chronicles 7:12
Shur wall Genesis 16:7
Shushan lily, same as Susa Nehemiah 1:1
Shushaneduth lilies Psalm 60, title
Shuthalhites descendants of Shuthelah Numbers 26:35
Shuthelah crash of breakage Numbers 26:35
Sia congregation, assembly Nehemiah 7:47
Siaha congregation, assembly, same as Sia Ezra 2:44
Sibbecai the wood of God, same as Sibbechai 1 Chronicles 11:29
Sibbechai the wood of God, dense interwoven trees 2 Samuel 21:18
Sibboleth ear of grain Judges 12:6
Sibmah spice, fragrance, same as Shibmah and Shebam Joshua 13:19
Sibraim twofold hope Ezekiel 47:16
Siccuth JPS, tabernacle in KJV Amos 5:26
Sichem upper part of the back, same as Shechem Genesis 12:6
Siddim a field, a plain Genesis 14:3
Sidon fishing, hunting, same as Zidon Genesis 10:15
Sidonians inhabitants of Sidon Deuteronomy 3:9
Sihon sweeping away, a leader carrying everything before him Numbers 21:21
Sihor black, turbid (the river Nile), same as Shihor Joshua 13:3
Sikkuth NKJV for tabernacle Amos 5:26
Silas short for Silvanus, woody Acts 15:22
Silla embankment, highway 2 Kings 12:20
Siloah a sending (of water), same as Shiloah Nehemiah 3:15
Siloam sent, same as Siloah Luke 13:4
Silvanus woody, forest 2 Corinthians 1:19
Simeon hearing with acceptance, same as Shimeon Genesis 29:33
Simon hearing with acceptance, same as Simeon Matthew 4:18
Simri watchful, same as Shimri 1 Chronicles 26:10
Sin clay, or thorn Exodus 16:1
Sinai thorny Exodus 16:1
Sineonites descendants of Simeon Numbers 25:14
Sinim land of thorns?, a distant country Isaiah 49:12
Sinites tribe of Canaanites Genesis 10:17
Sion lofty Deuteronomy 4:48
Siphmoth fruitful 1 Samuel 30:28
Sippai basin-like, bowl 1 Chronicles 20:4
Sirah withdrawing 2 Samuel 3:26
Sirion breastplate, a name for Mount Hermon Deuteronomy 3:9
Sisamai water crane or swallow 1 Chronicles 2:40
Sisera a field of battle Judges 4:2
Sitnah contention, strife Genesis 26:21
Sivan Persian origin, rejoice, name of the 3rd month Esther 8:9
Smyrna myrrh Revelation 1:11
So concealed, name of an Egyptian king 2 Kings 17:4
Socho a hedge, same as Shocho 1 Chronicles 4:18
Sochoh a hedge, same as Socho 1 Kings 4:10
Socoh a hedge, same as Socho Joshua 15:35
Sodi an acquaintance (of God) Numbers 13:10
Sodom burning Genesis 10:19
Sodoma same as Sodom Romans 9:29
Sodomite sexual perverts Deuteronomy 23:17
Solomon peace 2 Samuel 5:14
Sopater of a safe father, saviour of his father Acts 20:4
Sophereth writing, a scribe Ezra 2:55
Sopherim scribes, from Ezra's time onwards the body of scribes who made copies of the books of the Old Testament not in the Bible
Sorek choice vines Judges 16:4
Sosipater saviour of his father Romans 16:21
Sosthenes saviour of his nation Acts 18:17
Sotai roving, changeful Ezra 2:55
Spain rare, scarceness, name of the country Romans 15:24
Stachys ear of corn Romans 16:9
Stephanas crowned 1 Corinthians 1:16
Stephen crowned, same as Stephanas Acts 6:5
Stoic ASV, RSV, NKJV, etc. for Stoicks Acts 17:18
Stoicks philosophers who followed the teachings of Zeno Acts 17:18
Suah wiped away, sweeping 1 Chronicles 7:36
Succoth tents, tabernacles, coverings Genesis 33:17
Succothbenoth the tents of young women, i.e. for prostitution 2 Kings 17:30
Suchathites descendants of Sukah 1 Chronicles 2:55
Sukkiims hut dwellers 2 Chronicles 12:3
Suphah ASV, RSV, JPS, etc., this is a transliteration of the Hebrew word for "Red Sea" in the KJV Numbers 21:14
Sur turning aside, a temple gate 2 Kings 11:6
Susa RSV for Shushan, lily Nehemiah 1:1
Susanchites inhabitants of Shushan Ezra 4:9
Susanna lily Luke 8:3
Susi horseman Numbers 13:11
Sychar drunken John 4:5
Sychem ridge, shoulder, same as Shechem Acts 7:16
Syene opening, key Ezekiel 29:10
Synagogue The Hebrew word used here is "mow'ed" and usually refers to Holy Days or to commanded assemblies. Here it refers to the meeting places for Holy Days and for church services. Psalm 74:8
Synagogue The Greek word "sunagoge" means meeting places. Matthew 4:23
Syntyche accident, with fate Philippians 4:2
Syracuse a Syrian hearing Acts 28:12
Syria exalted, the nation Aram or Syria Judges 10:6
Syriadamascus same as Syria 1 Chronicles 18:6
Syriamaachah same as Syria 1 Chronicles 19:6
Syrian exalted, same as Aramite Genesis 25:20
Syrophenician exalted palm, of mixed race Mark 7:26