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Jewish Terms and their Meanings

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Zab A man who has gonorrhea, afflicted with a venereal disease. See also "Hesset". Leviticus 15:2.
Zabah A woman who has gonorrhea, afflicted with a venereal disease.
Zaddik, Zaddikim A righteous man.
Zaken Elder
Zaken Mamre "Rebellious elder; a scholar who disobeys a decision of the supreme bet din in Jerusalem.
Zav, Zavim "Sufferers from flux"; tractate of the Mishnah.
Zefeth Pitch
Zekhut Avot "Merit of the fathers"; the doctrine that progeny benefit from the righteousness of their forebears.
Zekukim Sadducees
Zemirot "Songs"; the biblical verses, psalms, and doxologies recited before the main part of the morning service.
Zevahim "Animal Sacrifices"; tractate of the Mishnah.
Zibah, Yammah Both these words refer to a woman's flux, an excessive abnormal discharge. By contrast "onah" is used to refer to her normal period.
Zibburit "Worst land"; used in the context of creditors recovering a debt.
Zizit "Fringes"; name of the tassels attached to the four corners of special (four-cornered) garments worn by men.
Zohar "The Book of Splendor"; the central work in the literature of the Kabbalah.
Zonah A woman who has had a forbidden sexual relationship.
Zori Balsam; spice designated in the Bible by various names.
Zugot, Zugoth "The pairs"; the 5 pairs of leading teachers, mentioned in the Mishnah. The last pair consisted of Hillel and Shammai. They were followed by the age of the Tannaim.