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Jewish Terms and their Meanings

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Chag Sameach Happy Feast
Chalalah A desecrated person.
Chametz Leaven
Chasunah Wedding
Chazal Also transliterated as "Hazal". Acronym for (translated): "our sages, may their memory be blessed". Term of respect for the talmudic sages including the eras of: soferim, zugot, tannaim, amoraim and savoraim.
Chol ha-mow'ed The days during the Feast of Unleavened Bread and the Feast of Tabernacles which are available for people to work.
Cholent A beef stew.
Chrain Yiddish for horseradish, used on gefilte fish, etc.
Chukim Laws amongst the 613 mitzvot for which the rationale and purpose are no longer obvious. See also “Mitzvot”. This is the Hebrew word translated as "statutes" in the Old Testament.
Chumra Extra strict, above and beyond the letter of the law.
Chutzpah From a root meaning "insolence", it means "cheek or audacity for good or for bad".
Cutheans Another name for the Samaritans.