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Biblical Names and their Meanings

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Zaanaim removings Judges 4:11
Zaanan place of flocks Micah 1:11
Zaanannim removings, same as Zaanaim Joshua 19:33
Zaavan disturbed, troubled, same as Zavan Genesis 36:27
Zabad giver 1 Chronicles 2:36
Zabbai pure, innocent, same as Zaccai Ezra 10:28
Zabbud given, a spelling variation of Zabud Ezra 8:14
Zabdi the gift of God Joshua 7:1
Zabdiel the gift of God 1 Chronicles 27:2
Zabud given 1 Kings 4:5
Zabulon habitation, same as Zebulun Matthew 4:13
Zaccai pure, innocent, same as Zabbai Ezra 2:9
Zacchaeus pure, in nocent, same as Zaccai Luke 19:2
Zacchur mindful 1 Chronicles 4:26
Zaccur mindful, same as Zacchur Numbers 13:4
Zachariah whom God remembers 2 Kings 14:29
Zacharias God remembers, same as Zechariah Matthew 23:35
Zacher remembrance 1 Chronicles 8:31
Zadok just, righteous 2 Samuel 8:17
Zaham loathing 2 Chronicles 11:19
Zair little, small 2 Kings 8:21
Zalaph fracture, wound Nehemiah 3:30
Zalmon shady, same as Salmon Judges 9:48
Zalmonah the shade Numbers 33:41
Zalmunna to whom shadow (protection) is denied Judges 8:5
Zamzummims tribes making a noise, plotters Deuteronomy 2:20
Zanoah a marshy place Joshua 15:34
Zaphnathpaaneah This is an Egyptian name given to Joseph by Pharaoh. Thus it is pointless to seek a Hebrew language meaning in this name. Speculated meanings for this name range from "saviour of the age" to "revealer of a secret" to "treasury of the glorious rest", etc. It may in fact have been a title rather than a name that Pharaoh gave to Joseph? Genesis 41:45
Zaphon the north Joshua 13:27
Zara a rising of light, same as Zarah Matthew 1:3
Zarah a rising of light, same as Zerah Genesis 38:30
Zareah hornet, same as Zorah and Zoreah Nehemiah 11:29
Zareathites inhabitants of Zorah, same as Zorathites and Zorites 1 Chronicles 2:53
Zared brook of willows, same as Zered Numbers 21:12
Zarephath workshop for refining metals 1 Kings 17:9
Zaretan their distress, same as Zarthan and Zartanah Joshua 3:16
Zarethshahar splendour of the morning Joshua 13:19
Zarhites descendants of Zarah Numbers 26:13
Zartanah their distress, same as Zaretan 1 Kings 4:12
Zarthan their distress, same as Zaretan 1 Kings 7:46
Zatthu lovely, pleasant Nehemiah 10:14
Zattu lovely, pleasant, same as Zatthu Ezra 2:8
Zavan disturbed, troubled, same as Zaavan 1 Chronicles 1:42
Zaza prominent, projection, brightness 1 Chronicles 2:33
Zebadiah portion of God, gift of God 1 Chronicles 8:15
Zebah sacrifice, a slaying Judges 8:5
Zebaim This word is never used alone. It is only used twice in the expression "Pochereth of Zebaim" where "Zebaim" means "gazelles". Ezra 2:57
Zebedee the gift of God, same as Zabdi Matthew 4:21
Zebina purchased Ezra 10:43
Zeboiim deer, gazelles Genesis 14:2
Zeboim deer, gazelles, same as Zeboiim Genesis 10:19
Zeboim hyenas, a different word from Genesis 10:19 1 Samuel 13:18
Zebudah given 2 Kings 23:36
Zebul habitation Judges 9:28
Zebulonites descendants of Zebulun Judges 12:11
Zebulun habitation Genesis 30:20
Zebulunites descendants of Zebulun, same as Zebulonites Numbers 26:27
Zechariah whom God remembers, same as Zachariah 1 Chronicles 5:7
Zedad the side of a mountain Numbers 34:8
Zedekiah the justice of God, same as Zidkijah 1 Kings 22:11
Zeeb wolf Judges 7:25
Zela RSV for Zelah Joshua 18:28
Zelah rib, limping Joshua 18:28
Zelek a split, a fissure 2 Samuel 23:37
Zelophehad fracture, first rupture, perhaps firstborn Numbers 26:33
Zelotes zealous Luke 6:15
Zelzah shade, shadow 1 Samuel 10:2
Zemaraim double fleece of wool Joshua 18:22
Zemarite one of the tribes descended from Canaan Genesis 10:18
Zemira song 1 Chronicles 7:8
Zenan a place of flocks, probably identical with Zaanan Joshua 15:37
Zenas This name is probably a contraction of the longer "Zenodoros", meaning "gift of Zeus" Titus 3:13
Zephaniah whom God defends or treasures 2 Kings 25:18
Zephath watch-tower Judges 1:17
Zephathah watch-tower 2 Chronicles 14:10
Zephi watch-tower, same as Zepho 1 Chronicles 1:36
Zepho watch-tower, same as Zephi Genesis 36:11
Zephon a looking out, probably from Ziphion Numbers 26:15
Zephonites descendants of Zephon Numbers 26:15
Zer flint, narrow Joshua 19:35
Zerah a rising of light, same as Zarah Genesis 36:13
Zerahiah God has risen, whom God caused to rise 1 Chronicles 6:6
Zered brook of willows, same as Zared Deuteronomy 2:13
Zereda cooling, perhaps to pierce? 1 Kings 11:26
Zeredathah cooling, same as Zereda 2 Chronicles 4:14
Zererath This is probably an erroneous transcription of the name Zeredathah. So the intended meaning should be the same as Zeredathah. Judges 7:22
Zeresh gold Esther 5:10
Zereth splendour 1 Chronicles 4:7
Zeri In verse 11 of this chapter Zeri is called "Izri". Zeri means "built" and Izri means "my fashioner". 1 Chronicles 25:3
Zeror bundle, or pebble 1 Samuel 9:1
Zeruah stricken, from a root word meaning leprous 1 Kings 11:26
Zerubbabel born in Babylon 1 Chronicles 3:19
Zeruiah balsam 1 Samuel 26:6
Zetham olive, a variant spelling of Zethan 1 Chronicles 23:8
Zethan olive 1 Chronicles 7:10
Zethar Persian origin meaning star Esther 1:10
Zia motion, agitation, tumult 1 Chronicles 5:13
Ziba statue 2 Samuel 9:2
Zibeon having various colours Genesis 36:2
Zibia roe, gazelle, doe 1 Chronicles 8:9
Zibiah roe, gazelle, doe 2 Kings 12:1
Zichri celebrated, famous Exodus 6:21
Ziddim downward sloping land Joshua 19:35
Zidkijah justice of God, same as Zedekiah Nehemiah 10:1
Zidon hunting, same as Sidon Genesis 49:13
Zidonians inhabitants of Zidon, same as Sidonians Judges 10:12
Zif splendour and brightness, especially of flowers, name of the 2nd month 1 Kings 6:1
Ziha drought Ezra 2:43
Ziklag bending, winding Joshua 15:31
Zillah shadow, shade Genesis 4:19
Zilpah a dropping, a trickle Genesis 29:24
Zilthai shadow, i.e. protection from God 1 Chronicles 8:20
Zimmah plan, purpose 1 Chronicles 6:20
Zimran song, musician Genesis 25:2
Zimri celebrated in song Numbers 25:14
Zin a low palm tree Numbers 13:21
Zina well-fed 1 Chronicles 23:10
Zion sunny place, sunny mountain, same as Sion 2 Samuel 5:7
Zior smallness Joshua 15:54
Ziph borrowed, flowing, battlement Joshua 15:24
Ziphah battlement 1 Chronicles 4:16
Ziphims smelters, inhabitants of Ziph, same as Ziphites Psalm 54:1
Ziphion a looking out, probably the source for Zephon Genesis 46:16
Ziphites smelters, inhabitants of Ziph 1 Samuel 23:19
Ziphron sweet smell, fragrance Numbers 34:9
Zippor sparrow Numbers 22:2
Zipporah a little bird Exodus 2:21
Zithri protection of God Exodus 6:22
Ziz flower, plate 2 Chronicles 20:16
Ziza abundance 1 Chronicles 4:37
Zizah abundance 1 Chronicles 23:11
Zoan removings Numbers 13:22
Zoar little, smallness Genesis 13:10
Zoba a station 2 Samuel 10:6
Zobah a station, same as Zoba 1 Samuel 14:47
Zobebah walking slowly 1 Chronicles 4:8
Zohar white, perhaps tawny, same as Jezoar Genesis 23:8
Zoheleth serpent 1 Kings 1:9
Zoheth of uncertain origin, perhaps strong? 1 Chronicles 4:20
Zophah a cruse 1 Chronicles 7:35
Zophai honey dropping from a comb, same as Zuph 1 Chronicles 6:26
Zophar sparrow, as one who chirps Job 2:11
Zophim watchman Numbers 23:14
Zorah hornet, same as Zareah and Zoreah Joshua 19:41
Zorathites inhabitants of Zorah, same as Zareathites 1 Chronicles 4:2
Zoreah hornet, same as Zorah Joshua 15:33
Zorites inhabitants of Zorah, same as Zareathites 1 Chronicles 2:54
Zorobabel born in Babylon, same as Zerubbabel Matthew 1:12
Zuar littleness Numbers 1:8
Zuph honey dropping from a comb, same as Zophai 1 Samuel 1:1
Zur stone, small rock Numbers 25:15
Zuriel whose rock is God Numbers 3:35
Zurishaddai the Almighty is my rock Numbers 1:6
Zuzims restless Genesis 14:5