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Jewish Terms and their Meanings

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La Chayim A toast meaning "to life".
La'az, Le'azim Originally meant a foreign language into which a Hebrew text, especially a sacred text, was translated.
Ladino Judeo-Spanish, the spoken and written Hispanic language of Jews of Spanish origin.
Lag ba-Omer The 33rd day of the counting of the Omer.
Lashon ha-Ra "Evil speech"; the prohibition against slandering, slurring, or defaming one's fellow Jews.
Lashon Hara Literally "evil speech", used to refer to things like slander and gossip; same as Lashon ha-Ra.
Latkes Potato pancakes
Lavlar Scribe, another name for "Sofer".
Lehem ha-panim "Bread of diplay", the showbread.
Lehem oni "Bread of affliction"; applied to unleavened bread.
Lekah Tov, Midrash Lekah Tov Late 11th-century Midrash on the Pentateuch and Five Scrolls by Tobias b. Eliezer. The author called it Lekah Tov which means "good doctrine".
Lekesh Cedar bark
Leket "Gleanings"; left for the poor.
Levanah The moon.
Levir brother of a man who died childless, and who was to marry his brother's widow. Same as "Yavam".
Li-terufah For Medicine
Likkud Union
Likkut Azamot Gathering of the bones.
Lindor Neder To vow a vow.
Lishkat Ha-Gazith Hall of Hewn Stones; building in which the Sanhedrin met.
Loveh A borrower
Lu'ah The calendar; same as "Ibbur ha-shanah".
Luach, Luchot Literally "tablet", as in the two tablets Moses broke when he came down from the mountain. Modern meaning is "calendar", as in "a pocket luach" and "a wall luach". Same as Lu'ah.
Lulav "A shoot", a young branch of a tree.