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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Ucal devoured Proverbs 30:1
Uel will of God Ezra 10:34
Ulai strength, mighty one, name of a river Daniel 8:2
Ulam solitary, vestibule or porch 1 Chronicles 7:16
Ulla yoke, burden 1 Chronicles 7:39
Ummah association, union Joshua 19:30
Unni depressed, afflicted 1 Chronicles 15:18
Upharsin divided Daniel 5:25
Uphaz known for its fine gold Jeremiah 10:9
Ur fire, perhaps castle (i.e. a walled city) Genesis 11:28
Urbane of the city, i.e. cultured Romans 16:9
Uri fiery Exodus 31:2
Uriah God is my light 2 Samuel 11:3
Uriel God is my light 1 Chronicles 6:24
Urijah God is my light, same word as Uriah 2 Kings 16:10
Urim lights Exodus 28:30
Ursa Major Ursa Major is the official name of the Great Bear constellation. It seems that this is the constellation referred to as "Arcturus" in Job 9:9. Job 9:9
Uthai helpful 1 Chronicles 9:4
Uz woods, wooded, same as Huz Genesis 10:23
Uzai robust, strong Nehemiah 3:25
Uzal wandering Genesis 10:27
Uzza strength 2 Kings 21:18
Uzzah strength, same as Uzza 2 Samuel 6:3
Uzzensherah corner or portion of Sherah; Sherah means kinswoman 1 Chronicles 7:24
Uzzi strong 1 Chronicles 6:5
Uzzia strength of God 1 Chronicles 11:44
Uzziah my strength is God 2 Kings 15:13
Uzziel my strength is God Exodus 6:18
Uzzielites descendants of Uzziel Numbers 3:27