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KJV Words and their Meanings - Old Testament

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Intended Meaning


fats vats Joel 2:24
felloes spokes of a wheel 1 Kings 7:33
fetcht fetched Genesis 18:7
fillet thin narrow strip of cord or thread Jeremiah 52:21
finer refiner Proverbs 25:4
fining refining Proverbs 17:3
flagon a raisin cake (at times associated with wine) 2 Samuel 6:19
floats (or flotes) rafts 2 Chronicles 2:16
for ever forever Genesis 3:22
forbad forbade Deuteronomy 2:37
forgat forgot Genesis 40:23
fray frighten Deuteronomy 28:26
froward perverse Deuteronomy 32:20
fulfil fulfill Genesis 29:27
fulness fullness Psalm 16:11