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Jewish Terms and their Meanings

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Ra'ah Buzzard, bird of prey.
Rabban A higher title than "rabbi".
Rabbi Used as a name for JUDAH HA-NASI (latter half of the second and beginning of the third century A.D.), patriarch of Judea and redactor of the Mishnah.
Rabbi, Rabbinate The title "rabbi" is derived from the noun "rav", which in biblical Hebrew means "great", but does not occur in the Bible. The word "rabbi" therefore means literally "my master.
Rahamim Mercy
Rambam Another name for Moses Maimonides.
Ramban Another name for Nachmanides
Rashei tevot Initials; an abbreviation.
Re'iyyah Literally "appearance"; name of a tractate of the Mishnah; also called "Hagigah".
Red Magen David The Israeli version of "The Red Cross".
Remez "Hint," i.e. veiled allusions such as gematria, and notarikon.
Resh Galuta Lay head of the Jewish community in Babylon.
Resh Kallah Title that was awarded to the leading sages in Babylonian academies during the talmudic and geonic periods.
Riglei Festivals
Rishonim Literally "the early authorities"; a term with many connotations: chronological, literary, ethical, and halakhic.
Rosh Head
Rosh ha-Shanah "Head of the year"; applied to Tishri 1 by the Jews.
Rosh Hodesh "Head of the month"; new moon.
Rosh Yeshivah The head academy or school.
Ru'ah ha-Kodesh The Holy Spirit