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Jewish Terms and their Meanings

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O'ah An owl.
Ob, Ovoth A ghost, ghosts
Ohel Mo'ed Tent of Meeting, referring to the Tabernacle in the wilderness.
Okhlah ve-Okhlah Early collection of masoretic notes to the Bible text, arranged partly alphabetically and partly in the order of the books of the Bible.
Ol'loth Imperfect clusters of grapes in a vineyard,
Olam The world; the age.
Olam ha-ba The coming world, the equivalent of the Christian "heaven".
Olam ha-zeh This world.
Oleh Modern meaning is "a Jew immigrating to Israel for settlement".
Ona'ah "Overreaching"; the act of wronging another by selling him an article for more than its real worth, or by purchasing from him an article for less than its real worth.
Onah Sexual activity within marriage; the wife's right to regular sex.
Onatah A wife's sexual rights, stated in Exodus 21:10.
Onein Observing times, using astrology.
Onen Status of a bereaved person in the period between the death and the burial of a close relative; also called "Aninut".
Ones Duress, compelling a person to act against his will.
Orah Hayyim Laws concerning the daily commandments. One element of Joseph Caro's four part code of Jewish law.
Orlah "Uncircumcised"; name of a tractate of the Mishnah.