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Jewish Terms and their Meanings

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Ibbur ha-Shanah The calendar; same as "Lu'ah".
Iddit Select
Iddiyyot, Eduyyot "Testimonies"; tractate of the Mishnah.
Iggeret ha-Kodesh "Holy Epistle"; an anonymous 13th-century kabbalistic work.
Ikkuv ha-keri'ah "Delay the reading of the Torah"; see "Bittul ha-Tamid".
Ikkuv ha-tefillah "Delay the morning prayers"; see "Bittul ha-Tamid".
Incunabula "Cradle books"; books printed before 1500.
Irmiya The prophet Jeremiah.
Ish Yisrael Men of Israel.
Iskah Investment of partners; dealing with loans.
Isru Hag The day following the three annual Festivals
Issur Ve-Hetter The totality of halakhic rulings with regard to forbidden foods and related topics.
Iztaba The Temple