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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Vaheb ASV, JPS, in the KJV this Hebrew noun is translated by the words "what he did", name of a place in Moab Numbers 21:14
Vajezatha white, perhaps better born Esther 9:9
Vaniah praise be to God Ezra 10:36
Vashni This name is a corruption. It is given as the name of Samuel's firstborn son, but in 1 Samuel 8:2 the name given for this son is "Joel". Most likely in 1 Chronicles 6:28 the name "Joel" was dropped out and the name "Vashni" is nothing more than a corruption of the next Hebrew word in the text, which means "and (the) second". Thus speculations as to what "Vashni" might mean vary greatly, and they are probably without merit. 1 Chronicles 6:28
Vashti beautiful woman Esther 1:9
Vedan ASV, JPS, rendered "Dan" in the KJV, it literally means "and Dan" Ezekiel 29:17
Vophsi my addition Numbers 13:14