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KJV Words and their Meanings - Old Testament

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Intended Meaning


bands sometimes a yoke, sometimes a troop Genesis 32:10
basons basins Exodus 24:6
bay strong Zechariah 6:3
be wroth angry Numbers 16:22
beeves cattle Leviticus 22:19
besom broom (cf. German "Besen" = broom) Isaiah 14:23
betrothed engaged Exodus 21:8
betwixt between Genesis 17:11
bewray betray Isaiah 16:3
blains blisters, boils Exodus 9:9
bolled budding (as the flax plant) Exodus 9:31
bolster head place 1 Samuel 19:13
brake broke Deuteronomy 9:17
brasen brazen Exodus 27:4
bray to mix by pounding Proverbs 27:22
brigandine armour Jeremiah 51:3
broidered embroidered Exodus 28:4
bruit rumour, report Jeremiah 10:22
buckler shield 2 Samuel 22:31