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KJV Words and their Meanings - Old Testament

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In the KJV Text

Intended Meaning


payed paid Proverbs 7:14
penury poverty Proverbs 14:23
Philistim Philistine Genesis 10:14
pilled peeled Genesis 30:37
plaister plaster (on a house) Leviticus 14:42
pluckt plucked Genesis 8:11
poll cut hair, clip, trim Ezekiel 44:20
pourtray portray Ezekiel 4:1
pransing prancing Nahum 3:2
prating foolish talking Proverbs 10:8
pressfat wine vat Haggai 2:16
privily privately, secretly Psalm 11:2
pulse vegetables Daniel 1:12
pygarg type of antelope Deuteronomy 14:5