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Jewish Terms and their Meanings

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Edot Testimonies in Judaism; e.g. the Sabbath testifies to creation, etc. See also ‘Mitzvot”.
Edut A witness in a legal sense.
Eduyyot, Iddiyyot "Testimonies"; a tractate of the Mishnah.
Eglah Arufah An expiatory ceremonial for an untraceable murder.
Egozim Nuts
Eikhah Book of Lamentations
Eikhah Rabbah Aggadic Midrash on the Book of Lamentations; the product of Palestinian amoraim
Ein Lee Kesef Hebrew for "I have no money"; said to beggars in Israel.
Ein-Sof "The Infinite"; in the Kabbalah name for God. Literally means "without end".
El Al "Skyward", Israel's national airline.
El Male Rahamim "God full of compassion"; a memorial prayer at a funeral.
El Melekh Ne'eman "God, faithful King"; a prayer of affirmation of faith.
El Melekh Yoshev "God, King enthroned"; a petitional prayer for the forgiveness of sins.
El Nora Alilah "God that does wondrously"; a solemn hymn.
Elul The 6th month in the Jewish calendar.
Emek Hefer Name of the central part of the Plain of Sharon.
Emek Yizre'el Valley of Jezreel, also Plain of Esdraelon
Emunah Belief
Erev Evening
Erez Israel The Land of Israel.
Erub A loaf of bread used for ritualistic purposes on the Sabbath.
Erusin Betrothal, engagement; also "Shiddukhin".
Eruv, Eruvin Term applied to various symbolical acts which facilitate the accomplishment of otherwise forbidden acts on the Sabbath and festivals. Same as "Tehum Shabbat".
Eruvin Tractate of the Mishnah.
Ervot, Ervah Forbidden to look at certain body parts of a married woman.
Etrog, Ethrog Citrus fruit used on Sukkot, grows in Israel.
Eved Kena'ani Non-Hebrew slaves
Eved, Avadim Slave
Evel Rabbati, Evel Zuta Rabbinic text on death and mourning; also called "Semahot"; the greater (Rabbati) and the lesser (Zuta) text.
Even ha-Ezer Laws dealing with women, marriage, etc. One element of Joseph Caro's four part code of Jewish law.
Even ha-To'im Name of a stone in Jerusalem.
Even Shetiyyah "Navel of the world"; the foundation rock from which the world (according to the tanna) was formed.
Ezras Nashim The women's section in a synagogue.