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Jewish Terms and their Meanings

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Na'arah Designation for a girl between the age of 12 years and 12 years and 6 months. See also "Gedolah" and "Bogeret".
Nachesh The use of charms and incantations.
Nagid, Negidim The head of the Jewish community in Islamic countries.
Nahal Besor The Brook of Besor
Nahalah The anniversary of a death; also known by the Yiddish term "Yahrzeit".
Nashim "Women"; tractate in the Mishnah.
Nasi, Nesi'im The leaders of the people of Israel in the wilderness. Jewish rulers during the period of the Second Temple used the title nasi.
Nazir Name of tractate in the Mishnah.
Nazirite "To separate oneself"; person who vows for a specific period to abstain from partaking of grapes or any of its products whether intoxicating or not, cutting his hair, and touching a corpse.
Ne'ilah A worship service deriving from the ritual of the Second Temple.
Neder Vows and vowing.
Nefesh A soul, the person.
Nefilat Appayim "Supplication"; name of a prayer which is a confession of sins and a petition for grace.
Nega'im "Plagues"; a tractate in the Mishnah.
Negev Dry, parched; name of the southern part of Israel.
Nehorah Light
Nehushtan The name of the copper serpent which King Hezekiah broke into pieces (2 Kings 18:4).
Nephilim A race of giants.
Ner Neshamah "The light of the soul"; a light kindled on the anniversary of the death of a relative.
Ner Tamid "Eternal lamp"; a light which burns perpetually in front of the ark in synagogues.
Nerd Spices
Nes Miracle
Neshef Night
Nessiat kappayim Priestly blessing.
Netilat Yadayim Literally "raising the hands"; rabbinic term for the obligatory washing of the hands.
Nevi'im The Prophets; second major division of the Old Testament Scriptures.
Nevu'at ha-Yeled "The Prophecy of the Child"; a medieval Hebrew short story.
Nezikin Damage; see also "Avot Nezikin". Also the name of a tractate of the Mishnah.
Neziroth The vow of a Nazirite.
Niddah A menstruous woman.
Niddui Expulsion of a member from a group; separation
Nisan Name of the 1st month of the Jewish year.
Nishmat Kol Hai "The soul of every living being"; the initial words and name of a prayer recited at Sabbath and festival morning services.
Notarikon Method of abbreviating Hebrew words or phrases by acronym.
Nothar "Left over"; meat not consumed within the permitted period.
Nuh Another name for "Noah".
Nusah, Nussah Musical term; also "Nosah".